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  1. For some people, the true breakthrough only comes once they realize that they need professional counseling.
  2. Law? What law? We are no longer a nation of laws. Just ask Hillary or Obama.
  3. Ended down .27% THE END HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yep. Down .89% RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Actually, you don't know shit about me or my "morives."
  6. You're quite welcome. And yes, personal responsibility is my rallying cry for all of humanity. People need to stop making their survival a matter that relies solely on others. We also need to stop protecting people from the consequences of their own actions.
  7. But who's killing those kids? The people of the world who shouldn't have to pay to raise them, or the "parents" who bring them into the world with no hope of survival without outside assistance?
  8. Not ALL threats constitute blackmail. So if we tell welfare recipients that we're making drug testing a condition of continuing to receive welfare...that's blackmail? Wow.
  9. The aid needs to stop NOW! We're broke and their genetics needs to stand or fall on their own merit. If they want to evolve, thrive and contribute to the world, fine. If they want to die out, as it appears is the case, that's their prerogative.
  10. You've sure got an "interesting" perspective on things. Forcing with blackmail? How about just informing them that our days of supporting those who do not have our best interests at heart are over! If I support you for years, realize that you're actually working against me, and then say that I'm going to stop supporting you since your motives have been revealed to be suspect, that's "blackmail?" Really?
  11. We should cut foreign aid to EVERYBODY. NOW!
  12. By your definition, I don't know that anyone exists that isn't a puppet in some regard.
  13. Yeah, Obama deserved it so much more than Trump does. ?
  14. I agree. I love a good joke as much as the next guy, but that wasn't humor...just vitriolic vulgarity. And no, it wouldn't be funny regardless of who the targets were.
  15. Kadosh

    president Trump PUBLIC ENEMY #1:

    Probably the same guy who created Obama's "birth certificate."

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