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  1. I Want to Live in a World where kids that want to learn get a proper well rounded Education. And for the kids that don't because they are more worried about whether Ra-shonda and Monika will get into a fight today. They should have to pick up trash along the highways and roads to show them what their lives are going to be like when they have to resort to Thuggery to get mo' money'$...
  2. How To Stop School Shootings

    School itself is the Problem! It's really nothing more than Nationalized Day-Care. They don't give a Cr#p about kids education, all they care about the headcount and getting a check for it. You can't cram 50 kids into one classroom and expect kids to actually learn anything. And you have kids that want to learn, and you have kids that could give a flip less. The Whole Education System and how it Works Needs Reformed!
  3. The Whole of North America is building up to a possible Spring-Time Sh#t-Show...
  4. A Nobody... And now he's a self made somebody even if its at his own detriment. He chose Valentine's day for a reason. He did not receive any or little candy in his valentines day gift sack in grade school which led to his hatred of the holiday itself. School teaches kids from the get go about class warfare. Who's Rich and who's Poor, who's Popular and who's Not.
  5. I find it funny that the news media isn't even talking about the Shooting at the NSA anymore...
  6. They just said on the news that he used an AR-15!!! Well of course he did... No small coincidence's...
  7. This is what happens when you drink too much red bull and hit the ski jump... Lol
  8. I'm not sure if I should post the video I want to post on here. But if anyone wants to see what I'm talking about, just type black woman paints herself white into the search engine. Lol...
  9. (Snip). I know neutron star material is some of the most dense matter in the universe, with a teaspoon weighing as much as a mountain. What would happen if we could in fact extract this material from a neutron star? https://io9.gizmodo.com/5805244/what-would-a-teaspoonful-of-neutron-star-do-to-you The reason why I'm posting this is to show that neutron stars or even dead stars don't have to be very big to create alot of pull on the earth do to the density of the object. https://www.space.com/23799-black-dwarfs.html
  10. Very interesting... You would think that with that many sheets of copper with hieroglyphs on it. It would say something more than improve or perish. I say it most likely did.
  11. Trump Wig??

  12. Strange Bedfellows... http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2017/10/11/donald-trump-73-senator-graham-details-presidents-improbable-round