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  1. Sorry Officer, I left my phone at home....
  2. If we're lucky, we'll be the antenna some day...woot...
  3. Sen. Rubio: White House Leakers 'Dangerous' to America!

    Oh I thought it said leaders...my bad...
  4. Seth Rich Investigator SHOT twice in back [Merged]

    Curious, anybody who seems to touch those diamonds just seems to end up dead...
  5. The Love Thread

  6. The Love Thread

  7. The Breakfast Club

    Maybe it started with American Graffiti? Or maybe its the under the sea enchantment dance? October sky Most of us probably wouldn't want to go back to school, but hey it makes a plot line....
  8. The Breakfast Club

    Deleted Scene: the princess and the criminal go through each other's bags, just like the athlete and the basketcase do...
  9. The Breakfast Club

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/28/truths-change-how-you-view-breakfast-club_n_6944362.html 8 Facts that'll change the way you view The Breakfast Club. 1. Judd Nelson wasn’t almost fired JUST for picking on Molly Ringwald. He also couldn’t stay in the shots. 2. The topless scene wasn’t the only scandalous moment removed. There was also a risque scene involving “MILFs.” 3. Rick Moranis, who was originally cast as the janitor, didn’t just play the part as a Russian. He was also doing something suggestive with his keys. 4. No, Ally Sheedy did not really use her dandruff as an art project. “I think it was potato flakes of some kind” 5. There’s a dark answer to Judd Nelson’s question, “How does one become a janitor?” “You have to have your heart broken by your teenage sweetheart in your third year of university when you’re doing a great football scholarship. Drop out. Lose her heart. Lose her affection. Make sure her father hates you even more and will never include you in his future plans. Even if you try to make up to her. And then you get a job at your old high school as a janitor, and you try to lick your wounds. That’s how you become a janitor. That’s Carl’s pathetic backstory.” 6. A cut scene shows that Allison wasn’t smoking pot with the others because she was actually off somewhere singing. “John [Hughes] let me shoot something with Allison alone in the audiovisual tiny room, singing a capella,” she told HuffPost. “That was something I just came up with. Singing a little song to herself. And that was, for me, the emotional transition that was when they were smoking pot.” “She sang the song to herself and then she walked out of the room and just joined the group,” Sheedy went on. “So that wasn’t in the script, and he actually let me shoot it. He shot it twice, and then afterwards said that everybody sort of thought it was a little bit too weird.” 7. Principal Vernon’s anger was totally real. 8. Kapelos told Emilio Estevez that if he’d been present for Martin Sheen’s 1977 heart attack, he would have just let it happen... not knowing that Sheen was Estevez’s father.
  10. The Breakfast Club

  11. Why does my credit card bill keep showing repeat charges for the same movie over and over again? Hmm....