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  1. Get off yer butts and do this!

    This guy would disagree:- https://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows/status/954199802790768644
  2. Get off yer butts and do this!

    Hilarious! Russian twitter accounts are to blame for the increase in #releasethememo. What the f**k is the trumpshutdown one about? Retaliation for the memo?
  3. 24 hour delay? Too many know about this!
  4. "Lost" LOL! How many times are they going to tow that line?
  5. How do they constantly get away with this faux reporting? Is the "news" not regulated?
  6. Exploitation of old folks is so damn sickening.
  7. Sounds like an ingenious plan. Let the elderly do the trafficking; who would ever think to look for drugs on old people?
  8. The opening lines in that video are very telling.
  9. Maybe that's why the pipebomb went off. Distraction.
  10. That sunlight is an actual "pillar of light." Unreal snap.
  11. Thank you, for that. However, I was being a sarcastic so-and-so. Gives me a good excuse to post this little beauty now......