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  1. well im a criminal!!i take my illegal pistol everywhere!just goes to show you criminals will not follow the law#facts
  2. i have an autisc son that RUNS!! he has a radio tracker on his ankle but i would have to call the cops,wait for them and then they would pust out the antenae(it would take 15 mins or more to get a signal)so i developed a gps tracker he can wear on his shirt or backpack.You need a good magnet to take it off.I can track him on phone,computer but i can also talk to him and LiSten to him threw the tracker.THE SCHOOL TRIPPED OUT!!!!so i just hide it in his backpack..or i disable the mic on it!!!If something happens to him,they will be FUKKED
  3. Wow Trump, your Tweets are crazy today....

    He is one of the greatest trolls EVER
  4. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1845351575489584&id=100000442794028&set=gm.507870299599467&source=48&refid=7&_ft_=qid.6490706448103836134%3Amf_story_key.10129060538276858%3Atop_level_post_id.507870299599467&__tn__=EH-R
  5. you got that right..if they heard what i hear sometimes!!!Shiit if they heard what i say.blahahah
  6. wtf....i got really sick listening to this
  7. the asteroid,the flag,the dna strand!!YEAH
  8. these will be purchased for rebuilding in syria,NK? and other war torn areas!!Suicide bomb proof...war mongerers unite!!!
  9. All i know is if someone i love gets caught up in a bullshit fukk storm and gets hurt...its over for the mother fukkers involved!!Shiit we know some names..we need to make a list..fukk the panzys in the street screaming at the sky!!

    It seems like a story to throw the blame on SA and not Isreal...FUKK THEM BOTH
  11. is this suppose to be real???