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  1. So, What would you like to replace it with, sunshine, COMMUNISM? Got news for you. The most heavily armed population in the world aint going to back you up. In fact, WE stand against you ANTIFA clowns. Dont start something you cant finish...
  2. these fukkers are fair game now. Hope they reap what they sow.
  3. She was on infowars today, and is frequently on the show. I think she was in the Rebel Media, and confronted Hitlery Clitton. Seems to be working with Alex Jones. So far, she has been putting out good info. she has been ahead of the curve on much of the info coming out of this.
  4. You just gave them their excuse... Nothing to see here folks... Just an Applesauce mishap
  6. Very Dangerous Escalation in Syria

    Well. Seems to be playing as MANY of us on here have speculated about in the past... Get all the US forces bogged down in overseas conflicts so they can "'handle" the gun owners here at home. Sharpen up peeps! I sure have been!
  7. Ugly things may be going on...

    They would try to maintain plausible deniability as long as possible. I would expect a bio attack first, something most are NOT prepared to deal with, and the source can be very hard to prove, they can then come in as the saviors again, and maintain control while dissolving the country into chaos.
  8. Slow descent into madness.

    I no longer refer to America as the United States of America, I call it the INSANE States of America now...
  9. LMAO! Europe destroying America.... Here is a little stat for you: WORLDS combined armed forces, INCLUDING America... 27 million... AMERICAN gun owners... 65 million, and an OVERWHELMING number of US military WILL fight on the side of the people. Europe wont even save its own women and children let alone attack AMERICA! I laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants!
  10. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW THIS? Syria - Russia Accusing U.S. Of Attacks, Abduction Attempts, Team-play With Al-Qaeda http://www.moonofalabama.org/2017/09/syria-russia-accuses-us-of-attacks-direct-coordination-with-al-qaeda.html#more https://southfront.org/russian-special-forces-repel-us-planned-attack-syria-denounce-usa-issue-stark-warning/ https://www.rt.com/news/404040-russian-mod-sdf-syria/
  11. Off-Topic Repository

    Just does it once and a while... Seems random...
  12. Off-Topic Repository

    Yeah... Seems to me that many "adults" out there haven't matured past the 5 year old level... especially progressives!
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