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  1. Me too.i was waitin for her to show up suimerdercided. Its a fluckin clone😆
  2. Shep man i hope your wrong.i have actually been alright today but thats maybe because i am having faith that all this was NoT For nothing. They may not be going after her server or anything on it because their is more evidence in another case that would TRUMP the email charges.We need to just be ready and no when to start defcon SHTF
  3. When did they run this. Ive been looking for news about her. I didnt see this on the 4th. I was pretty sure she wasnt showing her face for awhile
  4. Start watching The Walkimg Dead,Naked and Afraid.Life Below Zero. The Last Alaskans. You will learn alot. Catch up on Hunger Games,Divergent, Captn America Civil War
  5. A message was sent!! Peacefully camp and occupy a federal reserve. We start planting gardens building shelters to bouse thousands. Im sure many people would pitch in. If people came together and started living ofd the land in every federal park they would have a big problem. Its just an idea
  6. For some reason im not tripping out. I dont feel like this changes anything. There must be another angle the good guys are playing. I guess i still have HOPE. When theres no hope,il do something to make more hope!!!! Make sure tou keep putting good vibes out. They will feed out all the anger. Isnt thats what starting to come out??
  7. Why does everyone think a nuke will be set off on u.s soil. There are too mamy resources in u.s soil. The only nuke if any will be set off by the u.s on its own soil. More fear
  8. Yeah i know someone that likes to preach and then do the opposite. It annoys me that someone would be a douche to be right on the internet(but they are not right.blahahah)
  9. Broad brush.No amish would claim mennonite and no mennonite would claim amish.Different teachings but i see you try put down anything thay doesnt go with your world. Enjoy life!!!
  10. @Cinnamon sounds like you struck a nerve. It also sounds like something is telling you to head in that direction. YOU DO YOU. Mortician sounds like a good idea. Keep us posted if you find out ANYTHING. You got me interested
  11. Sounds like an AI making programs to fix this world. FLUCKIN MATRIX AGAIN!!!! I will have the red pill please!
  12. Neil degrasse fluckhead says that there are other dimensions. Our universe is never ending and expanding. Whats past that? He says nothing. We can only go to a higher dimension where that universe mite have an end. I believe he is an a$$hole but the higher dimension kinda makes sense. And if we are fluckin around with making contact with other dimensions,then thise dimensions COULD bleed through into ours
  13. Very Christian of you sir! Or is ok to put a drunk person in a coma because they pissed on your sweet hemi pickup with neon foglights? I only ask because i have been trying to be Christian but i am not a violent or judgemental person. I have seen your posts and you are Christian. Most Christians near me are very judgemental while hiding their skeletons from people so they SEEM more Christian than others. Is this a common theme in Christianity??