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  1. more like the banksters know hes in their pocket.. And the MIC.. does wonders for the market. Big oil? I mean is there anyone not represented in his cabinet?
  2. Speaking of "what you gonna do when he flips on gun control" You were aware that there was gun control attached to the budget Didn't know you were gonna really rant? lol good stuff.. feelin the passion What ever happened with that gun control that was attached to Obamacare? Where they take a look at vets medical reccords then come after guns? Or the one attached to the budget that said anyone receiving Disability through a payee would have guns seized? Alex Jones and trump have been SILENT on that stuff.. You guys forgot about shady? Heres something I cant understand.. His son is heavily rumored to have autism due to vaccinations, and he backpedaled on that? really? That one shows his complete lack of balls ..
  3. John Connor

    Why everything you know about cancer is wrong

    I read and am convinced the cause of and cure for Cancer.. Well there are many cures, so I'll start with the cause which I think is the most important Cause: Imbalance in PH.. Through stress and bad diet, our PH tends to dip to the Acidic side How does this manifest in your body? Yeast.. Candida to more specific. The Candida forms a hard chitin layer to protect itself. This layer gets stronger and stronger, inflamed etc and eventually becomes what we know as "c" word.. So when they say stress causes it, not far off stress does cause your body to become acidic.. There are tons of things you can do to prevent this.. One easy way appears to be something as simple as just changing the PH of the water you drink.. Baking Soda is a prime example of this.. Kill the Candida! Kill the C
  4. John Connor

    Member Introductions!

