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  1. Hm, if there are Rothschilds, etc, involved, there might be some inside information forthcoming...
  2. If you want numbers, here's something that might be relevant. 7x7 square: https://i.pinimg.com/236x/d4/89/4b/d4894b3f0062c1bb7711a756da848451--sigil-sacred-geometry.jpg If you discard the first and last columns (and consider them the "outside" icons/emoticons), then the inner 7x7 matrix are the "inner icon/emoticons", and perhaps the numbers on the image linked are relevant to each icon/emoticon.
  3. Lebanon Suffers Intimidation Attempts to Cancel Gas Deal With Russia – Lebanese FM Lebanese Minister for Foreign Affairs Gebran Bassil has said that there is currently an anti-Lebanon campaign in the Middle East, aimed at "intimidating" his country and forcing it to give up a joint gas project with Russia. Beirut has faced certain difficulties in the course of its own efforts to “stabilize the region,” the Lebanese foreign minister said on Friday, ahead of his talks with Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. He revealed that, prior to the current crisis, Lebanon was "almost at a threshold of the first-ever contract to develop shale-gas fields with... Russian companies." However, a campaign to hinder the deal "under various pretexts" is now underway, he claimed. [...] Continued... http://www.rt.com/news/410154-lebanon-intimidation-attempts-gas-deal/
  4. LV Shooting Bombshell Disclosure

    Red herring
  5. Humanoid Robot Atlas Nails Perfect Backflip in Eerie Video Olympic athletes are shaking in their boots: Engineers have released a somewhat disconcerting video showing Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot effortlessly jumping over obstacles and doing a backflip while performing an impressive gymnastics routine. The new video shows the Atlas robot, which is six feet nine inches tall (over 2 meters) and weighs 167 pounds (75 kg), casually jumping between platforms, turning around, and nailing a perfect backflip. A real breakthrough comes when the humanoid is seen back-flipping off a block, and raising both arms to stick the landing. It’s not clear, however, how many takes the agile robot needed to perfect the feat. [...] Continued... http://www.rt.com/usa/410131-robot-atlas-backflip-humanoid/
  6. I suspect @Lucy Barnable may have something to say on this subject.
  7. Rise in Hate Crimes Against Whites Ignored

    Good to see a news program talking about this.
  8. Bunch of good posts just when I'm all out of likes!
  9. Well, if one plays one's card right one can still beat them and call them out (publicly), like Monty proceeded to do: He took them to court, started the process to sue them and they settled out of court with him! NEVER BACK DOWN, no matter how big the corporation! The rats will run when they are exposed!