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  1. did not mean to come across, harsh, just tired of all the corruption!! what is funny there was a TV show that talked about this very thing!! LOL and I wondered then what they would do about that!!
  2. IF it happened to me there would be some serious ass kicking going on, jail or no jail, it would have happened!!
  3. been a LONG four years for me!!
  4. my hat off to you!! liked them both!!
  5. and of course it is for your own good!! LOL
  6. now we cannot have that, pretty is pretty and has nothing to do with PRETTY DAMN HUNGRY!!! LOL IF the feds really wished to help the people, then we would see propaganda showing tax credits if you help to feed yourself and others, and lots of things like that, so we all know they are NOT for helping the public!! we are just cattle for them to push into the slaughter house!!
  7. Where do you think they launder black op monies??? they are not stupid, the use illegal money to make money!!
  8. YUP this plane is not to be ever found or at least not for many many years, and yes the Rothchilds own the CIA!!
  9. this story came out just a few days after the plane went missing, and then it was removed, so???
  10. Putins wins election by big margin.

    you do realize that the Demoncrappers must have swung the vote for him!!! LOL
  11. anytime a Rothchild is involved it is against the public at some un-known point! If people knew how powerful and how their fingers are into everything (almost) and they cause most wars because it is those whom they don't control whom they create war with.
  12. they use Sunday because most businesses are closed and so less people around, but this does not mean it can't turn into a chaos event!