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  1. Big brother is biggest violator of private-see policies...especially when it comes to the 4th Amendment...
  2. counterintelligence


    Higher chakras as I understand it, is in the sexual...they taking people all the way to the top no need for the lower chakras...
  3. counterintelligence


    Don't muslims kill gays?
  4. counterintelligence

    Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun!!!

    That wasn't supposed to happen. The evil bad guy with an evil tool is supposed to win, and everyone he wanted to take out was not supposed to have any way of protecting themselves. The shooter will have all the support of the liberals in toe...but this hero guy...we can't have that...
  5. counterintelligence

    Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun!!!

    Funny to be hearing that from the liberal horse's mouth...they just reaffirm how they use them...
  6. Oh no that all has to remain "in the budget"...
  7. counterintelligence

    So if Satan roams the earth, why is there a need for an Anti-Christ?

    Let's all back up here a minute folks... You have to go back to the OT with the Jewish nation in order to understand this. I've probably already commented on it already. The Jews rejected Jesus when He being the Word became Flesh and dwelt amongst us. They executed the most innocent man that ever walked the earth. They persecuted me, they will persecute you...got it? So because they rejected Jesus, life continued on as we know it, but between the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ they will imitate Christ for all of those Jews that thought that their king would protect them from their enemies. So in order to take advantage of the Jews who refused the real Jesus, who had they accepted Him, it would've all been over, instead, the Anti-Christ will come to be a counterfeit that the Jews will say is the Messiah. But they will quickly find that the Anti-Christ/False Prophet won't live up to their claims and after they restored peace to the biggest conflict in the world, the A/C/F/P will back out of the Peace deal which will leave them feeling vulnerable, and off again will start the worst battle that has ever occurred since the beginning of time. The A/C/F/P will be out to fool as many as they can because they being higher than we, but still not the Most High, (OT has several places where God ordered the Jews to test the spirits), when they realize that their time is coming up short as in almost over. We won't be too privy to it ourselves, but they will be.
  8. counterintelligence

    F-35 Will Start Carrying Nukes

    Sounds like Thunderball...
  9. counterintelligence

    Traffic jam today, brought to you by HOMELESS

    They're all going to Starbucks?
  10. Now now that's a bad habit getting more useful features out of your router than stock firmware...because if you want some of those features you have to spend more money. Removing spyware is just a side effect... I still say that any spyware used would be a violation of the 4th Amendment, and anything gained wouldn't be admissible in court.
  11. counterintelligence

    Will Starbucks become America's largest chain of homeless shelters?

    The onion editorial cartoon had people graduating from college calling it the beginnings of an elitist and in the corner was a coupon for your first starbucks coffee...
  12. counterintelligence

    Will Starbucks become America's largest chain of homeless shelters?

    You would have to realize how much money goes into keeping a city/incorporated city in operation...money must be huge to keep it all going...must be even bigger for government employees who get paid to not be homeless themselves, even though they aren't doing anything for the public they are supposed to serve. Because mainly some of the people in government are practically street people, and they never really learn from their ways. Rags to riches story, from a shaft to a gold mine and never figure out how it all works. If they were a criminal on the streets, they take office as a criminal. But what is with the people hanging out at Starbucks? Is Starbucks the new downtown?
  13. I guess Biden is going to use the Texas shooting as his political platform to run for president...the insanity continues... https://keepandbear.com/news/biden-using-texas-shooting-as-presidential-platform/
  14. counterintelligence

    Will Starbucks become America's largest chain of homeless shelters?

    People will be sitting around with their coffee cups out...overpriced coffee for the poor....overprice coffee for the poor...
  15. Biut for the rest of us, we support the ATF...we buy the alcohol, the tabacco, and the firearms.

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