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  1. kbet

    Off-Topic Repository

    How am I slandering and what words did I put in your mouth?
  2. kbet

    Off-Topic Repository

    Actually I was, the video just kind of sucked for it, but it was the only video I watched on the subject really.
  3. kbet

    Off-Topic Repository

    Maybe, maybe not, but he doesn't side with pathological liars either. You and your sycophants can make all your statements based on nothing, and all you will do is show the difference between truth and lies.
  4. kbet

    Off-Topic Repository

    Sure thing snowflake, sure thing. Shep get's his ass handed to him and the Calvary of bullshitters comes to the rescue.All you have done is say "your wrong", and left it at that. Saying someone is wrong doesn't prove it so, it just proves tyranny is afoot.
  5. kbet

    The IQ of Black America

    Sure thing Stalin. When Lysenkoism theories fail, tyranny is the answer to prop up lies.
  6. kbet

    Off-Topic Repository

    Groupthink Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Don't slander me, I merely called you out on your bullshit and made you look incredibly bad to everyone else. Like your usage of the word "group think", the above is a text book definition of group think, and obviously that is not what is going on, from this end of things. You made a false claim, you where proven wrong, and then you doubled down on your error by virtue signaling and threatening to ban everyone who speaks the truth. I wasn't trying to insult you by the soy thing, as you genuinely display symptoms of soy poisoning, which can lead to breast cancer, even in men. The most I came to insulting you, was when I suggested you move into a black neighborhood to test your beliefs first hand. Now only your sycophants are replying trying to calm the situation down, but you can't calm a situation down by walking on egg shells. Either repent, or everything falls to ruin once you go down the path of lies; everything that relies upon truth for survival falls by the wayside. You can act out as much as you want to, but it doesn't change a thing besides how others view you. Before God, I forgive your insults against me, before man, you will be held to account.
  7. kbet

    The IQ of Black America

    You can't wake someone up who is pretending to sleep. When someone puts their fingers in their ears and hums really loudly because the truth is an afront to them, there is nothing more to say or do. Those that wish to believe lies, will be led by those lies to their fate. There is only two things in existence, when everything has been accounted for: Truth and Lies. Something is either truth, or it is a lie. The only inbetween, is caused by the limited data available to an individual observer. With a greater scope of data, the obscurity between what is truthful and what are outright lies, essentially vanishs. We know enough now, to plainly state, "color blindness and to say skin color doesn't matter/race is just skin color", is an outright lie. A dangerous lie, given the sheer amount of black on white crime throughout the West. The color blind society are prepared to say "there is peace", while our peoples are being steadily murdered to death in a silent war of genocide being waged by the forces of darkness.
  8. kbet

    The IQ of Black America

    The elite aren't trying to create race division though, they are forcing integration to breed whites out of existence, so your premise is totally faulty. At this point though,it has been talked about enough yet you continue to blatantly ignore it. Not only that, are your ears deaf to the sheer amount of suffering across Europe and the greater West, which is caused by your kind of thinking? Or do the plight of rapists concern you more then the raped? Like I said, your probably suffering from soy poisoning. It was suggested that you read "The Emperors new clothing", because the book is highly pertinent to your current ideals, and how utterly empty they are. Anything without truth, is an empty lie that leads to ruin. You don't engage in debate, because deep down you know, everything you proclaim is a lie. A well intention-ed lie caused by hormonal emotionalism to make yourself feel better, but a lie all the same. You can proclaim lies as truth and truth as lies until your blue in the face, but it doesn't change reality. I wonder, the UK has a large enough black population, why not seek to live amongst them to prove your words true. Granted, I don't want you to be murdered, or have something bad happen to you, so I would strongly suggest against it, but one should always put their money where their ideals are, as the ultimate proof to the world if the ideals one professes are even a personnel truth. The only thing that was slaughtered, is your credibility at this point.
  9. That was the intended goal, bankrupt people to force a communist single payer system. McCain knew what he was doing when he voted against the reforms and chuckled "let's see Donald make America great now".
  10. kbet

    The IQ of Black America

    I only care for truth. If something is true or false is my sole concern, emotions do not come into play. Conceptualizations of enlightenment thinking are purely subjective, yet the end result can always be judged to show if it is an advantage or disadvantage for a given society. The reality is, the differences go far beyond classifying blacks as a different "race". Irish, is a different race; French is a different race, Russian is a different race and etc. Due to differences in genetics, bone structure and other factors, it is a safe bet that they are a different species of humanoid. The reality is, our genetics and hormones levels, especially in people who are trapped by their thoughts (I think therefore I am, type thinking), predetermine the likelihood of various actions, opinions and beliefs. Hence why I asked about your soy consumption, as soy has plant based estrogen chemicals, which are severely detrimental to males. Your line of thinking and reasoning, is common among men who consume too much soy, thus I inquired about it, as it is also extremely harmful to ones mind and body. My opinion on emotional thinking is, it is the ultimate waste of time. Things are what they are, not what you want them to be, nor what you would like them to be, and not even what you need them to be, but what they actually are. If you can prove my claims false, I would readily thank you. If you cannot prove them false, then for your own sake, you need to re-evaluate yourself, your beliefs and your own bodily health. Domestic house cat's, and lion's, share the same basic neurological behavioral programming, yet you would not treat a lion as a house cat, nor fear a house cat as you would a lion. Caucasian's and Negroid's, do not even share the same basic biological neurological behavioral programming. Your asking me to declare there are five lights, when there is only four. I differentiate, because they are different. This is not something born out of indoctrinated group think, or inter-generational biases, but born from real life observations, as well as reading sound scientific documents, studies and writings. There is no higher level of thinking, just reality and fiction, truth and falsehoods. Everything else is a trap to lead one astray from the truth. ^P.S I urge you to read the short story "The Emperor's new clothes", before you comment on any possible debate, between "higher level of thinking" vs loyalty to the pursuit of factual truth.
  11. kbet

