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  1. More Soft Disclosure... http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2017/11/the-alien-observatory-an-indigenous-technological-species-could-have-arisen-in-the-solar-system-befo.html
  2. AI/MAN - Mass Effect Andromeda

  3. 1I/ `Oumuamua: New data

    Very Interesting... http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/outthere/2017/11/23/interstellar-asteroid-mystery/
  4. So basically all I need is a lightning rod, a flux capacitor, and a DeLorean, and maybe I can travel back to the 80's when times were good and escape this dystopian nightmare and warn the people of what's to come... Lol At best I would catch the wheels on fire and go out in a Blaze of Glory... Lmfao!
  5. Everything I look up about the moon, they claim that it does spin. It I call B.S. on that. I can't tell that it has ever changed. It always looks the same. They say if you are in the southern hemisphere it's upside down. That would be very interesting to observe...
  6. Notice how the Quake Storm in the South Pacific region has Suddenly gone Silent... This is very Telling and unsettling...
  7. Schools indoctrinate children into the Prison System Mindset...
  8. 1I/ `Oumuamua: New data

    Derelict Ship comes to mind.
  9. skidmark - who runs the world

    This guy needs his own radio show...
  10. I'm not sure about this site. But I thought the Subject of nanowaves was very interesting... Its in the video... http://exopolitics.org/possible-new-source-on-discovery-of-frozen-city-under-antarctic-ice/
  11. I have not heard any Booms. But I did hear the screaching metal sound that sounds like a huge piece of metal being dragged across the ground. Strange thing is that it was coming from the southern sky. We've also had an uptick I'm earthquakes recently. I think its connected...
  12. Lol I agree, but I think almost every phone is basically a google phone anymore. There should be laws in place to protect our privacies. But that will never happen in this day and age... Google needs to be downsized and split up, It's just too Big...
  13. Mine likes to initiate google maps all by itself, and show me exactly where I'm located... Creepy... Even thow I have location turned off... Extra Creepy...
  14. I remember one story about a reported sighting where they described a chimp inside one of the lights they witnessed one night. It made me wonder if maybe in the future people experimenting with Time Travel would use chimps as test subjects. But who knows...