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  1. So Florida's had almost a hundred twenty hurricanes since about 1850 in this one just happened to be weaponized ?? OK. you can go take your shrill comments back over to Glp
  2. Keep your advice to yourself, it makes you look much less like an idiot
  3. Where Were You 16yrs Ago Today?

  4. Love to catch this idiot walking around in the smokies..
  5. Trying to educate millianials and the generation that followed is pointless.. These idiots belevie everything is a conspiracy... "weapons hurricane"
  6. Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!

    Earth expansion theory.. Having heard this one in a while. Last article I read on this was in relation to global sinkholes several years ago.. much to do with earth core.
  7. Them leaflookers usually start heading north in a few weeks anyways..
  8. deployment of that missile system just put a target on every civilian with close proximity to its location
  9. jimmy mcMillan probably loving this
  10. Weather modification... Vincent schaefer..
  11. Wow. This thread has turned into pure panic.. it's nice to see people prepared.. but...... Ain't sheeet gonna happen
  12. As i said in a earlier thread. My prediction. Landfall in nc/va as a tropical storm.. *I ain't no damn weatherman. Just a individual with common sense.
  13. Form n-400. I bet she's never consider applying..
  14. Children, children. North Korea's nuclear program started back in the late fifties early sixties. They first started launching medium-range missiles in the 80s.. .. As I said this is been going on for three generations. Continuing posting this type of nonsense Doom is just as bad as North Korean State television continuing threaten the United States to please its own citizens.. And the only reason why this stuff is being so heavily addressed over the Internet is because of the internet cuz before the internet normal everyday people like some of you had no clue about North Korea.
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