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  1. Possiably. It's interesting because everybody was armed
  2. I wouldn't call that getting knocked out.. But definitely punched in the face
  3. This is what happens when people complain that they're not getting paid enough. . .

    Dont ask dont tell...
  5. Nothing is secure from the desire of a desperate human.
  6. I guess that blinkin park merger band is no go... thank god.
  7. funny thing about these billionaire doomsday bunkers is they actually believe that their money is going to save them.. in all reality, they're trapped with no way out..
  8. For Those Crying That Trump's Anti-Gun

    The m1garands have been sold . When this came to life under the obama administration people already started forking over cash before they're even were brought back into the United States. Dont quote me on this, I wanted to get my hands on one as well but now I'm going to have to get one "second hand" sometime in the future.
  9. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    What the f**k.. I cant beleive any of you people would believe any of this idiots opinion. Seriously. His facts are a guy wearing tshirt , fuzzy microphone, people not showing what he believes to be real emotion. The facts are low IQ a Somalian with two other incidents on his record was hired by the police force cause of some affirmative action nonsence. Who broke protocol, ended a womens life. A women who called the police cause she believe she was doing the right thing..
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