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  1. THEY push the kids to get a degree and that is because they want the kids to get a FED loan!! and they allow the degree to be worthless and leave a kid with a huge debt that they cannot pay back because they chose a degree that is totally worthless, that IS the problem!! stop funding worthless degrees and stop allowing worthless classes!!!
  2. ============all they want is this
  3. the brewing keeps getting worse, will only take a slight mistake or provocation to ignite the mid east!! I think that IS the PLAN and coming soon.
  4. OK, I have to LAUGH very loudly when I see the word STONER, because FOR me a stoner is (was) a VERY highly sought after weapon, that were only issued to special forces for a few years, extremely accurate and reliable rifles. so now you know the rest of the story!! LMAOF!!
  5. from the ones I see 90% say they need a form of escape from real life, I don't understand what has happened to them, ( actually i do) the nwo is winning the mind control of them, it is pathetic to see how stupid they have become!! and i don't mean IQ's part of their brains have been comped!!
  6. I am so sick of these A-holes I wish these CEO's could be put on trial and hanged for treason against this country,!!! When the SHTF, the people are going to go off on these scumbags!! and all I can say is they better know how to hide well because the people I talk to are ready!!
  7. agreed, we should NOT be there!!!
  8. AGREED!! unless they left out the part where the Russians LOCKED on to our planes and they HAD to pop the flares for safety, that is WHOLE different story!!!
  9. what is amazing to me is doing the research on the natural plants and herbs that WILL protect and heal you, the properties of the plants are found in different plants around the world, so where EVER you live there IS a plant that does the same thing!! Mother Earth knows her business!!!
  10. we make our own elderberry tincture and have not had the flu in MANY years!! we also make our own apple cider vinegar!! very good!!