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  1. Jones marries 2 jewish women, and thinks he knows who is ruining the world. Yep, looks like they have him handled.
  2. UKShep, it is exactly what has gone on. Mueller is trying to this day to protect the Clintons, and Obama.
  3. I have heard that U.S. Military contractors have been removing ancient structures and artifacts from Antarctica. Take it with a grain of salt. If it is true, the entire government needs to be removed from power quickly. They have no right to remove anything historical and hide it from the entire human race. It is our history, our ancestors.
  4. Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

    There was never a 'quota' for deaths in the camps. Does Hollywood teach all the history you know? Actually, Hitler made it clear that the abuse or killing of ANY prisoner was unacceptable and investigated. Hitler needed the prisoners to make items for the war. There has never been a single order found where Hitler said kill as many -or any- jews as possible. Typhus was killing prisoners and Hitler wanted those numbers dropped. Plus the Red Cross had plenty of personnel in each camp, and none had ever said anything about mass murders in any of the camps.
  5. Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

    And fabricated it is. The whole 'gas chamber' bit does not even stand up to the simplest scientific scrutiny. I won't get too wordy about this subject here because it usually brings the owners of the site unwanted attention. There is a wealth of info and scientific study out there, but it is vanishing fast. The Holodomor is interesting as it was jews killing Russian Christians in excess of 50 million, but its never taught in schools, no museums, and certainly no 'remembrance day' for them. What a shame.
  6. Baseball bats VS guns Oh yeah

    I say every school should have at least one Gatling gun in a strategic location.
  7. Baseball bats VS guns Oh yeah

    Dyslexia sufferers of the world UNTIE and take over!
  8. Write the doom story game

    As his hand was near eye level, he noticed his nice tame curls were still clumped between his fingers. In a panic he ran both hands through his hair and found more hair just falling out easily. Jack looked over at Rebecca, scared and in disbelief, and Rebecca smiled back with blood and teeth flowing out of her mouth. "At least we have each other" said Jack, and they both laughed as their now crippled bodies folded down onto the pavement.
  9. If marijuana gets "de-scheduled" on the federal level, than they must remove LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, DMT, MDMA, peyote, and every other psychedelic from being a scheduled drug as well. THEY ALL HAVE MEDICAL USES.
  10. EPA Insiders: 'People Are So Done'

    That sums it up. Im sure they had a bunch of shady shit going on as well. Shakedowns, pay to play. Something an appointed demonrat would have covered up and allowed to continue. A Republican appointee will only uncover their misdeeds and get them thrown in jail. Same exact crap as the dossier the (obongo) FBI used to trick the FISA court into letting them spy on Trump.
  11. Thats the homeowners responsibility to replace the piping inside the home. The city did what it had to do. Just more free handouts for the cities parasites.
  12. EPA Insiders: 'People Are So Done'

    Its political. He is undoing a lot of obamas crap laws and the demoncrats hate it. A democncrat in that job spent over $500,000 on travel in a year. They wont tell you that....
  13. And so it begins- Surrender your guns

    The names read like a bar mitzvah invite list.
  14. And so it begins- Surrender your guns

    Deerfield Mayor (((Harriet Rosenthal))) no more needs to be said.
  15. They will need the soy for tofu long before we need to sell it to them. We should shut down all the 'china' towns too, just because. commie bast@rds.