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  1. just to remind all that, when you look at the BIG worldwide picture of what is and has happened, there appears to be a pattern of recklessness in the financial and budgetary systems of banking and countries budgets, any schooled person would see that what they have done goes against ALL teachings and they have NOT even tried to fix they just keep going further down a dead end street. so why would they do this? only obvious answer is they know SOMETHING is coming and the know they cannot either fix it or stop it, so they are in essence riding a dead horse until it falls down and trying to keep it a secret from the sheeple. the big question is what do they know or think they know! well maybe this is part of the puzzle!
  2. I will add my TWO cents for what it is worth, I can attest to fact that the CIA, controlled the drug cartels in South America, they used the drug lords to keep them from being in the spot lite, and the reason I know this is because when the leader got to thinking he could do as he wished or did not follow as he was told he would be eliminated and replaced with someone who did, and the elimination at times was done by CIA operatives and at times extraction of those operatives was done by small elite USA military groups located in those or adjoining countries.
  3. YES, and I was involved with certain areas, as you know it is piece mealed so no-one entity knows it all! It is propaganda to say unstoppable, although at certain times many new advanced technologies would be unstoppable for a short period of time.
  4. this is a very interesting subject and one that I have not got to spend much time and would and will spend more time on as it deals directly with allot of our HIDDEN history more can be seen today with the break through of DNA research, from the small amount of time i have spent, it seems to show a pattern of the Elite DNA tied to some very interesting things, such as alien, angels and ancient people, IF the world still exists when I am OLD and decrepit, LOL I plan on spending allot of time on this matter, I could say much more but about my worldwide adventures that unearthed allot of questions which I believe the Elite don't want us to know!
  5. Glad to see others who understand what really happened to the USS Donald Cook, that literally scared the sh-T out of the pentagon, they ONLY thing at that time was we believed they could only do that from a close proximity. WE have been scrambling and now have some stuff that can partially save our butts, I cannot say more, but the last 5 years has drastically changed the electronic warfare advancements. the new laser technology has been around for a longtime, the problems were making the laser more portable in size, and the other problem was a tracking system that could track and lock with super speed, and NOW that has been solved as well. the main problem is that we now have lots of new stuff, but we don't have allot of them built and disbursed into the field yet. BUT do not be fooled the Russians and the Chinese also have made similar gains, We believe Russia is the most advanced, and YOU can thank the Clinton scumbags as they sold lots of technology overseas!! they should be hung for treason!!
  6. In the USA there were and still are in some areas school programs for what was called "GIFTED KIDS" they had special academics program that were suppose to advance them, and in all the cases I am aware of it was a great program during those early years, the other students were able to work at a normal level and the gifted kids were NOT curtailed, was a nice win win situation. at that time the leftists had not got there scummy hands on the program, I do not know how much, if any still exists today!
  7. like i said before the LEFTIST, NWO , Elites, etc etc. they are everywhere and they want to control your view points and your lives to suit them. IF they are not stopped, in a few more generations they WILL have 99% sheeple under there control, IF they are NOT stopped soon! very soon, life on this planet will be drastically changed forever and the poor idiots will not even know it happened, fat dumb, couch potatoes!!
  8. YUP, Pedo's are the lowest of low and even the most hardened criminals hate them, that is why the elite stay hidden as they are mostly allot of sick pedo's and murders and it doesn't matter male or female they molest them all! my opinion is route them ALL out and eliminate them from ever being able to harm anyone and or procreate to make more monsters like them!!
  9. The Liberal left mindset has infiltrated everywhere!, what I have noticed is allot of people you meet think like we do, and it seems to be a general topic at restaurants and places like that, so IT SEEMS like there are still sane people, so WHERE are these scumbags getting there numbers? I think there are more of us than they think and I hope when push comes to SHOVE they will stand up!
  10. as your wish, "THE LEFT HAS NO BOUNDS TO THE LOW LEVEL THEY WILL GO" to achieve there goal
  11. I am not familiar enough with Kalifornicate law to say if they can or not, BUT they could harass those companies by pulling inspections and physical and paper, THAT I have seen them do in the past, they can use OSHA as the excuse, also under Kali law any workers that are not local will get harassed IF your from out of state but are there after 30 days they require you to change your car tags (big tax) and your driver license to that state, I knew of contractors doing long term jobs on military bases and the cops would sit at the gate and pull them over and fine them as they were leaving work.
  12. I think the time line is closer because everything seems to be moving at a faster pace and so we will see, I to hate making predictions regarding time, as I have been delayed, usually i am correct on the happening and the time, but there is too many factors with this big of a issue to be sure
  13. IF you cannot opt out, there are several you tube vids that will show you a very easy way to put a screen over your meter and will block most of the signal, but not effect them getting there data. I did mine took me about a hour and been that way for about 1.5 years now and NO problems
  14. he may have been swayed to the wrong faction of the split up party, whatever he did do has ruined him and I think he cannot be trusted! personally I think BOTH parties need MOST of there group banned and new leaders installed and NO-ONE with any past ties to any politics allowed to hold any office until we clean out the swamp!
  15. I think Ryan was OK, before he got to the DC area and then something happened, or maybe he just hid his true colors, anyway he became a turn coat and from there he has just gone downhill, he might as well changed his party too, he seemed to become a leftist.