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  1. Conspiracy on the Conspiracy Site

    Don't know about the rest of you but I had no problem with these as a kid..just pop one of the corner cubes off and then remove them all and reassemble with all colors matching on all sides...simple//think outside the cube :)
  2. Welcome Falling Down from another new member.
  3. Urgent! - Jade Helm 15 Alert! New Info

    A few years ago, I was reading reports of Chinese military personnel disguised as Mexican military crossing the border and then vanishing to who knows where? I am usually skeptical but keep an open mind. Since JH15 was "leaked" these stories have been popping back up in my mind and I have been contemplating scenarios where this might tie into with just what you are proposing. Not claiming any absolute knowledge but wanted to toss this out there for consideration.
  4. Official Thread #JadeHelm15

    Oh yeah, and luckily she was wise enough to marry a man who became a conspiracy thinker like me. The irony is that my kids thought I was nuts growing up but once her hubby woke up, all of my kids realized that I was dead on.
  5. Official Thread #JadeHelm15

    Totally agree. I taught my son and three daughters how to use firearms, bladed weapons, bo staff, baton, nunchuku and unarmed self defense. I will never forget the time my middle girl flipped me with a wrist lock..she was 6 yrs old and let me tell you, it hurt like hell when I landed. Wasn't expecting her to actually do it and neglected to spread the fall.
  6. Official Thread #JadeHelm15

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Honestly I have only purchased actual firearms. My children did not play with toy guns other than nerf guns. They learned to shoot and handle firearms responsibly, not play bang bang.
  7. Official Thread #JadeHelm15

    Correct me if I am wrong ( my 18 yr old son pointed this out to me) but doesn't the law require that paintball guns have an orange tip on the barrel?
  8. Official Thread #JadeHelm15

    No photo or video evidence but I heard quite a bit of helicopter activity before sunup. I live just outside of Houston, Texas. I have not noticed any ground activity but I will report it if I see it.
  9. Greetings and salutations. I found your sight last night while pursuing comments on infowars.com and have been reading content ever since. I am impressed with all the great information you have collected here although much of it is not new to me as I have been researching corruption and conspiracy concerning the NWO (old world feudalism) enslavement of our world for quite some time(over 30 years and counting). Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I may not contribute much that has not already been addressed but I will engage in conversations and debate when I feel my input is warranted. Cheers, Dano.
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