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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    How am I slandering and what words did I put in your mouth?
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    Actually I was, the video just kind of sucked for it, but it was the only video I watched on the subject really.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    Maybe, maybe not, but he doesn't side with pathological liars either. You and your sycophants can make all your statements based on nothing, and all you will do is show the difference between truth and lies.
  4. Off-Topic Repository

    Sure thing snowflake, sure thing. Shep get's his ass handed to him and the Calvary of bullshitters comes to the rescue.All you have done is say "your wrong", and left it at that. Saying someone is wrong doesn't prove it so, it just proves tyranny is afoot.
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    Groupthink Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Don't slander me, I merely called you out on your bullshit and made you look incredibly bad to everyone else. Like your usage of the word "group think", the above is a text book definition of group think, and obviously that is not what is going on, from this end of things. You made a false claim, you where proven wrong, and then you doubled down on your error by virtue signaling and threatening to ban everyone who speaks the truth. I wasn't trying to insult you by the soy thing, as you genuinely display symptoms of soy poisoning, which can lead to breast cancer, even in men. The most I came to insulting you, was when I suggested you move into a black neighborhood to test your beliefs first hand. Now only your sycophants are replying trying to calm the situation down, but you can't calm a situation down by walking on egg shells. Either repent, or everything falls to ruin once you go down the path of lies; everything that relies upon truth for survival falls by the wayside. You can act out as much as you want to, but it doesn't change a thing besides how others view you. Before God, I forgive your insults against me, before man, you will be held to account.
  6. ANTIFA Website Planning Nationwide Anarchy

    The National Guard's, or even the US Army, would slaughter them. One thing that is not talked about, after Katrina, black gangsters occupied New Orleans, and tried to rule it as their own personnel fiefdom. They formed things similar to an army and whatnot. They had to send in the National Guard, to liberate New Orleans. From the best of my knowledge, hundreds of black insurgents where killed, while not a single National Guardsmen was killed. They will be slaughtered if they do that. After that, all elements of Antifa would be brutally hunted down, as TPTB would use it as an opportunity to tell the Right, "behave or this will happen to you". TPTB fear a Right Wing insurrection more then a Left Wing, as even though the end result would be the same, far more damage would be done, as Right Wingers aren't incompetent Lefties. So yeah, the Leftists would be made an example of, as they are all worthless trash.
  7. ANTIFA Website Planning Nationwide Anarchy

    They are cowards. Paid cowards often, but still cowards. That said, I never trusted Soros; what he says, what he openly advocates, seems counter intuitive to his own best interests and what his actions actually accomplish. The reality is, without the actions of Soros, the resurgence of the Right, may never of happened. Not only that, Soros and his children stand to profit from the Right being in ascendancy in society, then if the Left fully took over. Given the callous nature of these individuals, it is not hard imagining them deliberately doing that, to "beat sense into society". If the 90's peace continued, the West would of became so utterly effeminate and steadily destroyed, that even as bad as it seems now, it would of been a thousand times worse. The young that will come of age in a few years, have bloody mouths and the will to exact revenge. From which, a resurgence in imperialism, Soros's children would stand to profit immensely(as Jew's reaped the rewards of European imperialism, as they owned most of the plantations and mines during imperialism). That is what leads me to believe what will happen will be a death blow to a few Democrat strongholds. Akin to how Soros tried to kill coal, so he could buy the coal mines dirt cheap.
  8. ANTIFA Website Planning Nationwide Anarchy

    All that will happen is, they will cause havoc in the few jurisdictions where they can get away with it, and could cost those elections for the Democrats as the people get tired of it.
  9. o.O Yeah..... Go with the first group? Out of curiosity, did they have eyes or a smoothed over area where eyes should be? And where they radiating white, like a new white tshirt+ super bleach?
  10. Yeah, but when you where captured those beings where using the captured humans to make human blood stew......
  11. So, maybe you should keep your windows locked and draped at all times so nothing can look in, with one room designated as a "safe room"?
  12. Am I an Anomaly!

    It is not worth dwelling over, and my suspicions are twofold on this matter. I will tell where the inspiration for this comes from: a set of wave patterns no one expected, that effected the progression of events in a way no one expected. Society was upended, and alot of stuff that was way wrong was turned right. All people know is, that where there was once one social group think, there is now another one, where people can freely challenge the darkness that is encroaching. The darkness is perplexed, from which and where did this thing happen to them? How did their mass social hypnosis/enchantment failed them? Their strategists ponder and frown, while their occultists are dismayed as the end result of their hexes and curses are turned back towards them. The whole concept of the "Nobody" or the "Anomaly", is either mass social recognition of this, and a modern folk story hero, or a set plan to search out those responsible. Eitherway it doesn't matter, and those who play along run the risk of falling into a kind of ego driven hysteria. Even if it is a folk hero type thing, there are still those among the occult and whatnot, who would turn an evil eye towards anyone claiming to be this, as this is something that stands in direct opposition to them. The question is at this point, is it the force of the person, will of God, or the combined mental and emotional energies of all those who admire this folk hero that are creating a chain around the occultists? Best not to put a target on your back, especially if your unable to defend yourself from the negative repercussions.
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    This topic once had meaning. Now, it seems to be a random off topic thread that is organically shifting through various topics of idle amusement.
  14. The Anarchy Thread

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nothing says anarchist, like absolute conformity at the point of violence.
  15. History is a hoax.

    You forget one thing in your calculations: The human element. In theory, a centrally planned system, should bring the highest quality of life possible, in reality, that never happens. Why is that, why does Communism and other centrally planned systems fail? Psychopaths, sociopath, narcissists and incompetents. Those kinds of people, lust after, deeply envy, and do everything to secure, positions of power and influence in society. In order to protect their positions, they often discriminate against, competent, well adjusted individuals, out of fear of being found out, and losing the lofty position they have attained through deceit, cunning and malice. Because they are incompetent, and ill adjusted, they create chaotic environments, or go off and kill millions because they can't get their way. Free Market Capitalism, coupled with an American style Representative Governance, is designed to keep the more evil of human beings at bay. It is not designed to be the "best system, or the most ideal system", but the system in which, psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists and incompetents, can cause the least damage to everyone else. The Civil War, gave the evil humans the entry they needed, to steadily usurp many protections, and bring about the state of affairs of today.