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  1. CARTER looks so relieved... He no longer holds the title of the worst president ever! LOL
  2. I think everyone will keep it low key for now... Too many eyes, too many awake.. Establishment still in shock!
  3. Biden is getting on the train. Now wouldn't it be something? A helicopter crash and train wreck at the same time?
  4. Just watched the Marine helicopter depart... The only thing going through my mind was "Thank GOD they are gone!"
  5. LOL! I HAVE one! A WHITE guy on a black background! LOL!
  6. Sure was, and the looks on their faces tell me that Trump was the right choice!
  7. I see a LOT of upset looking globalists! LOL! MAGA!
  8. Naw ... Dubai... Where they sent billions of $ worth of taxpayer money. They are going to live with their terrorist brothers... Notice, The Bushes walked out with the Clintons.... Wonder if they are boarding the same flight,
  9. CONGRATULATIONS WORLD! The communist takeover has been averted (for now)