    The IQ of Black America

    No need to be so harsh. Racism is a made up concept though,, things are either true, or they are false. Your mentality isn't exactly bad, but incredibly naive. The sad reality is, naivety in the modern age, or any age really, can only survive when it is in a controlled bubble. Outside the bubble, it tends to be incredibly deadly. Given where your from, it may be safer to remain, atleast on the surface, naive, lest you be whisked away to a re-education facility. In general, the oligarch's want everyone to be fairly ignorant and dim witted, nature, the natural biological state of blacks, just makes their job easier in regard to blacks. Hence why they try to advocate for blacks and whites to intermix, to eliminate the higher IQ whites that take far more effort to fool and deceive. ^PS Do you consume soy products at all?
  12. kbet

    The IQ of Black America

    As a student of history, Haiti, South Africa, Rhodesia, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and a thousand other places, effectively confirm that your sig isn't totally accurate. Personally I don't understand your mentality, as the groups you oppose, actively are attempting forced integration of blacks and whites, so in essence, even though you oppose said groups, you continue the banner of their cause, all the same. Granted, one should never allow hatred, anger, and malignancy towards others to dictate their actions, as all humanoids have an inherent right to exist. The reality is, blacks are anti-matter, and whites are matter. The two cannot co-exist for long in the same place. Blacks/those with negroid admixture, perpetually crave the safer environment and higher quality of living, whites natural create, so constantly chase after whites, yet the existence of whites is a perpetual bruise to their heads/egos. That bruise will always incite them to violence against whites, and makes any form of peaceful coexistence a pipe dream. That is why blacks and semi negroid Mexican's, would rather commit suicide then be forced to live amongst their own kind, in a society built and for their own people. Because of that bruise though, they cannot help themselves in mocking, denigrating and seeking to harm whites, in order to sate their easily bruised ego's. The French Haitans failed to understand that fact, as did every single white people, that attempted to live amongst blacks, or tolerated the expansion of blacks into their territory, and they paid the horrific price for it over, and over again. The ideal white collective attitude towards blacks, is one of non interference. They should neither be overly helped, nor exploited in any way. A kind of prime directive response, to enable them to develop and grow without undue outside influence.
  13. How is that possible, when the modern form of the Kabbalah didn't exist until atleast 400-600 AD, and was developed long after the Roman's destroyed the Second Temple? Heck, alot of scholars concluded, it wasn't even close to being finalized, until atleast the 13th century. The problem alot of people have, is the Kabbalah-ist's back date their writings as a way of establishing legitimacy, because it is a form of witchcraft/divination, and if Jew's where sovereign(in a position of independence/able to try and execute criminals in their own society), they would be executed. Sure, witchcraft and divination existed before Christ, but the modern Kabbalah as it exists today, is a byproduct of Edomites that they forced onto the Jewish people. Heck, when The Bahir was written, the Kabbalahists tried to backdate the text as a "long lost text that was found", and their fraud was exposed so they claimed then "the Prophet Elijah came to us and taught us these things". Heck, the Zohar, was written in the 13th century as well. There where times when the Temple Priests practiced divination and other condemnable practices, but alot of that was destroyed between the exiles and Maccabees. Otherwise we would have an account of Christ criticizing them for such practices.
  14. The Kabbalah is the religion of the Edomites, prior to their conquest and forced conversion to Temple faith by Judea. The "Kabbalah", wasn't a thing, until the middle ages, when due to certain laws and regulations, the Pharisee(who by the time of Christ where nearly entirely Edomites), had the Jewish community by the ball sack. If they tried their Kabballah nonsense before or during the time of Christ, they would of been publicly stoned to death by every single Jew, as the Kabbalah is blatant witch craft/divination. ^P.S The Pharisee sect existed during the time of the Maccabees and afterwards. They where originally an isolationist sect(purists), but after the forced conversion of Edomites and Canaanites, they became an Evangelical sect. King Herod, the half Edomite King, purged the Temple of authentic Jew's, and replaced most of them with Edomite forced converts. The teachings of the Kabbalah, like the Talmud, are purely of Edomite origin. Edomites are descendants of Esau. Given Esau's penchant for marrying pagan women, it explains why it seems to have a thin vainer of Abraham-ism, and yet loaded down with paganism. Moses would of slain anyone trying to practice the Kabbalah in the tent community, just as many of those who worshiped the Golden Calf where slain. Remember, when does the "Kabbalah", first begin to appear and from wht source and when? During the Middle Ages by descendants of Edomite Rabbi. It is like how some claim the Gospels where stolen from India, since there is record of parts of John existing in an ancient dialect in India. People are intellectually lazy, and fail to realize that the same ancient dialect, is still in use in parts of India, a nation with literally a thousand different languages. They also fail to realize, the first written documents, are from the 10th century, and from foreign sources, as you don't find written India sources until the 11th Century. You need to use critical thinking, when it comes to long stretched claims.

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