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  1. Yeah, well, the interesting part, though, is that ash can be used as toothpaste; so, I'm wondering whether, in fact, tar might not be GOOD for one's teeth?!
  2. Yeah, it's mostly for GIS purposes, not surveillance of people per se.
  3. I'm glad I found it since other one was deleted. Awe, thanks for the flowers!
  4. I've heard that drinking tar is good too (though I've never tried it.) The Finnish and Swedes used to use it as a cure-all for everything. Apparently (organic) tar is very healthy.
  5. Egypt strikes 'terrorist camps' in Libya in response to attack on Coptic Christians Egyptian fighter jets have struck militant camps following the deadly attack on Egypt’s Coptic Christians, President Abdel Fattah Sisi has announced. The strikes were carried out in eastern Libya, state television said. Egypt’s president also vowed to continue striking bases used to train militants and who carry out terrorist attacks in his country, regardless of the camps' location. He also reiterated that the countries financing, training and arming terrorists should not get away unpunished. "We will not hesitate to protect our people from the evil," he said in a televised speech on Friday. “Egypt will not hesitate in striking any camps that harbor or train terrorist elements whether inside Egypt or outside Egypt,” the al-Ahram news agency quoted Sisi as saying. Egypt carried out six air strikes in Derna in eastern Libya, state television reported adding that it is where the militants who carried out the deadly attack on the Coptic Christians were trained. Following the Libyan incursion, Egyptian armed forces released a short video which was aired on state television following the president’s speech. The voiceover in the army video said its air force carried out strikes on targets in Libya “after confirming their involvement in planning and committing the terrorist attack in Minya governorate on Friday." Egypt’s military said that the air strikes are ongoing, local media reports. [...] Continued http://www.rt.com/news/389873-egypt-launched-strikes-on-militants-libya/ Live coverage
  6. This can help... Learn To "De-Switch" Your Brain & Teach Others