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  1. One of my favorites: HAND
  2. And you are free to choose what you want.
  3. What? Is there a Golf Course next to the tater field, or what? HAND
  4. Excellent video. If we each choose to make our own reality based on truth and compassion; The world as a whole will become a better place.
  5. I get all goose pimples just thinking about. We live in an exciting time. HAND
  6. Found this and wanted to share. Excellent. Stay Strong, No Fear. HAND
  7. They know the Wrath is coming. They think they can hide. All they've done is dig their own grave. Which is cool. Less for me to have to clean up after. HAND
  8. Question: Was there any atmospheric spraying going on in your location? HAND Hope you all feel better.
  9. It appears that some folks will do anything for a "Dollar". HAND
  10. PFM Pure f**king Magic! "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke
  11. I have died in my dreams. I often wonder if I experienced bleed over from a close alternate reality. Can Strong Emotions cross the barrier? Remains to be seen. HAND
  12. Good for you. Go all Natural. HAND
  13. That's where the cloud was. I'm in East Texas.