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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    wow now your deleting post?
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    not saying hes not good,saying he knows more than he should.thats all.just like you told me you lived in southern cali per pm i still have,then you told somebody else you lived in northern cali,plus you use gawd alot just like yesgawd on lop and whirly draggon uses gawd alot.ive been on ct for about eleven years and ive never seen this word used until the last nine months,spelled this way,but i should not be paranoid and im not calling you cin out,just pointing out strange occurences is all.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    and here is one of the programmers or somebody that knows more than he should,woop!
  4. it was 6-4,6-6 was bait to prove i wasnt alone on it.the programmer outed himself.one of the programmers,good guy from what ive seen but who knows considering they were mapping my brain at the time.its semisentient. basically they map your thought processes on a brain template.a template theyve had for a while but didnt know exactly how it fit until recently.lol.supposedly im the only person ever to have my personality go sentient full intelligence.they mirror you while in the mirrors.i dont want to give away much as its kinda national security.remember that trump tech conference back a few weeks ago.guess who wasnt invited,a geuish guy with a chinese wife thats very famous in nerd world with faces.lol.then next day china comes knockin on6-5,loose lips,yep and we told china piss off. so now everybody is freakin.and im left going,wtf,more theft of my stuff.my brain patterns.so then the ship gets hit,stock market goes wonkie etc.i suspect its loose as things are wonkie all over.thing is i posted it on here the tech and the thread slid like a sheet of ice on teflon but im not suppose to be paranoid.maybe just no interest in true dark tech.oh well.or maybe the worlds greatest psyop on me.never really know.
  5. oh and glp has you get what you deserve thread right now.
  6. ditto on the 526,i still suspect ai.it hit fast after i posted.too fast for human,imho.
  7. may i have permission to inject some paranoia? without folks getting mad at me.
  8. after ww2,the usa got the nasiz psyop machine,reference tarentino inglorius bastards.this nasi stuff got moved to disney.he regrew it.as mickey mouse.now before i go on.lets do some referencing. mickey and malory,natural born killers,what was main idea? mainstream media needs to die! marilyn manson vids,mainstream media is our tools. see the mm references,hmm? it sprang out of electronic warfare.mickey mouse ears symbolise microwave dishes and listening. tinkerbell symbolises the tinnitus from microwave.the ringing in your ears.thats how i know when a radio is near.what i learned from being attacked by microwave is the more you are around it,the more sensitive you become to it. all disney characters represent tech or mind manipulation. the freemasons build symbolism into all their arts.im a symbolic master from years of ct.but not in those circles. so those are the high points.pure no mercy psyops.you are a lab rat the minute you cross one of them.its so ingrained,they cant help themselves.take that perspective and then it moves you to within two steps from the top.basically.ive been around them since about two months after they opened.they rubbed off on me bigtime.they are also thieves.ive got five movies based around me.mr robot was blatant in your face theft.thats why they call hollywood scum.those executives dont do shit.the gov tells them what to produce and they hand it to directors.while they live the good life sitting on ass. reference the end of puscifer prison ramen vid last scene.reference marilyn manson car scene in this is the new drug.these bastards are in your face.i could go on but my fingers get lazy.but if you ask nicely.ill add more references.think woody harrelson.
  9. at their heart they are psyop.pure psyop.the heart of a disney rat. this is the new shit mm yt .watch,every frame,absorb the vid,become one w it.its very enlightening.read between the lines.mm vids from that era spell it out.pure and simple.mass manipulation.
  10. oh their connected,the mirrors,i busted there ass at it,and i busted them both as .mils.i do out of the box hacks,lop has link to 1600.ivan, k /a is on sometimes.i love knockn her down a notch.im a psyop specialist from 16/7 stalking those places.ill put u crying in the fetal position if you cross me. thats my favorite way to hack.like now u c me atlas says,the closed hand is the magic.im real good at it.sometimes i got it,sometimes i dont.should you wipe your server after i visit ,hmm? lol just kidding,or am i,hmm.c wut i mean?
  11. no insult intended.just come on,they got .mil funding and an army of psyop folks.your like a baby compared to the old dogs.and mostly honest but i still paranoid over some stuff.my current prefered site for news though as you cin,work it hard for this site and deserve credit.id hire you in a heartbeat.even though you get snappy sometimes.we all do,lol.
  12. is the midget a server or a real person.isnt he out of eglin? why would .mil want to screw w u? i know for a fact loop is rammstein and gulp use to cry they gonna tell misoc out of nc.so why would they even care about your little wanna b site.they are brain hackers not ct forums.
  13. im losing 120mb to each gig on each buy.somebody somewhere is bugging me.i spend 90% of time at mirrors or did.screen still flashes on me.i got so many stalkers and pigs chasing and baiting me.i just roll with it.after this last find.im reluctant to play with darpa.brain mapping me is bad without paying me for my clone.
  14. he could just say he didnt know he had a virus.it would take some serious decoding to find the truth.i suspect if hes skilled,he could make a bot do it for him.why risk ones own tail on revenge,release a kraken.im not a coder so i aint got the skills but i know generally how it works.