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  1. The nuts [ Acorns ] a telling of a bad winter.

    Shady tree and his acorns
  2. Obedience Training: The Truth about the Pledge of Allegiance

    The meaning of each word...
  3. Obedience Training: The Truth about the Pledge of Allegiance

    Still find this interesting...
  4. Something is driving the whole world crazy! What is it?

    It's the love bug...it's contagious and gets around really fast...protect yourself now before this thing hits epidemic proportions... It's also in the form of a volkswagen beetle...
  5. Tropical Update/Maria Turning North

    http://intellicast.org/Storm/Hurricane/Active.aspx?storm=3&type=track Sept 29? Isn't today only the 24th???
  6. Travel Warning Issued For Canada?

    Is it safe to be in Onterrible?
  7. Hillary Clinton compares herself to Paul Revere 🙄

    (S)he didn't want to give her sexual identity problems away? They act like the British.... And no more Queen Hillary Clinton tea times either...
  8. Hillary Clinton compares herself to Paul Revere 🙄

    The elites want all of this control of everything, but they have to kill everybody else off, because they hate the competition? Will the real person who thinks they are god please stand up?At least in baseball three strikes you're out! No! Paul Revere is trying to get away from people like Hitlery KKKlinton, not endorse them...
  9. Somebody was saying that the infamous irresponsible COE didn't let the water out of the resevoir before the hurricane came in, and after all the water built up they just let it do some more damage on purpose...not directly from the hurricane itself...
  10. Maria Stronger and Stronger...UPDATE CATEGORY 5!

    Why would you want to? And the hurricane'll come knock it down. So do you still want to make PR the 51st state of the broke USA, Inc.? This is going to be a regular occurance? The whole island is going to be nothing but a washout...and boarded up like Detroit?
  11. Careful drivers leave US police strapped for cash

    The Duhpartment of Extortion is here to help! Now if we could just prosecute Clinton, we could get some of our money and our country back!
  12. DOOM BREAK LOUNGE - Post some comedy to watch

    Just another cat video on youtube...and another person making videos that's on something...
  13. Careful drivers leave US police strapped for cash

    What are you driving, a pouch from the '90s that ain't got no pep, it's so choked down by California emissions standards it won't lay any rubber and you can't outrun anything from a dead stop, so now you gonna take it out on the poor defenseless little stop sign... Let the severe thunderstorm blow down the stop sign...
  14. Jose could be Hurricane Sandy Reincarneted

    Jose was in Irma's wake turbulence path another name for it, but it seemed to be affecting where Jose was going instead of following Irma right over the same path...
  15. Jose could be Hurricane Sandy Reincarneted

    Irma knocked the wind out of Jose...and take that...and that...
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