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  1. Russia Has more than just a Russian TU-95 Bear Bomber.
  2. Lol,,, sounds just like my neighbor. He got stuck in the mud the other day and he got my other neighbor to try and pull him out, and he couldnt even find the Tow hook on the vehicle. And it was right in his face... long story short, he came and got me and i got him out...
  3. I found this place, because i found a link to it on BIN... I used to post on there but it got too shilly for me. Then that whole thing with the chinese chemical plant blowing up. And I told told everybody a space based laser did it, and the next thing i know i got black SUV's with tinted windows creepin next to my house... So i stopped for about a year and now im here... And i like it, and hope to stay cause everybodys cool and all that...
  4. I've heard Jensenitis is goin around... Get well brother...
  5. It is... Tepco lies... Either that or they got their hands on the Tech that neutralizes radioactive particles... Which i doubt...
  6. It will happen when all people are tired, hungry, and fed up...
  7. They are copy cats... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2416822/Fake-English-town-China-complete-cobbled-streets-red-telephone-boxes-remains-deserted.html
  8. Supposedly this is the place where the rapture will begin... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_of_Olives_Jewish_Cemetery
  9. As soon as X gets close enough to our Sun it will re-ignite and become molton again. Then it will remagnetise from being so close to our Sun... And then at some point it will be repelled away from our Sun by a geomagnetic reversal...
  10. They know they are up to no good... They use weapons and break things...
  11. Right on... If there was'nt any cops, Most of these Dirt bags would shoot at you just because you stepped outside... Its the fear that keeps them in line... But as soon as it hits get ready... all the wacko's will come out...