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  1. ive seen this from another earthquake...not same video but same thing
  2. i agree with everything your saying!There enough empty houses in Detroit to house EVERY homeless person in the US!!!!Society is fukked on so many levels!
  3. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=25b_1506130072 and the dam broke!!!
  4. i been homeless,il survive...it sukks and is horrible...but i got skills and i care about most people because i can relate
  5. thats what i saw...but @thedudeabides i believe thinks its justified
  6. To many people dont know how NK operates!They threaten,nobody does anything and NK gets what they want(food,money)
  7. its realy not that hard to eat water...A CALORIE..theres 7.61 calories in ONE CHEETO
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