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  1. DOOM BREAK LOUNGE - Post some comedy to watch

    Best one from juice. One of my favorites.
  2. DOOM BREAK LOUNGE - Post some comedy to watch

    Copy the link than paste it. Thats it.
  3. Something that's always bothered me about the globe is, if it has a molten iron core, how is there a magnetic field?
  4. The periscope edit, the story, it was pretty awesome! Added the channel to my bookmarks. Mirage, ptt.. hahahahahaha!!
  5. Too bad the battery went. It's cool watching them just disappear and not sink away from view. They float just above the water then poof. Something like this,. Couldn't find a better one within a few searches and youboob takes down all sorts of videos now a days.
  6. Lol. Periscopes would be almost useless..
  7. Rob skiba filmed the skyline all the way there, so I don't think it can be a mirage.
  8. Out of likes. Really liked this. Love the impossible to see themed videos. It was the Chicago skyline video that made me even consider it to be possible. The super zoom cameras are literally changing the world.