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  1. Also yes.... it's by design it seems. Censorship...
  2. Ukshep

    The Electric Universe

    Keep it civil. And on-topic.
  3. Ukshep

    The Love Thread

    Lub ya all so very, very much!
  4. Ukshep

    The Electric Universe

    Pinned! For discussion!
  5. In "public service announcement" @FBI "recommends any owner of small office and home office routers power cycle (reboot) the devices." https://www.ic3.gov/media/2018/180525.aspx
  6. Both stem from the same issue. Simple as that.
  7. And I did fix it like I said I would. Because I'm reliable like that lol.
  8. People need to take notice of how much this is happening now....
  9. Having been a drunkard before i just can't stand it now
  10. Harmony if internalized. Discord if externalized. I wish not to derail so I'll just link to this post.
  11. Oh oh. Someone externalized the male / feminine inner war.... You know what that means...
  12. Ukshep

    Do you have time to run your business?

    hehe yep.. You know I have other skills though... 😜
  13. I think I need a non alcoholic beverage. f**k I've turned into a right tard these days... who the hell says non-alcoholic beverage. I mean cmon....

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