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  1. 1980's Oakley thermonuclear protection fad, with big bright neon letters across that windshield is all imagining
  2. Ol' Susan Druckenbrod got her whole life story in a simple Google search *If i really wanted to drive over to cherry hill and shit on her prius I could.
  3. They're coming for the guns

    They can't even take the illegal guns off the street with all laws they have now that address that issue. Do you honestly believe .gov is gonna take guns away from all the legal owners with more laws.. Not gonna happen. Ever.!
  4. This is about as ridiculous as a time this inner city youth, told me that pavement was racist. * cause it was black,and white people drive on it , and everybody knows black people don't own cars.
  5. http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/879619/nibiru-news-spacex-launch-falcon-9-zuma-planet-x-research-probe-elon-musk *My favorite conspiracy theory to shit on
  6. It's whatever.. ain't no one bought that black barbie, ain't no one gonna buy this. .
  7. These dumbass idiots, dig up dead bodies every year and dance around the neighborhood with them.. Africans
  8. I wish these idiots would put their money where their mouth is.. With all these assumed dates over the course of 18 years, since I've been following this Nibiru wormwood Planet X nonsense. I would have been a millionaire several times.
  9. Nothing will happen.. Nothing ever happens.. and it isn't Alex Jones who is pushing this, it's BPearthwatch.. BPearthwatch... Enough said
  10. Those aliens dudes need to lift some weights .
  11. The Express is about as reliable as the National Enquirer.. I'll pass. Still a good hoax though.