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  1. Good Riddance To Obama – Thank God For Trump Jan 18, 2018 by Dave Daubenmire I voted for America’s first legitimate black Presidential candidate Alan Keyes for President…twice. So keep your race card in your pocket. I find a great deal of amusement in watching the Never Trumpers whine about the direction that President Trump is taking us. I find it especially humorous when I think about the radical Marxist that squatted in the White House the previous eight years. Every time I get discouraged I simply reminisce and thank God that Obama is gone. I hear the pundits on the TV pontificate about how Donald trump is so “un-presidential” in his actions, but there are millions of folks like me who are ready for some straight shooting from our politicians. I like the crudeness with which President Trump tells me the truth as opposed to the classiness with which President Obama told me lies. I am a big boy. I can handle a bit of harsh truth. I grew up in a locker room. I know what real men sound like. It is good to have a straight-shooter sitting in the oval office. A great number of Americans have been brainwashed by actors. We have actors in politics, actors in the media, and actors in the pulpit. I am so sick of people acting like something they are not. I’m ready for a double-dose of straight shooting. Turn on the TV and you will find non-stop attacks upon President Trump. Amazingly, it comes from both sides of the political spectrum. With all of the assaults upon President Trump it is easy for us to lose perspective. For the most part, Americans have a very short attention span. Well. Not me. I remember very well the mess that was the Obama administration. I remember when President Obama turned up the “race” card with Skip Gates, Trayvon Martin, and the riots in Ferguson Missouri. I cannot forget his role as agitator in chief and how he never missed an opportunity to pick the scabs of the racial divide. In my opinion, his actions were so un-presidential. I remember when President Obama forced socialized medicine down the throats of unsuspecting citizens with his famous double-headed lie “if you like you Dr. you can keep your Dr. and if you like your plan you can keep your plan.” That didn’t seem very presidential to me. How can one forget his flip-flopping on traditional marriage and the lighting of the White House in the colors of the rainbow when the diabolical Oberkfell decision was shoved up the hind ends of God fearing American moms and pops? I remember the smoochy smoochy relationship he had with Planned Parenthood and his unrelenting desire to see as many American babies slaughtered inside their mother’s womb as was possible. He even joked about his own future grandchild being “punishment” to his daughter. I feel my blood pressure rising with every letter I type on this keyboard. He may have “acted” more “presidential” but I am so glad Obama is gone. I cannot forget the lectures regarding Global warming as he and his wife gallivanted around the world on Air Force One while the rest of the little folks were encouraged to drive electric cars and use incandescent light bulbs. I remember how his policies were designed to spy on average Americans while all of the while refusing to release his college transcripts, birth certificate, and other pertinent documents that might better explain just who this guy was. I remember his Islamaphila and his protection of what he loved to call the “religion of peace.” His affinity went so deep as to make sure never to call a terror attack “Islam terror” but rather “workplace violence.” I remember his failure to rescue the four brave Americans in Benghazi and the lies he told to cover up his treasonous plans…as well as his jailing of an unknown Youtube film maker. I remember his Iranian deal which set up his Muslim buds in the Middle East, and his failure to destroy ISIS. I remember his hatred of the 2nd Amendment and his desire to take guns from law-abiding middle-America citizens. I can never forget his doubling of the national debt and how his cut-and-run foreign policy in the Middle East strengthened the hand of his Islamic brethren. Although we all know that our policemen aren’t perfect I will never forget how he did his best to demonize the men in blue and how he accused them of “acting stupidly” when simply doing their duty. I hated how he bowed to foreign leaders and the American apology tour he undertook soon after being elected President. I hated his support for the UN and his love of Globalism which was always causing America to take a back seat on the world stage. I remember the lying media covering for him and the Hollywood deviants fawning all over him…not to mention border security, illegal immigration, free welfare for non-citizens and a cache ‘of other un-American scams that he pulled on the American people. He militarized the Deep State against a duly elected President. He used the IRS as a weapon. President Obama did everything he could to destroy family, marriage, Christian morality, gender, and old fashioned American values. He worked overtime to muddy the idea of right and wrong. He may have been born in America but he certainly was no American. We have yet to find out all of the damage that this anti-American plant did. Aren’t you glad we have an American in the Oval Office? I am so glad Obama is gone. © 2018 Dave Daubenmire – All Rights Reserved (COPIED IN ITS ENTIRETY WITH PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR)
  2. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    For many people knowledge equates to fear. They simply can't handle the truth!
  3. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    This is the prophesied Mark of the Beast, and yes, people will literally be lining up and brawling like a Black Friday sale to get theirs.
  4. Glp banned my ip

    If you linked the picture from here, the picture's URL would have contained the forbidden word (dun, dun, dun) 'OUTPOST.' Utter the word 'outpost' at GLP and you're insta-banned.
  5. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    I think far too many people are mistaking American patriots' lack of action as apathy and lack of resolve, while most of the people I know are exercising long-suffering while posturing for the inevitable battle. It goes without saying that whomever throws the first punch will be at a decidedly great disadvantage, as the "victim" will receive the support (morally, if not materially) from the rest of the world. So again, don't make the mistake of thinking that TRUE Americans are not steeling their resolve and fervently preparing to do that which must be done to push back against the globalist agenda. The NWO is in for more of a battle than they could have ever dreamed possible, for they are VASTLY outnumbered (for now). As to the thread title, "You Cant Stop Whats Coming;" and while that may be true, we have a moral obligation to try to delay the inevitable as long as we can for the sake of humanity.
  6. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    I edited my post as you were replying. I added, "I think Hillary was "their man, The Whore of Babylon." I'm not ruling out her still filling that role either. Time will tell...
  7. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    I still think you're wrong about Trump, but we can agree to disagree on that until history reveals the truth. I think Hillary was "their man," The Whore of Babylon. I believe there are certainly two vying factions in this world (good -vs- evil, if you will) and they are at war. Will the "good" prevail in the short-term war? Doubtful, because we all know how the story ends. I honestly think Trump is a "good" guy, but will likely be nullified or neutralized by the dark side. Then Armageddon.
  8. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

  9. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    Well, bye. Hope you find the light someday.
  10. Banned from GLP for typing "outpost"

    I'd say that is a safe bet.
  11. The Keto Diet

    Congrats on the success thus far, and Fathead pizza is indeed AWESOME! The great thing about going Keto is there is virtually no risk of burn-out. There is so much you can eat and so many awesome recipe sites that it is very low-fatigue.
  12. President Trump requested to take the test at his recent presidential physical and scored 100 percent. A PERFECT score! CAN you count backwards in sevens, draw a clock that reads 10 past 11 or memorise a list of five words? These tasks may seem pretty basic but they make up questions in the world's standard cognitive assessment test, which Donald Trump passed with flying colours. READ MORE: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5358767/donald-trump-gets-top-marks-on-montreal-cognitive-assessment-in-medical-exam-but-how-will-you-score/
  13. Donald J. Trump is such a racist!

    Save your breath, friend. The Trump haters will always find a way to twist good deeds to fit their evil agenda. Happens in the MSM all the time and it has reprogrammed decent peoples' thinking worldwide. Evil is now seen as good and good is now seen as evil.
  14. Banned from GLP for typing "outpost"

    LOL! It's true. I haven't been there in many months, so I just popped over there and posted the word 'outpost' in a random thread and was instantly IP banned. Hilarious!