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  1. This is really depressing. I haven't had my cuck held in years...
  2. Hi Cinn! I was just wondering if you would stay in California if they actually did secede from the union...
  3. Yes. Several years ago Trump was caught on a hot microphone talking to someone about women. He said something about walking up to women and grabbing their pu**y. He said it was just locker room talk.
  4. Yes! The reputable Larry Flynt. I wonder how many pu**ies he's grabbed...
  5. Eagles fan

    Give me your best scary movies

    I remember, vaguely, watching a movie when I was about 4 years old called "The Flesh Eaters" . It scared the hell out of me. It was, at best, a B movie. I watched it as a teenager and thought it was hilarious... The original Nightmare on Elm Street was creepy. Especially the scene in the bath tub...
  6. All he'll launching is a giant turd when he sees his homeland being destroyed. I feel bad for the people though...
  7. I always say hello to people I pass when I'm walking. About 1 in 3 says hello back. Kinda sad...
  8. Eagles fan

    Member Introductions!

    What intrigued me the most was that the planes were supposedly holograms. One of the buildings looked like it was destroyed by controlled demolition. My thought is we have some really bad people in high places...
  9. At least he stopped at child's dolls. The first thought that went through my mind was of Raggedy Ann. That would be downright sinful...
  10. Eagles fan

    Are You Happy?

  11. Eagles fan

    My queen sucks!

    That's a lot of robes!
  12. Eagles fan

    My queen sucks!

    Now we're more like deuces and treys...
  13. Eagles fan

    My queen sucks!

    King Shep!...has a nice ring to it...
  14. Eagles fan

    43 anti white commercials

    I had my cable turned off. I don't care what the Kardashians are doing...

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