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  1. Enjoy the last night of freedom!

    Ever heard of this type of internet access? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadband_over_power_lines https://www.reuters.com/article/us-at-t-internet/att-begins-testing-high-speed-internet-over-power-lines-idUSKBN1E70GB
  2. Enjoy the last night of freedom!

    Didn't Obama hand over control of the internet before he got out?
  3. Enjoy the last night of freedom!

    Google is already doing that. They blocked 8chan I believe.
  4. If it is just a Huge Hunk of Alien made space metal. I can see them launching Towards a Solar System in which they desire to inhabit. For building purposes. The question is... Is anyone here to catch it??? Which said species could have launched it eon's ago. And are all dead and gone now...
  5. Enjoy the last night of freedom!

    So no more free TV? Well that's one way to keep people in the Dark... Plebs are gonna Riot!!!
  6. Enjoy the last night of freedom!

    If they Slow down the internet, people will revolt in the streets. I Don't wanna go back to 56k modem speeds, and I surmise no one else will either...
  7. And a whole other thing is the name itself, Oumuamua... Sounds a lot like the last name of Mamoa as in Jason Mamoa. Which just happens to play an Atlantean. And he's a really Big Dude. A Giant even. And was also on the show Stargate Atlantis...
  8. Nope, that was a Huge planet killer that ate planets... But it could also just be a Huge chunk of Alien Metal grown in space. Skip ahead 3 min...
  9. The Robo-Tech Saga Started off with a Derelict cigar shaped ship that crashed to earth and gave rise to new mechanised machines do to a new power source aboard the ship...
  10. Maybe its 'Oumuamua...
  11. And on the the far right you have a picture of a Heart which seems to be a big theme in this video... Jesus heart... I think Cheney got a Chinese heart. I'm surprised he wasn't in the video.
  12. The drawing next to the split brain seems to be a Dragon...
  13. The old farmers almanac is forecasting lousy weather for most of the U.S. this winter...
  14. If I was told I could only have either cake or pie. I would tell them to keep it. I will reinvent my own. And I will call it Cakepie. That way I can have both at the same time... As far as people go. You have a lot people that live fake lives. Their whole life is built upon the foundation of a lie. Its what they are most compfortable with. And the sad thing is that they like it that way. The only way it will change is when the cold hard truth of reality finally Bites them in the A#s and Shocks them back into the real World. This day is long overdue...