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  1. Be honest, you just wanted an excuse to say "wip it out" dirty old man
  2. Hiya, thoth. Don't you just love it when a guest has no rebuttal just "that's a lie"? I mean we could easily start to discuss all the wrongs of the bible and how it was manipulated, but no they'd rather stick with that than have any new info in their tiny brains.
  3. I will answer the same everytime as it is the most logical solution I've ever been presented with...Zeitgeist Movement.
  4. Jaden Smith, wears dresses now

    Who cares? Clothing is clothing. 100's of years ago, togas, robes...this whole skirts are only for girls bs is just as bad as girls wear pink and boys wear blue, both have not always been the truth.
  5. I believe aliens over sky fairy any day. After all, aliens gonna alien, bro.
  6. Sheppy you bastard

    Don't be butthurt rain...besides I bet deep down you miss my sarcastic ways.
  7. Btw...hi neo! hope the old neo is back and not the doom and gloom neo of the past year
  8. Sheppy you bastard

    But I did anyway
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