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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    wow now your deleting post?
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    not saying hes not good,saying he knows more than he should.thats all.just like you told me you lived in southern cali per pm i still have,then you told somebody else you lived in northern cali,plus you use gawd alot just like yesgawd on lop and whirly draggon uses gawd alot.ive been on ct for about eleven years and ive never seen this word used until the last nine months,spelled this way,but i should not be paranoid and im not calling you cin out,just pointing out strange occurences is all.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    and here is one of the programmers or somebody that knows more than he should,woop!
  4. please dont get mad at me ukshep as you asked for feedback. 1,i cant post nor sign in without java and images on.thats gig hoggin me. 2,how mobile friendly is it as it looks like its made for a bigscreen tv. 3,i dont like change,lol.maybe its a old man thing,lol. looks nice though.
  5. Member Introductions!

    So many sox in past lives i had to deal with.makes it hard to know whos real and whos not.
  6. Member Introductions!

    Do i know you as somebody else?
  7. Member Introductions!

    Hi im robomont,or king of all the rats,or the great god robomont,or the real mr.robot. If you know me,no introduction necessary.if you dont know me,then hi newb! Been banned from every place ive ever been except a couple pot forums. Old hand at ct.looking for guys who like to talk geopolitics and top secret weapons that i havent hacked already!