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  1. Punch a Nazi

    Useful idiots. The end goal is to force the Right, to support/become, Monarchist adherents. At that point, every single Antifa will be hunted down and publicly executed as they will no longer serve any kind of purpose. Every last one. The main drop off is, the Right has no intention of supporting the Monarchists. Think of GoT(Game of Thrones), as being deliberate "Predictive Programming", with Right Wingers/White Nationalists being the Free Folk(Wildlings), and Leftists being both the White Walkers and Wights. The reality is, these Leftists are outing themselves. Right Wingers oppose the Monarchists, because the Monarchists are Revolutionaries trying to usurp society. Once the ordering of things change, the Right will naturally shift in response to that, but will fight tooth and nail up to that point. The Left, only cares to burn the world down, and wants perpetual revolution, violence and destruction as an end unto itself. They are outing themselves as the destroyers of civilization, so they can be purged at a later date.
  2. She should just sue. Twitter is a public accommodation business, located in California and subject to California laws.
  3. Unless it is Canon Prime/Alpha Universe, I don't bother to watch it.
  4. That is because their entire plan has been completely F'ed up by those they consider "losers", I would be bitter to, if I was them. That is akin to a sumo wrestler being knocked out of the circle by a midget. I guess with God, all things are possible.
  5. Ehh, probably going to announce he bought a new tie....
  6. No. They will mostly come to Pennsylvania sadly. The RCC, may they burn for all eternity, has been flooding Pennsylvania for a few decades with as many hispanics as they can.
  7. Of course, all the data will be hidden for as long as Bush Sr is still alive.
  8. It is social indoctrination, to get people used to kneeling to a monarch. The reality is, if they wanted to protest, instead of kneeling, they ought to have turned their backs. Things are moving quickly, as the old Empire is being reformed. The reality is, the time for long drawn out conspiracies is over with. They will just push through it, and advance their agenda.
  9. It is simple, people with not enough currency, will find ways to amuse themselves. The best way to amuse oneself, is to sabotage the workings of the elite. There is no greater satisfaction, then making them squirm.
  10. Yeah, they are going to try and start a massive war, before they go run off and hide in their underground cities.
  11. According to the article, it isn't emotional attachment, but ruthless survival strategy. By forming an emotional bond with the child, it reduces the likelihood of the animal being slaughtered.
  12. May be comparing Apples and Oranges. It all hinges on one thing: "Was classified data shared via a private email address?" If there was classified data, Kushner will be removed(hopefully), if there wasn't, well... It is amusing, the hypocritical Democrats are going after this like sharks after blood.
  13. The New Bible & The New Tanakh

    I truly despise manipulative, effeminate writings. The only thing to be gained from those writings, is that the fallen ones are clueless, they know now that they are clueless, and are terrified, as they should be. They dug their own grave, they sown their own harvest.
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