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  1. i suspect its not what you think.its a reverse psyop.beat him real bad to get him credibility in the msm.theres no such thing as bad publicity.oh poor marcy the autist getting bullied.grandma feels sorry for you,heres my vote for poor pitiful marcy.
  2. so is malmo the word of the day.remember malmo dc sniper in headlines today also.
  3. life is like a box of chocolates! forest trump? run forrest run!
  4. not me! im planning on it but this is too early.i smell psyop.my guess this is the roll out.if it is.then the claws come out soon. i cant say what when where or how but i suspect it will be wow.hehe.
  5. very good psyop vid.im humbled by what i learn sometimes on the web.
  6. roflmao!
  7. so the flat earth tards were right?
  8. very clear indeed.fbi killed seth.for being chinese spy. wonder how fast the seth stuff dies?
  9. i called it over on glp.i bet seth was a spy and the cia china story is opposite.seth got executed.see how this is playing out?
  10. how about the queen lays down and lets all the mussys gang rape her.that way the message is clear!
  11. if all they are guarding gets turned to ash,does loyds fail,thus all insurance fail,thus pensions fail?reverse rape?
  12. just more pot psyops,weeds legal,the politicians didnt get the notice.the cops want to pretend its not.they are just dragging their feet now.nothing they can do.14th amendment proves it!
  13. lol,motorola kept jamming that lets chat crap in my face,so i used signature,im hacking u!,lmao.they immediately killed chat and started trying to hack me! lol.be careful of motorola,they got some apps!
  14. https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/ seems motorola is offering cloud service for cop vid systems and guess who owns this cloud? the cia! robo dance!