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  1. Any win for NK is a chance. Any loss for NK is zero chance. In the event kim attacks the U.S. International intervention may save the scenario. But if the U.S attacks. Then war is inevitable as it will set up a puppet from which is will position itself for war with china and russia. If under any circumstances NK is attacked or a coup takes place. The U.S wins. And a world war approaches. If they leave it alone. We may find peace again if only by chance. No outcome is very nice it seems!
  2. Might be a time to experiment myself by acquiring one just for.... research purposes of course!
  3. Should we really be pushing for inevitable outcomes? cmon really?
  4. Well I stopped watching AMTV a while back, Might need to start watching again. This video makes good points. Points I agree with!
  5. Nothing wrong with being a woman. Or a pansy or feminine. Just be a man when ya needed etc! Choo Choo! I'm a train. All aboard!
  6. Is It Just me.....

    I had thought that. But not sure how the logistics of keeping that a secret would work out. Not to mention they have 2 separate lives before they met etc!
  7. Makes me wonder what other new records are about to be set. There is a pattern of record breaking.....
  8. Trump to Visit North Korean DMZ??

    Not sure. But I'm ok with it being the final countdown. I don't know about everyone else. But I'm ready for the peace. Edit: Meh... that's the ideal. sadly I'm a stubborn soul.
  9. Trump to Visit North Korean DMZ??

    If this happens. I'd be inclined to believe it may be time.... for the ultimate display of chaos? but then that's too visible so they would not dare!
  10. How does one clamp a horse?
  11. There has got to be a hidden history there somewhere. Pigs.... Human..... Too much alike. An almost cult like addiction for the taste.....of bacon... There is a lot more to pigs than we realize I fear!
  12. Is It Just me.....

    Melania actually looks a little related to trump! it's the eyes they must practice pulling the same face!
  13. It's always urgent these days. Too much going on!
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