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  1. Could be related to the latest announcement from Reb Nunes??
  2. All of Nasa stuff is film in a studio cause there is not ISS... That's all, they got court
  3. Exactly, I was going to use your example but then I don't stop writing... there is so much to do and to write to wake people up.
  4. The biggest one is the global earth indoctrination and lies but we are at a turning point in our history and the truth will come out... Nasa will get cornered with so many questions they can't answer.. Technology allows us now to calculate great distances and systematically all results are the same... no curvature.. Also, only one explorer circumnavigated the supposedly globe...and even that is a lie . So, we've gone to the moon apparently 6 times but we have circumnavigated the globe only once !!!! What! Doesn't make sense, does it?
  5. I believe these types of events are staged... funny that with all the mobile phones around, every time there is an event or supposedly event, you cannot find a proper video showing the actual event.. once again, plenty of vids of the aftermath with crisis actors all over the place, on the floor and lots of pig blood... A real joke to say the least and the elite are pushing their agenda... create a division in the UK and Europe.. Problem, cause, reaction, effect, solution...
  6. Has anyone saw the actual footage of the car mounting the pavement and ramming into people? I look online last night and couldn't see any - All you see is the aftermath of the event if the event was real?? I am sceptical at this stage cause I haven't seen real proof so far.. With all the CCTV cameras in London, especially from the bridge and Westminster...nada, neit, rien... strange don't you think?
  7. What a joke, just another way to collect more hard tax payer's money.. and yes, lets hope the dome opens up otherwise... crash, boom, waollopp help, mission aboard, we are having technical problems.. yeah right . You can't pass the firmament, period, get over it. By the time they pretend going up to Mars (are you serious?), the FLAT EARTH truth will be in the open. More and more people are catching up with this theory. Trump probably doesn't know it himself yet... We keep on pushing for the truth and nothing else..
  8. Great video.. a lot of info popping up
  9. Much appreciated... that's what I call spirit! Believe you me, I was as skeptical as a lot people about the fact the Earth, our beautiful Earth is a flat disk and there is dome . But yet again, deep inside me, throughout my life, I always saw things in a different way. Somethings didn't always add up... why after thousands of year, the stars always look the same at night? Why aren't we seeing four quadrants of the universe in a year if we are revolving around the Sun? Yet again, the stars are always in the same corner of the sky.. the size of the Sun, the Moon... didn't make sense and the sun ray through the clouds, perfect triangle... these sort of questions are just the tip of the iceberg.. they are a lot more observations one can do using their own senses, intuition and common sense. We are living in/on a clock and the most scary part of all that is someone or something must have put it there for a reason.. go figure.. I am not a religious man but everything is working like clock work my friends, pretty precise to say the least.. It is a fascinating subject worth every second, digging for more info .. IMO, it is as real as it can be. Peace out
  10. The Swedish are busted, they've got to open their eyes and wake up from their little bubble..
  11. same here
  12. .... Or destroying historical facts to impose their side of history and maintain the same narrative so the next generation doesn't find out about what they do not want them to see or learn... History has been manipulated from day one... up to this day, we do not know what is true or false anymore because of actions taken by TPTB.. Remember, it is the conqueror that writes history not the loser so, go and figure that one out.. I don't believe the effort is only about discovering new artifacts... but it is about preserving the lie
  13. I don't understand why people value actors' opinion or even want to take selfies with them, get autographs etc... They are just actors and what do they know anyway apart from learning their lines by heart.. they are nothing special and they are used as tools by the leftist... How can they be in touch with reality where half of them if not more are on drugs (legal and illegal) or they are drunks.. How can they be in touch with reality when they earn so much money... Actors are nothing special and shouldn't get involved in something they do not understand...sick to your line Mr ignorant JW and go back to your mama
  14. Every little mistake they make adds to the bigger picture and it is a matter of time before the veil is lifted. Their carelessness shows how much they believe they can be above the law and morality above all. It is a matter of time before the pink elephant in the room is discovered and made public. People are going to be so angry... It's going to kick off!!