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  1. Naa, he already proved that even though his heart is in the right place, he doesn't have the stomach for it.
  2. Sessions is a corrupt crook, what do you expect? He is trying to ensure Republican's lose big on 2018.
  3. She is a has been whose career is long over, so, she is doing what she can to gain whatever publicity she can.
  4. For as bad as Weinstien is, there is a lot worse people in Hollywood. Given Weinstein's profile, he will make sure to take every last one with him. Plus at his age, with his level of wealth built up, he should retire, play golf, swim, or whatever.
  5. That is an idiotic thing to do unless there was bad ratings(never watched it). They should just kill off that character and continued in a new direction.
  6. Well, the Leftists where cunning enough to hire a Russian lawyer, get her a visa, so she could drop by unannounced at Trump Jr's office.
  7. Of course, they are a subset, who knows how large, of psychopaths, as are homosexuals(have yet to meet a homosexual that didn't meet the criteria of being a psychopath/sociopath to some degree-it is a spectrum). They have an innate desire to seek wealth, power, influence and prestige. Coupled with no moral qualms in accomplishing their goals. Also, who knows if psychopaths in charge, use that kind of evil, as a hazing ritual to control people.
  8. It started off as a vendetta type thing after he got screwed on the futures gold market, if I remember correctly. I guess after awhile he enjoyed the attention/vibe/scene of it all.
  9. Ehh, not knowingly. One of my siblings kids had a bday party. Doubled as a Halloween party. Some of the adults where dressed up, and I joked "I'm Clark Kent"...... Even though Halloween is based from a Pagan Celtic holiday(setting of the time for it), as it is practiced, it is a 20th century thing, mostly influenced by the upper class's masked ballroom dances from the 19th Century. That said, it is not a good thing.
  10. Ehh... file it under "wouldn't be surprised".
  11. The Story Of An Exorcist

    That is why I would never belong to a Church with clergy. Churches should be run by elders to manage the day to day affairs, and the laity all being equal.
  12. You do realize all those families you listed, are Germanized Danes? Genetic's doesn't lie. Aside for the northern Territories/States, Germans are uniformly 5%-50% Jewish/Semitic. Germans from those regions, of the families you sited though, have no ancient Jewish /Semitic markers, thus are not fully German. They have some German genetic markers, but are Danish. Most of British nobility, descends from Danish-Norman invaders, who copulated with Anglo Saxon female nobility(who in turn, are descendants of Anglo Saxon invaders, who married into Breton noble houses by marrying their female nobility). The reason why devils are quick to defame the German tribes, is because the German tribes are Ephraim/Lost Tribes of Israel, per the curses that the Lost Tribes must endure. ^That is why the Windsor's have been incredibly hostile towards German's, as German's and Danes where ancient enemies/competitors.
  13. Wow, the Pope truly is a lying devil. He should of been far more clever with his comments, then ever say anything that can be scientifically investigated. The reality is, non whites in Europe are a colossal drain on the system.
  14. ANTIFA Website Planning Nationwide Anarchy

    The National Guard's, or even the US Army, would slaughter them. One thing that is not talked about, after Katrina, black gangsters occupied New Orleans, and tried to rule it as their own personnel fiefdom. They formed things similar to an army and whatnot. They had to send in the National Guard, to liberate New Orleans. From the best of my knowledge, hundreds of black insurgents where killed, while not a single National Guardsmen was killed. They will be slaughtered if they do that. After that, all elements of Antifa would be brutally hunted down, as TPTB would use it as an opportunity to tell the Right, "behave or this will happen to you". TPTB fear a Right Wing insurrection more then a Left Wing, as even though the end result would be the same, far more damage would be done, as Right Wingers aren't incompetent Lefties. So yeah, the Leftists would be made an example of, as they are all worthless trash.
  15. Too many witnesses for it to be fake, the real conspiracy is that there was more than one shooter. As anyone who is not following the official narrative is being killed off.