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  1. So,, there is no 3rd secret.. Hogwash
  2. The lawyer in the wheelchair is definitely gonna get nuked
  3. Chp said it was under a half mile.. Owner of vehicle said he hit was when the truck made a lane change ?? .*Considering the truck is in the right lane , car on the rear left.. .. questionable. Driver wasnt impaired, and no mechanical failures found...
  4. Russian bombers have been flying along our coast since the 50's.. This is absolutely nothing new,, shit we do the exact same thing..
  5. Shit... if assad had 3 ton of chemical weapons, Isreal would be choking to death..
  6. Following this niburu stuff since the 90's and well, so many arrival dates have come and gone by so-called experts in the field.. at this point, in all honestly niburu is hogwash.. But there always seems to be a new generation of individuals who will follow and believe this nonsense..