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  1. Next semester perhaps the demon-libs will put together a class called 'Fundamentals in basic terrorism- basic bomb making techniques, fun with C4, roadside traps, and incendiary devices you can make at home' Instructors: CIA, Dept. of State, Soros/Clinton Foundation, and other experts in this field. $5.00 (All materials provided)
  2. These are the enemies of the entire human race.?. Surely someone close to them has to operate on pride and loyalty to mankind. Not just what is in it for them. That is what a real hero is. How is it that these slugs still have places to hide? They should never had made it past their first bath.
  3. Those reporters are dumber than a box of rocks.
  4. If There Ever Is An "Armageddon"

    Your clock is broken, and I am thinking you are more screwed up in the head than the average COP user. Get over yourself, you are not the first chicken little to claim the sky is falling. And you won't be the last.
  5. If There Ever Is An "Armageddon"

    I will overtake one of those 'EMP hardened military machines', and use it to take more machines for the rest of the people to do the same with. You pretend everyone is afraid to die, and will turn tail and hide from conflict. Well anyone who will fire upon the citizens of America, will be met with American citizens who will fire back. And please do not fool yourself thinking that we will be out gunned and overpowered. Look at the troubles the military had with the Iraqis and Afghans. Those people did not have access to machinery, American citizens do. You may cower, but I won't.
  6. That is this idiots downfall. Conservatives are the ones who purchase the bulk of his products. The right does not buy these things. They haven't any use for the stuff he makes and sells. He will be broke sooner than he ever thought.
  7. Islam was started by the Vatican. http://www.redicecreations.com/specialreports/2006/04apr/catholicislam.html
  8. Don't eat the yellow, or black snow. Just inhale and exhale the wonderful, crisp, winter air that nature has given us all.
  9. Now if any guy cheats on a woman, especially Melania, after only a year of marriage, they really need their heads examined. Plus this is a porn star, porn is run by (((the israeli satanists))) and this would have come out before he was elected. Not a year after. I highly doubt a porn star would keep it a secret knowing she could have been paid a hundred times more for the story during Trumps campaign.
  10. The only things I prepped was ammo, spare parts for the rifles and hand guns I own, and a nice piece of material which does give off any IR profile for whats underneath no matter how warm or cold. And a bit of water. I figure if I last long enough to run out of stuff, then I can forage and hunt.
  11. Google Sucks.

    Google has always sucked, they just get suckier as the days roll on. One day they will be the epitome of suck, and hopefully they will suck themselves into a different dimension-preferably one without computers, electricity, or the ability to send radio signals.
  12. I would not watch if Pink Floyd (reunited with Roger Waters) was doing the anthem and half-time show.
  13. Refugees aren't welcome in Israel

    Yes JustJew, One does not need to watch TV to know what is on TV.. I see the advertisements for the brainwashing swill posted on billboards, the sides of buses and the sides of the bus stop shelters, atop taxi cabs, and everywhere else the filthy bastards think the goyim will be looking. Its really not hard to see if you are aware, so go tell your elders 'the goyim know' and shut it down.