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  1. I wonder if they will shoot at planes and Bombers even if they are on the South Side..?
  2. Lots of plants contain DMT. Some more than others. Reference purposes only. Don't try this at home... https://wiki.dmt-nexus.me/Mimosa_hostilis
  3. Those suckers have some mean as# poison in them. I cut ones head off one time with my bowie knife. And when I did it opened its mouth and shot poison for about a foot and a half. The poison was so toxic that when it hit the ground it started to burn and smolder like it was full of acid or somethin . True Story...
  4. I don't watch sports because it's a waste of time. I'd rather be learning something useful and not filling my brain with useless knowledge... But I don't hate all sports. I grew up playing 8ball pool. And my Dad would take me to the Horse race's. There is an art to betting on the right pony...
  5. Sounds like some sort of monster came out of inner earth, giants maybe? That's the Narrative of the newest King Kong movie...
  6. The real Question is when will it be North Americas Turn? I keep seeing images of a Massive Nation Wide Quake. A Giant crack forming underneath me and swallowing me and everything else...
  7. 9/28/2017 WW3 is suppose to start?

    Not the same date, but interesting none the less... Could be baloney... http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/mystic-who-foretold-donald-trump-10252716 And this... https://debunkingdoomsday.quora.com/Debunked-Horacio-Avila-Villegas-prophecy-that-we-will-have-a-nuclear-war-in-October-2017-because-of-a-vision-by-the
  8. Cringe if you wish

    Well at least it gets the job done...
  9. I've never said shelter in place. I've always said Bug Out... Especially if you live in an urban environment...
  10. I saw on the news that they had C-130's landing with Food, Water, supplies, and air conditioned Mobile command stations...
  11. Did The World End Today?

    I'm alive... Just had a 4.0 Quake about an Hour ago but I barely felt it...
  12. Kim will most likely wake up, find this out, get Angry and launch another missile...
  13. All I meant was get whatever you can afford and make do with what you got. Anything extra will help when it all goes down...
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