    Ex Navy, Wall st. Options Trader, 911 survivor .. Truthseeker "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they not out to get me"
  5. Just finished those 3 vids.. I want to comment on the Navy guy of course I think hes full of shit.. First of all he keeps descriping himself as a CIWS special trainer bla bla ba.. No such job in the Navy.. He was an FC which for some reason he NEVER brings up unless i missed it. Im fine with the stuff he said about his own CIWS system BUt hes talking about looking at ships with infrared at 30nm away etc. first of all thats not his job, that was MY job though.. OS's have access to that equipment not FC's.. FC's arent even in CIC.. Unless we perhaps we are in combat and they need to be for some reason.. Then hes talking alot about radar etc, and you can tell hes just making generalizations etc.. Most of what he talks about is dealing with an infrared camera which has its console in CIC.. He just gets into to many weird things .. Like saying that it takes 4 or 5 days longer to get places than it should.. etc.. Once again that's my job, not his.. as an OS.. And frankly that's BS.. He never mentioned currents, wind or atmospheric conditions etc on speed and forward progress.. He described going down the coast to the caribbean and how it took longer than it should, but he never mentions how he came to this conclusion, as in did he look at the course plotted on the moboards in CIC? if not then he would not have any clue where we going and what turns etc.. Hes just making guesses based of how long shit felt to him lol.. When your at sea it always feels FOREVER.. No scenery.. If this guy was an OS and his job was actually knowing radar navigation communications warfare LIKE ME .. lol I might be more convinced . He goes over stars, time travel , and many more topics hes not qualified to talk about.. Hes a guy who watched a bunch of videos then tried to relate that to his past experience I thinnk.. He kept saying that they never went around the southerntip of South america even though it "seemed closer" .. Once again, was he looking at a chart in cic? or just some map he had in his bunk? lol.. It did occur to me that if he had actually been correct in that assumption, theres also the issue of weather there.. Lots of hurricane type weather and extremely bad sandbars /underwater obstrutions etc.. .. MOre ships in the history of ships have gone down on the Of the southern tip of South America than any other place im guessing.. Usually by being blown off course and running aground.. Anyways, this guy trys to pump himself up alot, but hes just a C school instructor for CIWS.. phffff
  6. I did look at the first 20 or so pages I believe.. Ill get through it all someday lol.. Not to take anything away from the curvature formula , If the earth is flat cant we just go 40 miles out to make me feel better ? lol I mean if its flat the only variable would be the power of the laser right? Or maybe waves.. So im still watching videos, dont really like the 7.5 mile test on the frozen lake as its just not far enough away to do the line of sight test im thinking of.. Plus we have to really take the word of the guy doing the experiment that he didnt just tip the laser down a few degrees.. on purpose or accidently.. Because I know for a fact that you can only see 20 miles on the ocean.. period .. not up for dispute in my mind So if I see a video of a laser making contact past that 20 miles mark.. would be nice and 40 miles would proove beyond any doubt flat earth for me Still watching *its not like when you are sea and you are looking at sea in all directions.. that you cant clearly see the horizon.. its not soo far or fuzzy that you cant make out where it is. Also when a ship appears on the horizon..you see the mast first, then it slowly moves up as distance closes.. WHat im saying is that its not like if the ship was 60 miles away you could see some fuzzy something or other either with eyes or binoculars.. its just NOT there .. its sky and clouds.. or just sky.. If a plane were flying by you would see the plane clearly enough at that distance if it was above the horizon, so its not some optical illusion or limitation of ones eyes.. I just need to think about this more lol.. Also of note, on our ship we had very high power high zoom cameras mounted on the mast that can switch from infrared to night vision to regular.. Wouldnt these cameras see something past that 20 mile mark? If it was there? I mean they have that range and capability on land so if it was just an optical thing. these cams would see what the eye could not.. But they dont.. they see what I see
  7. Well I'm quite convinced that our history has been entirely faked. Im more interested in your take on the 666 than trying to point at a devil or something evil.. So what you are basicly saying is the 666 formulae is introduced at every possible point where "number fudging" is a possibility.. So basicly anything unknown and has the possibility to have been faked , was supplanted with 666 as a clue or something for "club members" to recognize as theirs?
  8. Im probably not qualified to be in this thread at this point, but im thinking of a simple experiment and wondering if anyone has done it yet? Get two fishing boats go into the ocean and space the boats 40 miles apart (or whatever distance flat earthers are saying you can see) But would have to be more than 25 miles to prove flat earth.. Now get a laser.. Like the one you get on amazon that can actually hit the moon.. Just a powerful one.. And try to aim it the other boat.. get as close as you can, if you cant see it.. which you wont be able to lol Assuming you did this at night, you should be able to see either 1. the laser hitting the boat (flat earth) 2. The laser is seen above going off at an angle (round earth) I know this isnt high science, but should work .. no? I think the key to proving or disproving must involve experiments over an Ocean. And im sure someone already tried this.. Id like to see THAT video...
  9. Are you saying that the "earths shape" is the mark of the beast ? The grand deception of round earth is of the devil? What is your opinion of why the 666 everywhere? Or are you maybe saying that the numbers are fictional to prop up the whole 666 thing?
  10. Seeeee ! You cant fool dogs.. They were both looking directly at the "invisible" entity.. One of the dogs was a rottie mix! Bro, thats some freaky shit.. Im trying to get my hairs to stand DOWN still..
  11. Well they dont get to the top without someone having the goods on them.. This guy seems to know something we dont.. YET Well, I did post earlier today that this was the real reason hes not our guy.. So when I saw this .. Well just listen
  12. Heres my 2 cents. I'm not sure where this info came from and am too busy to lookitup right now.. BUT.... IN ancient times.. Egyptian times, there was a decree that nobody in the city could own a DOG , because then the "gods" could not visit you. I Have a rottweiler, and he keeps the all the little aliens at bay.. LOL.. Imagine beaming into my house to put some sleep paralysis on me or something, then realizing that you just became the low "man" on the food chain.. Dead or alive, spaceship or not... EVERYONE IS AFRAID OF A ROTTWEILER ! lol
  13. Let me add this to the end of this monster thread.. I was in the NAVY.. I can give you some evidence for the earth being round. Anyone that stands lookout duty is required to give estimates of distance to "contacts" .. So you see something you have to know how far the horizon is.. which from the top of a DDG is approx 35,000 yards or 20 miles.. Unless there is land on the horizon you can only see 20 miles because of earths curvature.. If the ship was shorter it would be much less. But lookouts are stationed at the highest point of the ship, The bridge. And I can tell you that lookouts are extremely ACCURATE with the estimates given. which is quickly verified inside by looking at the radar scope. Which gives exact range, bearing , and course .... I did not get a chance to read the whole thread, so I may find something that blows my mind. But for now my opinion is that Flat earth is a govt. Psyop to discredit conspiracy theories in general.
  14. John Connor

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    Massage oil? you sound lonely

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