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  1. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ea8_1519192698 crazy
  2. a pet??kool have fun in a cage when it cant take you for a walk!!
  3. i know of where you speak!!my people also own property in Brigantine
  4. because of the Rs voted no for the dem memo not to be released it would have look like they didnt like what was in it...so they voted yes to show that the dems memo is filled with class info and to show the dems are still confused about what classified means(hillary and her classified emails)
  5. i dont think they can pull another 9/11...we have been all over evrything they do..sandy hook,boston bombing
  6. ita all the AI kicking in...the computers are fukkin shit up..they are set to buy and sell at certain markers
  7. another 9/11?Trump was saying the same thing
  8. im pretty sure the hacks came from Kansas!!wasnt this proven already
  9. Full on PANIC in the markets

    o no....no doom..
  10. Falcon Heavy live feed

    we did
  11. Falcon Heavy live feed

    at 100 miles alltitude...they switched to another camera.it looks cgi at that point..just saying..watchin fox