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  1. Well, I have to retract my statement... I missed the 20 second exposure part... That would account for the extended plume!
  2. Millevolt

    Walmart electro-stalking

  3. Just dropped in to say HI Shep.... Haven't spoke in a while. Been workin 2 jobs!
  4. Millevolt

    Walmart electro-stalking

    Odd, the wife and I were just discussing this week how shopping at Wal-mart makes you feel mentally and physically drained, even when the store has a low volume of customers. Did you hear that they were using a closed walmart to detain illegal immigrants???
  5. Hate to break it to ya... Not a missile!!! I live near KSC, and from the shuttle to the heaviest lift vehicles, NONE of them have ever had a plume that long!!!
  6. Millevolt

    The One-Line Thought Topic

    Its better to have it and be looking AT it, than NOT have it and be looking FOR it! -Wise words from Dad...
  7. GREAT!!! The damn LIBERALS are swimming in the water supply again!!!
  8. Problem, Reaction, Solution... Being played out globally over and over and over until we all live under communism. Can you pass this around???? We will GLADLY share it with you! http://www.ushistory.org/Declaration/document/
  9. Remember all my rants about the FBlie? Sure seems to be the case!
  10. Yeah, I think its just getting good...
  11. Millevolt

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Considering the resistance in 3rd world nations, It would be a MASSIVE military operation, one which would very quickly lose support if air and sea power were used. At that point about 30 million AR-15 armed militia would be on the offensive, they would lose, quickly, especially when most of the military would be on our side. It is NOW a win for them.
  12. 100 drum bullet belt clip?
  13. Millevolt

    Mysterious worms appear in Cape Coral

    DNC convention????
  14. Semi fully automatic AR-15 shotgun pistol.... Ban em all! With a bumpstock trigger.
  15. Thats what happens when you drain the swamp... As much as there is to drain, that sinkhole could swallow all of DC... Wouldn't hurt my feelings...

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