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  1. And its' going to cost you billions and billions
  2. Demons Can Gangstalk Because They Work Beyond the Quantum Level

    During a certain phenomenon cleverly disguised as something else it is rather intelligent to find out that all the demon can say is "I can name a demon." Really? The demon can tell us that it can name a demon? Does it know it's own name without having to look at its' belt buckle? And this is something we're supposed to get excited about? What happens when you name a demon does it come after you? I guess that what's wrong with most of our leaders, they are Casper the friendly milque toast...
  3. I'm sure everyone will be reading about this in the history books. Hey it was the queer insurrection...lead by some of the most misled people on the planet...
  4. He'd be on his deathbed for sure if he gave some secrets away like that...any clue if he's still alive at this point?
  5. Memory Foam mattress WARNING: Chemical offgassing!

    Good thing I've limited it to my shoes and my pillow...otherwise I might not get up in the morning. My shoes really ebbed in on the ball of the foot, so it's just a hole there. It was getting to where my feet were hurting with the memory foam missing. Memory foam doesn't seem to be able to take the abuse... And don't get me started about the Crocs...thin rubber turns a hole before too long and a puddle of water is just as bad as walking on ice.
  6. Cin is not feeling well...

    Tough old bird...takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'...don't make them like that any more... But I figure with all the libtard stuff going on, her body wasn't just going to let her lay their motionless for very long...got too many battles to fight to take it laying down...
  7. Breaking | John McAfee Hospitalized After Attack

    He's dodged them before by bugging their machines with the anti-virus.
  8. Maybe we need to send Ace Ventura Pet Detective on the case... Everytime you put a dog in the kennel it catches...kennel cough... But anyone up for a hot dog?
  9. Speaking of respect....
  10. Well what a man could do to get a "little" well deserved "respect" from the neighborhood... Of course, the courtroom didn't give him much respect when they charged him with false advertising... And besides...the #1 cause of loss of testosterone in men is .... women! So I guess it works both ways. Somebody will probably keep bumping it just to keep it up... The puns just don't quit.

    This guy is pretty creepy looking too...but he hosts a horror show every week... And then this guy isn't as scary, but his MonsterVision comes complete with drive-in totals...
  12. Breaking! Huge Coronal Mass Ejection

    From spaceweather.com, we're not all quiet yet... WE ARE INSIDE A SOLAR WIND STREAM: For the 3rd day in a row, Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a hole in the sun's atmosphere. The steady pressure of this stream on our planet's magnetic field sparked a minor geomagnetic storm on July 22nd, but so far no bright auroras. We should begin to exit the stream on July 24th. Elimination of Nuclear weapons? Like that's ever going to happen! Don't want to have to fight off nuclear man!
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