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  1. sounds like water temps have risen and that could be very BAD!! are they glowing in the dark? sarc. japan radiated!!
  2. is this officer (Kenia Fallat ) a male or female! IF female there is a good guess!!
  3. so it seems, just be a good little sheeple and listen to what i am telling you and ALL is OK!! I don't trust hardly ANYTHING that comes from certain places like government controlled info.
  4. Maybe they are possessed by a case of the "DUMBASS!"
  5. well we cannot allow a public panic now can we!!!
  6. also have to see what the rise of the caldera is compared to a few weeks or month ago! when it starts to swell is another sign a eruption is close, and I know last week it had risen some, they tend to leave out that part of the equation!!
  7. I can agree with that!! and they want us gone!!
  8. it is good they are finding some resistance as they have NOT had that for awhile, I am more curious as what is driving there agenda at a more rapid pace? i see several possibilities and none seem to be very good for us!
  9. It would be our luck for it to land on a libtard and would bounce off as they seem to be pretty well protected these days!!
  10. YES it is and the agenda time frame seems to be moving faster and faster!
  11. Insurance is almost as bad a scam as the banksters!! just more rip offs of the sheeple's
  12. this was YEARS ago! I'll have to look and see when it was you could be correct!!
  13. ONLY reason I am a little familiar with the drivers license is a person from NM did that and was in the head lines for a long time and so lots of public viewings on it!! in the end several years later he stated to the press wish he had NEVER done it!! ME if i had all of the above I would have tried it just to make the point!! LOL