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  1. Dan Lannon

    Scientist says Uranus smells like farts

    Not sure about urAnus, but myAnus smells like fresh stunning and persuasive bouquet of jasmine and roses. 🤫
  2. Lemme guess.....partymyalgia. 🤮
  3. Dan Lannon

    Breaking: Israel Strikes Syrian Forces

    Just another day in the casbah.
  4. You never know....there's a sizable contingent out there sick of listening to Justin Bieber whining and looking at Trudeau's smug mug. 🤪
  5. Sounds like someone's out to take out the "Guess Who".
  6. I'm buying some Carbon 60 today. Never realized the tie-in to the 5G/Chemtrails thing, but it makes complete sense.
  7. Thanks. I was concerned that this thread was going to resolve to a suggestion to pick up a can of WD-40 at Home Depot.
  8. I hear praises on everything from it acts as a super antioxidant to it fights cancer and club foot. There are equally pundits who claim that it's secretly a way to slip the mark of the beast into you and turn you into a 5G antenna receiver. In any event, it seems to be the talk of the web at the moment.
  9. They appear to be chemtrailing the dickens out of Ted Nugent's spread.
  10. Dan Lannon

    Christ's New World Order GODcoin

    Wonder why Christ is always depicted to resemble a member of Iron Maiden?
  11. Dan Lannon

    Whoa! 3.6-magnitude earthquake rattles Michigan

    Probably an exploding weather balloon factory on the outskirts.
  12. WTF is it about this Oroville Dam region that seems to be so interesting and always in the midst of weirdo events?
  13. Dan Lannon

    UK government loses key Brexit vote

    The UK govt. fully intends to screw the people on this and do whatever suits their interests.
  14. Dan Lannon

    Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    Yes...as well as Jimmy Savile, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page, Tony Blair.....the list goes on.
  15. Dan Lannon

    Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    Just what we need...more fossil fuel.