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  1. This is all I have! http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/28/north-korea-test-fires-ballistic-missile-report.html
  2. If anyone is pissed about THAAD its China, because a fully operational THAAD system could render Chinas nuclear deterrent useless. THAAD was originally developed and tested under Reagans SDI program in the late 1980s, so the technology is mature, and I am sure it works. THAAD ORIGINALLY was an acronym for Theater High Altitude Air Defense system, designed to be used in theater ballistic missile attacks. With enough interceptors, Chinas MAD (mutually assured destruction) card is TRUMPED! Russia, not so much, as the Russians massive arsenal could easily overwhelm the THAAD system.
  3. I have a LIST, A LIST of activist judges who BETTER PRAY to WHATEVER demon they worship that none of MY kids are ever killed in a terror attack, because the only thing bad enough to stop me from annihilating every one of them is the almighty himself. PERIOD!
  4. Good thing... Means I don't have to get arrested for murdering a POS thug terrorist piece of islaamb garbage
  5. I don't think we could even imagine what a civilization 1000 years more advanced than us could do much less a BILLION years...
  6. And I thought OUR propaganda was bad!!! BWAAAH HAAAHHAAAAAA!
  8. I say BRING IT! And we need to wipe out every freakin globalist on the planet... KILLEMALL--- DEAD! Its time for a culling spree... Go ahead. GIVE me an excuse!
  9. And here is a ping from central Florida!
  10. I see antifa as a terrorist organization, and will respond to them appropriately.
  11. I can't figure out for the life of me how these "RULERS" are still breathing air...
  12. Yeah, and unfortunately, in the 1990s they GAVE china the guided missile tech necessary to shoot down satellites... There are a whole shitload of people that should be swinging from the rafters.... MOST of them are in charge today...
  13. I'm looking forward to the next one in Orlando... So long as I can make it, ANTIFA shows their colors, I will mop the floor with their asses, flags 2x4s and all... Got a few backup guys capable of cracking some heads too....
  14. Looking forward to the thread...