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  1. Pulling in both directions are they not? Makes it smell like disinfo.
  2. It's not as bad in NK as the US makes out. But it's also not as good as NK makes out! Too much propaganda to know for sure. But let's be honest. Kim could just dish out a shit load of seeds for low cost and have a ton of agriculture crop up.
  3. Equally has helpless too!
  4. They could have gone bough the guy breakfast and left it next to him
  5. It is if you want total control of people! That's how they roll!
  6. I could think there is something dark and nefarious to that many trips.... But nah that would be a step too far right?
  7. Well I saw no need for such bullshittery. But then I noticed the location. London.... Another immigrant/gang rich city! Need I say more?
  8. Oh it sure is.... But you know! I'd do the same thing if I was kim! One must protect themselves from the war dogs!
  9. Could just be soft conditioning. I'm skeptical of everything right now. Surreal World!
  10. Few server tweaks made. Sorry if you experienced issues
  11. Kinda but not totally the same... This feels like it might piss a few people off!
  12. I wish this was clickbait! The first of many allegations of sexual assault leveled against famed comedian Bill Cosby that went to trial ended in deadlocked jury, and though the prosecutor has vowed to re-try the case, that hasn’t compelled Cosby to shy away from public appearances. In fact, TMZ reported that Cosby intends to launch a new summer tour this year, conducting town hall style-seminars to speak with young people about sexual assault and how to avoid being accused of it. Two of Cosby’s spokespersons, Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, spoke about the tour in an interview on WBRC’s “Good Morning Alabama.” http://conservativetribune.com/bill-cosby-new-summer-tour/ Oh bill!
  13. Since its a cutting fluid it may have additives? Or maybe its just clay and water?
  14. Yeh I had to fix the clickbait title sorry about that!