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  1. I have much respect for Petty as a an artist and enjoyed his music as much as everyone else did, but at the end of the day....nobody held a gun to his head and made him take all of this crap. He had to have been smart enough to know better. His wealth would've enabled him to seek and procure proper medical/surgical procedures to deal with his ailments to alleviate pain. Just my 4 cents worth on the matter.
  2. Perhaps "The Coneheads" was really a disclosure flick after all. Have they found any of these in France?
  3. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/billclintonface2.jpg
  4. Get off yer butts and do this!

    Schiff might as well walk around with a tattoo "G U I L T Y" etched into his forehead. That bug-eyed creep is about as shifty as a Michigan sand dune.
  5. I want to see walks of shame and swinging torsos.....up the irons!
  6. Get off yer butts and do this!

    ....or blow her pinko schnozz with it.....she's prone to lotsa colds 'n stuff.
  7. Short of a spontaneous rapture, I don't think anything is going to distract or otherwise divert attention away from this FISA matter. People have their wigs glued on awaiting the release of this.
  8. I think he'd find the surroundings more comfortable at U.V.A.
  9. My money says that if there was in fact a rogue sub which was destroyed, the U.S. Navy recovered it from the seabed within hours of it going down.
  10. District 9 is there. The Afrikaners were all about full disclosure well before the CT circles latched on to the concept.
  11. Clearly, these are weather balloons. Square ones at that. What's the big deal?
  12. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    ....and of course the decision as to whether to go with brushed silver, wimbleton white, midnight black or metallic rose will cause much cognitive dissonance.
  13. Dow warning!

    This isn't about a typical blowoff top or bull climax chart pattern. This is all about inducing dumb money afraid of missing the boat to get long by whatever means, even if it involves using credit cards or taking out a 2nd on the home. When it gets to a certain point - perhaps 30k, they'll pull the cork and open the spigot - and it'll happen quick and spontaneously. Truly an SHTF scenario. The fundamentals and financials simply do not support this market. This is about draining as much equity as possible. 2008 on steroids. Sad but true.