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  1. Oh I get it ... I show you pictures and video footage of the Carnage you're going to come back and tell me they were photoshopped or CGI.. Or the bodies were dead from some other attack years ago.. There isn't a conspiracy to everything that happens... shit happens. Reality a Muslim who was radicalized made a nail bomb and blew him up outside of a concert. I just found several photos and video from this just by doing a simple Google search, I'm sure you're capable of doing same .
  2. There are several states, that dont require a photo on a ccw/lctf. ..* reguardless, she stil going to have to provide facial identification in order to run the background check from the police department. FAC *firearms aqcuisition certificate. And I guarantee you because she doesn't have A facial identification on her carrying permit she's only going to be allowed to purchase non prohibited firearms.. single shot shotgun. Lol
  3. Maybe we should locate all the planes and ships missing in the Bermuda Triangle first, before we start talking about isreal remotely controling airplane with laptops , so they can stage the next false flag
  4. Let me guess George Friedman has a new book he's trying to sell... Opinion base analysts.. why do people believe this type of nonsense.. then again people believe Alex Jones..
  5. Boooed..? Well I guess that's up into interpretation of the video because that could have went both ways, Boooed at the VP or booos at people leaving.. There seem to be a lot of people applauding.. Applauding for the vice president or for those who walked out ??
  6. At this point Hillary Clinton could go on television and openly admit that she had Seth killed for national security reasons, the most that what happen is a bunch of disgruntled Americans will go the internet and vent about how crooked she is...
  7. Sadly, those who support the founding fathers of this nation are not going to go to war over a statue being removed, they aren't going to go to war over flag being banned, hell they won't even go to war if their own family members are terrorized.. this is no longer our grandfather's country. The left , the Liberals now control America whether you like it or not ..
  8. Patriot moverment has drawn another line in the sand..