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  1. If this is about N Korea this should get interesting... Trump will probably fire the dictator of N Korea...
  2. Why gay porn? Why not regular hard core porn, so that when the see the naked ladies they'll have to commit hairy carey.
  3. Remind me what the significance is... Hopefully Trump is doing something to trick the enemy, or was that something that was JH15? Martial Law to return the power to the people? Trying to find something ... anything ...
  4. There was something about them having to add another ceiling to that place to prevent another future radiation outbreak.
  5. Severe thunderstorm and Tornado drills tomorrow also while there are some storms this week already brewing? How can you be all these places at the same time for all these drills? Is this the walmart plumbing deal or the multi-prong attack from the border? Business as usual regardless of administration?
  6. Internet did seem to be a little jerky last couple of days...
  7. It is the policy of the UN not to deal directly with terrorists.
  8. Interesting that even at a job fair, you go there and they tell you to go to their webpage...Can't do nothing without the internet anymore, and now you can't even use the internet. Nobody will know how to function without their instructions from their mind control operation. Weren't they trying to do something like this during the last military exercise?
  9. Guys, I can't seem to find my tail! http://free-extras.com/pics/s/sad_eeyore-4821.jpg
  10. Sidewalk closed for construction...traffic was backed up for several hours! If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!
  11. Then after that, Twister.... Frankly, scarlett I don't give a damn.
  12. The government can't give up the idea that they have to dictate everything that goes on...and it is the perfect definition of a racket. They are too maintain law and order, and hell you get some damn control freak that totally voids the whole purpose. Nothing useful gets done, money is wasted on bullshit, and the government still can't focus on the objective at hand. Most of the people who run for public office weren't crap beforehand, and when the get into office, they're still the same worthless crap. Satan wants the governments of the world all of the power over to him, the governments themselves are powerless to stop such an endevour.