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  1. Store Fixed Other themes updated to match fixes done on the main theme.
  2. Search UI no longer messes up pages. Profiles are now bug free in ways they were not pre--update. Clubs and Profiles now have a default pattern and color if no background image is upload.
  3. Site search settings done. That should be better. Off to work on the UI for it.
  4. Profiles Pages have been updated. However, There is a minor bug that may hide the message member and follow member buttons. I will mark this down to fix when I can. As there are some other things a tad more important right now
  5. New Subscriptions System has been set up, I am in the process of transferring over the old subscriptions to this new system. IF you notice some oddities with your payment term being incorrect it will be fixed soon. Edit: All Accounts with subscriptions are now correct and in order! If you get an email do not worry, You've not been charged anything.
  6. Chat room Fixed, Sidebar Variations Fixed.
  7. Broken Library, Knowledgebase and Government Pages fixed.
  8. Admins are now excluded from the forum leaderboard.
  9. Video embeds seem to be broken right now. Will get on fixing that as soon as I can.
  10. Clubs Page Updated with Filters and List Views. Tweaked for Theme.
  11. This update busted up my custom work Even with planning This theme will stay up in it's malformed state while I resolve the issues. It's not perfect or fast but you can view the site.
  12. Testing Short Code Emoji - To see this feature type something like :ess into the editor and you will see a popup with matching emojis or emoticons. Sparkley
  13. Update applied. I'll be going through and noting things as I complete or toggle them. First up. Emoji support. :)