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  1. Ukshep

    The freedom of it all!

    Pills? I'm 100% clear minded fool!
  2. Ukshep

    I am Adam Jensen

    "Freedom... To those who don't have it, it's more valuable than gold. But where should it start and end? We humans often think we have the right to expand, absorb, convert, or possess anything we need to reach our dreams. But time and time again, hasn't this led to conflicts with others who essentially believe the same thing? Looking back at the challenges I faced - at the way I often resolved them - I realize morality can become our saving grace. Most of the time, didn't I try to keep my values in mind, knowing how my actions would effect others? More often than not. I resisted the urge to abuse power and resources simply to reach my goals more swiftly. I managed to hang on to my humanity - but the temptation to ignore it was always there."
  3. Ukshep

    I am Adam Jensen

    *inhales deeply* ..... *slowly exhales smoke into the night lights* "Ever since the aug incident I asked myself, Why? All these people just killing. They flipped that switch and it affected everyone." "Still, It only got worse with prague. All those people made the world hate them. We augmented individuals are hated now. Our rights are disappearing every day." Mankind is divided indeed. "It's been a good few months since I've left this apartment though, I dislike the resistance I meet on the streets for who I am. Hated. Abused. But not being on the job means I don't have to listen to those darn interface hack panels with the Anomaly Detected speech upon being discovered delving into things I should not..... Indeed." "Is there really a machine god?"
  4. There is this place you get to. A place where no word can hurt you. Where beauty is in all. Where a time and a place exists for all things. Even when faced with events that should anguish, destroy or invoke negative emotions. You stare blissfully at it and stand firmly smiling as it's ferocious clawed fist streams through you like you were the ether itself. Unharmed. like a ghost. Just smiling. Out of sync. Protected from harm but watchful of the events surrounding you. The freedom of it all. The freedom of just being. damn it's so beautiful that I cry.. No matter the evil. I smile. I'm a total joker. Laughing at it all. In gleeful tonality.
  5. Update applied. Took longer than I planned. Stability has returned with new tweaks. Not perfect but better!
  6. Open up and swallow the demons already! I'm tired of waiting.
  7. Or someone with intent.... There can only be one. A white horse. or a white house.... I imagine...
  8. Users are now aware, So I've moved this to the support forum.
  9. Nope. She's the owner of her club. Not the official club.

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