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  1. I agree, he's mostly about drama and doesn't do much analysis, however, his gut instincts are pretty good.
  2. Actually, DH never really bought into the Trump sales pitch (you can see that in his older videos before the election.) Neither did I.
  3. It's not 'only' Archons, though, however, in order to 'keep things simple', that's pretty accurate. Sleep well, Happy Bear!
  4. Ah, posted before I could! Glad you got it sorted!
  5. @Happy Bear I see you got your new AV uploaded. It's awesome!
  6. This cat's claws do come out sometimes!
  7. To change your avatar, go to your profile, https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/profile/4236-happy-bear/ ...then, on the bottom-left of your bear pic you will see a little icon, click it.
  8. I remember you well from LOP Welcome and good to see you here!
  9. It's about the balance of the two. There has been an imbalance due to the material aspect being pushed, so now the non-physical must re-emerge, and is, as you say, however, it's not about throw one away in favour of the other, so that's where I must slightly disagree with Happy Bear. I say balance the two instead.
  10. Hey Happy Bear. Did you arrive here from LOP?
  11. You're right, they won't/don't tell us shit, however there are other ways of obtaining information. My sources say approx. 1000 years. Nibiru is one of the last things on my list to 'be concerned about'.
  12. Hi Q, I usually don't pay much attention to what NASA 'discovers', so I haven't been looking into anything they've been saying in that department lately; however, let me say this: #1] Nibiru is real #2] It will enter our solar system in approx 1000 years from now. No need to be concerned about it in this lifetime.