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  1. Not Necessary. The movement to educate folks about the benefits of the herb is making progress. Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  2. Uncle Thanky

    Time to Take the Road Less Traveled

    Get off the "Road" and find your way. Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  3. Uncle Thanky

    Beware the New Age Movement and Where It's Headed!

    Truth is that which remains the same regardless of perspective. Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  4. Uncle Thanky


    Like a lot of other things ... The meaning has been twisted and preverted to suit their "Narrative". For almost 57 years all We ever wanted was to be Us. We are not asking / telling Anybody how to live their life. Yet Daily We defend Our Right to make Our Own Choices. Live and Let Live is Our "Motto". Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  5. Uncle Thanky

    My inner spirit is crying...

    Being in charge of your self. Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  6. Uncle Thanky


    Whatever it is, Stop Procrastinating and, Have No Fear, You will Learn Something! Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  7. Uncle Thanky

    Off-Topic Repository

    Try "Waterfox". Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  8. @Ukshep We just got an internal server error message while try to log in.
  9. Whatever it is, Video Link We know You can if You Want to. Love >, @Uncle Thanky
  10. Uncle Thanky

    Who here really likes their In-Laws?

    In-Laws, Out-Laws, and the "Famn Damily" are all unhappy that We will not Let Them run Our Life for Us. They will just have to get over it. They will not be Standing there when we answer to the Maker for what We've done / not done. Love, @Uncle Thanky
  11. Uncle Thanky

    Who here really likes their In-Laws?

    Love, @Uncle Thanky
  12. Uncle Thanky

    Happy Fathers's Day!!!

    For all the "Dad's" and future "Dad's" out there, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OqwKfgLaeA Video Link
  13. Uncle Thanky

    So you want to complain

    Yes It's Our doing! "Every road we took has led us here." The only real choice any of us has is in how we choose to react to the situation. Love> @Uncle Thanky
  14. Uncle Thanky

    When you don't know who your enemies are...

    Here's some for ya! Grok, @Uncle Thanky

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