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  1. I think what he meant was, these sort of news are hyped to freak out the sheeple..don't believe the hype and be happy. Don't let them get to you..
  2. Planet X on livecam right now!

    flat earth is very current and real. on the other hand planet zork or xrox is not.. learn from it too... you promoting fake stories...
  3. Planet X on livecam right now!

    Planet x doesnt exist. It is the biggest phsyop of the last 10 years plus on the internet.. why not post this under hardcore conspiracy? So planet x is more real than the earth shape? So you are open minded to planet x, which nobody has seen so far but you close the idea of the flat earth... wonder why!!! Anyway, there is not planets all together... just wondering stars... nothing to worry about... we will stay hrefor a long time. Instead of worrying what up there, perhaps we should worry what's on Earth
  4. the CIA is mainly pissed off at the president of the Phillipines due to the crack down in drug trafficking so they send their fake proxy militants to topple the country, deja vue!! Hopefully, the good guys (usa military support) are there to help...
  5. Do you reckon this is a real attack? This is typical stage event filmed in advanced to be used for a false flag... This is how it's done.. The Manchester bomb was a control explosion outside the arena..
  6. Flat Earth in 1989 book _ Must Watch NOW

    Just talk but no action buddy - Give one single proof that the earth is a sphere.. just one backed up with real facts not just the theories found in books and Nasa CGI's .. then you may dialogue with me otherwise stay in your little universe and leave this Earth as ignorant as you you came in - Basically, your state of mind will not allow you to ascend. You will be kept prisoner on this earth... your choice. I suggest you do some more research before coming out with all this garbage - People like you make me laugh especially form an ignorance level. The problem we have on the Earth is people like you.. No research but then you pretend knowing everything. I think in this case you were paid you right this cause your argument is unfounded.. I can go on and on but it's not worth it. We FEers understand something you don't.. One day if you do sufficient researches, you will understand the dance between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth - We are the centre of everything because Earth and the human race are more important than what you've been told - We are significant. Beyond the Earth plane is the real exploration not space... that's is one of the deceptions - Governments and officials makes us believe they are sending rockets into space, well think that one again.. Huge pieces of land lie beyond the south pole (Check Admiral Bird) interview if you know who that is..
  7. I normally do not wish bad things on people but this one gets on my nerves - Can he just die? Will do us a favour.. He is either a complete idiot getting paid a lot of money to come out with unfunded facts or he really believes what he saying to be true. My bet is the first option... he is not the only one in the fruit... What these people don't realise is that we are way pass their BS as most of us know the real story KICK McCain OUT OF THIS EARTH - luckily he didn't get elected when he was running for president - phew!!
  8. Evidences are so compelling - must watch - Take a globe earth and try to replicate what this guy found in the 1989 edition... The difference is huge... After that if one still believes the Earth is is globe, think again and take your head out of the sand.. Again, time and time again the flat Earth can be proven but the globe can't..wake the hell up sheeple..
  9. For some reasons, the same videos is playing everywhere - You would think that with all phones about there would be different videos? Where is the smoke and bodies... I smell a rat here and falls flag as always - this is BS to push their agenda forward.
  10. How can they catch a suicide bomber???
  11. This sounds more like they are talking about the dome, which has been used to bounce VLF... Soon or later we'll all be on the same frenquency
  12. Off-Topic Repository

    For Shuman resonance to occur, we must live on a sphere.. Another distraction to push the globe agenda.. Not to worry: We live on a flat Earth and global warming is a hoax.. Global warming creates CO2 not the opposite.. Apparently, the sea generate more CO2 than humans As a matter of fact, the hottest decade on record from un-tempered data was in the 30's... Since 1998, we are in a cooling period and actually the temperature are absolutely fine and we live in an era of perfect weather conditions. If you rely on NOAA, NASA and all MSM weather channels to show you their graphs... well this is where the lies start cause historical data has been manipulated to push the same global warming narrative.. The most important of all is to base your facts on un-tempered data. We've been duped once again.. Al Gore is feeling the heat as we speak All our hard earned tax money used to fight global warming is a joke when you consider the current climate, which is fine. If only these funds could be used for more research in renewable energy, Check these two videos... eye opener - must watch and share
  13. FBI Director Says FBI a Total Joke and Fraud!

    Nice one Guv
  14. So much truth on a major MSM.. More of that please.. must watch and share.. This guy is so right..
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