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  1. Kim will most likely wake up, find this out, get Angry and launch another missile...
  2. All I meant was get whatever you can afford and make do with what you got. Anything extra will help when it all goes down...
  3. I've read that she Smell's really bad as well. The pure evil must exude from her pores...
  4. The sad truth is that we only built the one in Alaska. But corrupt leaders gave or sold the Tech to the other big 2. And now they have built many on the cheap, and are using them against us on a massive Scale. This is most likely by Design...
  5. I say we will see greater than a 9 or even a 10.0... More like a 12.0 or higher. It will rewrite the history books...
  6. This could very well happen. Now more so than ever before. When this happens it will shut down everything. Prep now while you still can...
  7. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-23/defiant-catalans-block-spains-military-boats-landing-spain-seizes-cat-domain
  8. I tried a cup of this brand. And as soon as I took a drink I was like Blah... Yuck... Lol. It tastes like they soaked the beans in old coffee...
  9. 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake, Mexico

    I'm worried that mexico may become uninhabitable
  10. I'm gonna 1up him and go with the 22nd. Cause we all know what difference 1 Day can Make... Lol
  11. Don't forget Israel's constant airstrikes on Syria...
  12. I were them and I knew they were coming. I would have bugged out...
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