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  1. The article seems to be taking the effect as predicted on this forum as well as several other forms.. Which wasn't part of the initial experiment to begin with ..but the articles below do show factual merit based on the threads and comments posted on this forum, and this thread. Lol . http://science.sciencemag.org/content/322/5898/115.full http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ejsp.2331/epdf http://www.texasenterprise.utexas.edu/article/loss-control-fuels-superstitions-rituals-conspiracy-theories
  2. And yet I guarantee not a single one of you have read 16 page research article related to this thread topic.. ...
  3. Right, well then. I'll just going to make fun of everyone here that continues posting absolute garbage, regurgitated nonsense.
  4. And I challenge anybody to prove their conspiracy theories with Hardcore evidence. And when I mean evidence don't send me a link to some YouTube video you just recently found. I want to see the documentation.
  5. I would never contribute my own research to any of these types of forums. Are you kidding me ! I come on these forms to get a consensus of the type of idiots that believe a majority of this garbage
  6. What happened to the days when conspiracy theorist actually used to do their own research and come to the table with evidence other than, posting articles from tabloids or links to YouTube videos..
  7. https://www.inverse.com/article/37463-conspiracy-beliefs-illusory-pattern-perception "Illusory pattern perception — the act of seeking patterns that aren’t there — has been linked to belief in conspiracy theories before, but that assumption has never really been supported with empirical evidence. The British and Dutch scientists behind the new study are some of the first to show that this explanation is, in fact, correct." just 1 reason of many, why I shoot down threads posted on this site and others...
  8. Express.co.uk. definitely fake. I won't even bother reading articles from such tabloids.
  9. Steven Greer....... You must be new to all this. Bill Cooper was discussing this back in the late 80s
  10. Military 72 Hour Alert

    How that 72-hour military alert work out for you.. complete nonsense absolute garbage...
  11. Military 72 Hour Alert

    This col. Potter is bullshit. More bullshit then potter of the 4077.. there is no 72hour alert.
  12. These days, everybody is a stasi bootlicker.
  13. If this was true about movies.. where the f**k is Batman ?