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    For Shuman resonance to occur, we must live on a sphere.. Another distraction to push the globe agenda.. Not to worry: We live on a flat Earth and global warming is a hoax.. Global warming creates CO2 not the opposite.. Apparently, the sea generate more CO2 than humans As a matter of fact, the hottest decade on record from un-tempered data was in the 30's... Since 1998, we are in a cooling period and actually the temperature are absolutely fine and we live in an era of perfect weather conditions. If you rely on NOAA, NASA and all MSM weather channels to show you their graphs... well this is where the lies start cause historical data has been manipulated to push the same global warming narrative.. The most important of all is to base your facts on un-tempered data. We've been duped once again.. Al Gore is feeling the heat as we speak All our hard earned tax money used to fight global warming is a joke when you consider the current climate, which is fine. If only these funds could be used for more research in renewable energy, Check these two videos... eye opener - must watch and share