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  1. They probably didn't even notice...
  2. Give me a street address.... I'm goin IN!
  3. I've learned to wait... Wait SEVERAL WEEKS before judging his tweets... Love him or hate him... He is a genius... (That title does NOT come lightly from me) But even when something doesn't make sense, 3 weeks later, you find out precisely why he said what he did, and usually its a mic drop!
  4. Drill gone terribly wrong! Florida

    I LIVE here and I agree.... As we say locally, Only in Floriduhhhh....
  5. Had to get the eyes off the CNN fake news video by Project Varitas
  6. She is more than happy to restrict ANYONES rights except ANTIFA, ISIS and BLM...
  7. Id go straight to the nearest fireworks store!
  8. Saudi Arabia threatens Russia

  9. I hear "Musty Slime" is flammable... LONDON sure has ENOUGH of it!
  10. Someone at google was bored... Shouldn't need AC units on Mars... Heaters maybe...lol
  11. They are FRENCH! What did you expect? Maybe we should send the French police our self defense thread! LOL
  12. The best outcome from all of this is if the "right" when it retaliates, (and it will) focuses on those responsible for the divide and conquer. Unfortunately, I think we will see a lot more attacks of pawn versus pawn, and not enough directed towards the REAL controllers and their direct minions
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