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  1. Crypto crashed again!

    Warnings? Signs? What, will the "final sign" be when BTC hits $22,000 or something? Oh, wait, it must be because it was $22, $220 and $2200 before? Were those the signs? As for my investments, sure I own BTC and number of other things, but then again I don't discuss any of my holdings in public. 2018 will be a great year for cryptos in general.
  2. Crypto crashed again!

    Really? Now I'm "craving for money"? Seriously?
  3. Crypto crashed again!

    I couldn't agree more!
  4. Crypto crashed again!

    Some might argue 'life is a gamble'. I choose not to view it that way.
  5. Crypto crashed again!

    To sum up the situation: Bitcoin is actually ahead of the majority of coins, by far. Your earlier statements are backwards, is the point I'm making here.
  6. Crypto crashed again!

    You're invited too
  7. Crypto crashed again!

    @Ukshep Oh, and, just to correct you on your previous statement about Bitcoin: No, Bitcoin isn't "behind". Anyone who knows anything about cryptocurrencies will also know that Bitcoin has amongst the most maintained code base with the most coders working on it. Almost 100% of all alt coins are copies of Bitcoin, and they keep on copying it. The moment Bitcoin implements a new BIP most alt coins copy it and it and include it in their own code; as such, they sit back 'allow' the Bitcoin developers to do all the hard work and then they simply copy it; yet some think "alt coins are better". Hardly; most are simply copies with modifications added. That-said, there are a few innovators who don't ONLY copy Bitcoin's new code every few months. Of course, there are exceptions, real innovations (whether one likes them or not); such as Ethereum and a few others, and more to come yet. They are to be commended for their originality. Litecoin is doing some original stuff too. LOTS of good stuff happening, but then again, all I'm doing is giving you a small taste of what's really going on. If you were truly interested in finding out the truth you'd research it more.
  8. Crypto crashed again!

    If that's what you choose to believe, Shep, keep on dreaming up more conspiracies where there aren't any. I will send you an invite to my private villa once it's built and then we can reminisce about the past.
  9. Crypto crashed again!

    @Ukshep Don't let your paranoia cost you (literally). It's not too late to join in on the biggest global wealth redistribution event in history.
  10. Crypto crashed again!

    Good money to made on speculative moves in the alts. You know your stuff. Wishing you all the best.
  11. Crypto crashed again!

    Somehow I think you will say exactly the same thing as it nears $500,000
  12. Crypto crashed again!

    Hardly "a crash" at all in terms of what Bitcoin does and has done many times before. If it drops more then 50% in a week then I would call it a (mini) crash, but this is simply healthy market activity going on. It's what one wants to see, otherwise we're talking bubble stuff (which is what has happened to some of the tokens, for instance.) Crypto looking strong. Can't say the same for more most of the tokens, yet many will do well whilst the (irrational) hype around them last. Real, solid, cryptocurrencies will last in the long run, as they already have.
  13. 'Exceptional accident': Private jet pilot killed by aircraft's flying door Finnish authorities are investigating a bizarre incident in which a pilot was killed by a plane door which became detached from the plane. He was preparing a private jet for a flight when it happened. The Gulfstream G150 jet, usually used for private flights arrived at the Kittila airport in northern Finland from Moscow, the local Lapin Kansa newspaper reports. It was being prepared for its next flight from the popular holiday resort in the Lapland region to Yekaterinburg, Russia on Thursday. [...] http://www.rt.com/news/415098-private-jet-door-kills-pilot/