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  1. UFO Walnut beach ashtabula ohio today

    Edit the title please. I messed up it's in Walnut Creek in PA.
  2. UFO Walnut beach ashtabula ohio today

    "Went to the beach today and as I was there...this thing floated above the water like 10 feet out then took off like a blink of the eye..." Quotes from the guy.
  3. UFO Walnut beach ashtabula ohio today

  4. This dude posted a good pic he got of it. I'm going to upload it as soon as I can. Got so excited I had to make a thread immediately...
  5. Euclid police at it again

    Here's the dash cam video. http://www.cleveland.com/euclid/index.ssf/2017/08/euclid_police_release_dashcam.html
  6. Euclid police at it again

    "I was very disturbed by what I saw.I am waiting for my chief and my mayor to respond to me and add some clarity. To me the video is very disturbing." "I do not want to move ahead of facts, but at the same time the human in me, its disturbing, to see a person hitting someone to that degree is disturbing. I will never understand why the officers would continuously hit. I will never understand why the young lady [who was video recording it] was put on the ground..to me that is humiliating, cant wrap my mind around things like that....Do not want to move ahead of the facts" "I am not an officer...again, I don't know what happened before,I can't speak on what happened. I can only speak on what my heart felt." Cleveland NAACP President Mike Nelson told Fox 8 sources that he will be asking the Justice Department to look into the practices of the Euclid Police Department, as he believes there could be a pattern of excessive force there.
  7. Euclid police at it again

    EUCLID, Ohio - A video posted to Facebook and Instagram on Saturday shows a violent altercation between Euclid policemen and a man who was stopped for a traffic violation. Euclid police released a statement about the incident, saying that just before 10:30 a.m., an officer pulled over Richard Hubbard, 25, of Cleveland, for a moving/traffic violation near 240 East 228th Street. Hubbard was ordered out of the car told to face away from the police as he was taken into custody. Police say that Hubbard ignored that order and began to physically resist as the officer took him into custody. The violent struggle, pictured below, lasted for over 3 minutes. In addition to this Facebook post, police captured the incident on their dashcam video. (Fox 8 will post that when it becomes available.) Hubbard was taken to the Cuyahoga County Jail Euclid Annex and medically examined. He posted bond on charges of driving under suspension and resisting arrest. The officer involved was treated and released from an area hospital. His name is not being released and he has been placed on paid administrative leave while this is investigated. http://fox8.com/2017/08/12/euclid-police-release-statement-on-violent-arrest-captured-on-video-shared-on-social-media/
  8. Euclid police at it again

    Near the end was he planting something also?
  9. Eating herbivores is the same as eating veggies to me.
  10. I've lost to a chicken playing tic tac toe at a casino once so I'm not surprised monkeys can play rock,paper,scissors.
  11. 15 Tips to get safely home after an EMP

    If your battery is dead you can empty out the battery acid ,safely of course, and refill the cells with water and alum. Less than a buck and can get ya moving again.
  12. Isn't this closer the Daini than Daiichi ?
  13. Fukushima Unit 3 Containment Inspection Starts With A Surprise What makes this news more interesting is the recently completed muon scan of unit 3 that has yet to be released to the public. It is possible the muon scan indicated something significant that may have changed plans for this inspection. It is concerning that TEPCO has not made the muon scans of unit 3 public as they did for units 1 and 2. http://www.fukuleaks.org/web/?p=16325
  14. It's kinda like all men are created equal and not giving rights to bugs or bacteria, then creating ways to live together.
  15. 1954 GE Predictions For The Future

    https://www.google.com/patents/US4214807 Holographic optical satellite communication system. Around 3:30 in the video reminded me of this. Holographic communication.
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