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  1. Update to dark theme, Focus is on editor. Now matches theme!
  2. You are right. I just did some more digging. Do you know what time they last had contact Argentine navy loses contact with submarine 01:22 (even the video lol!) http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/20/americas/argentina-submarine-what-we-know/index.html Yeah I'm not giving this any more attention
  3. What's wrong with me?

    I guess you are right Well I'm working it in now. First pitcher of tea for me... Oh a rhyme!
  4. I still don't think it's gone but that's a new conspiracy for you! However. How long can they stay submerged without needing to come up?
  5. What's wrong with me?

    I am way too pleased with my purchase of a new glass jug.... Is this part of getting old or some shit. Why does this give me satisfaction?
  6. Don't worry about it! At least you have eyes to see this particular piece of news and that you found it on your own..
  7. (This story has been updated to reflect that the GoFundMe account had raised $250,000 by Thursday afternoon, November 23, 2017 -- up from $34,000 when the story was originally published the day before.) Kate McClure didn’t expect to run out of gas on her drive to Philadelphia last month. And she definitely didn’t expect that her misfortune would give her the opportunity to change someone else’s life. Pulled over on the side of I-95, McClure, 27, was approached by a homeless man named Johnny. She was apprehensive at first, but Johnny told her to get back into her car and to lock the doors while he walked to get her help. He went to a nearby gas station, used his last $20 fill a can and brought it back to fill up her car. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article186044173.html Re-payed in kind didn't she!
  8. I think they'll probably succeed. I feel like the saudi issue will be tied up. They will strengthen then attention will focus back on syria, iran, eventually turkey. Biblical prophecy, a basic template and a timeline. Makes it easy to kinda see how this is all going. At least on a timeline. I'm really not concerned until we go into 2018. Still though end game is years away so who knows how this will be paced.
  9. Greenland needs a new name...
  10. Short for Simulated Adaptive Matrix, SAM is an artificial intelligence designed by Alec Ryder himself. From his node in Hyperion, SAM receives a direct feed of the Pathfinder's sensory input: it sees and feels as Ryder does, providing them with advanced situational awareness, problem solving, and tactical enhancements. All members of the Pathfinder team receive implants, allowing them to communicate directly with SAM. There are three other SAMs for arks Paarchero, Natanus, and Leusinia, although the Hyperion SAM is the most advanced with more, and more powerful, capabilities. This is a result of Alec modifying and upgrading him separately until the Hyperion's departure. http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/SAM In the midst of saving his child's life after their helmet was damaged on Habitat 7, Alec transferred his connection to SAM as the young Ryder was made the new Pathfinder. ^^ HEADWOUND SYMBOLOGY! getting it?