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  1. YaKnow2.0

    Flat Earth Density

    i gotcha!!!...i wonder if there are some from any ancient tribes or may e some native americans...I WOULD TRUST THOS
  2. Not many stay here when they flee,Cin and Shep dont stand for the BS they bring!!And then i feel sone dont know what to do when they arent being attacked or banned and they go back to getting shiited on...WHATDAFUKKEVER...bunch of pu$$ys
  3. YaKnow2.0

    Flat Earth Density

    Does anyone hhave any older books that have a map of ley lines..every since 3rd grade i have been intrigued
  4. YaKnow2.0

    Flat Earth Density

    so are you saying they rewrote all history before 1815??that was only 200 yrs ago
  5. YaKnow2.0

    Flat Earth Density

    are these really laylines??i used to have a book on them when i was in like 3rd grade and since then i have seen different images woth different laylines..do we really know where they are?They got energy i hear
  6. YaKnow2.0

    There Is No Law...

    There is an award,grant,whatever ypu want to call it..if anyone can find where it says you have to pay income tax in Tax Code...noone has found it in like 12 yrs
  7. VM..there are people in some of them...i read the history thread which i think these photos were talked about?is that what i remeber,almost all people were wiped out???it konda looks like dust over everything in the first photo
  8. you can here the man say"yo grab his strap".He wanted someone to grab the cops gun..The lady filming knew ahe was going to upload it to worldstarhiphop hence she said "he need some milk".Fukkin savages,the poeple trying to stop it didnt want to help the man gettig beat,they didnt want the attacker getting in trouble..the race war is a distraction from who we should really be fighting but MAKE NO MISTAKE THE RACE WAR IS REAL AND WILL HAVE MANY VICTIMS...WTF!!!
  9. YaKnow2.0

    Scientist says Uranus smells like farts

    i would love to see more pics you have taken!!!what that cost you?your first born
  10. it sounds like someone that has nothing to do with starbucks put the camera there
  11. now this i can get behind..send them to Puerto Rico..they work helping restoring that place back to normal!!there should be plenty of jobs there they will do
  12. 22..i made plans to be out starting tomorrow!!!
  13. they will be sold into the ME
  14. Shampooers.19k a year..NJ is sad!!!