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  1. YUP, this is old news with new evidence to the public so what is the catch? who are they really trying to burn now, or is it more smoke and mirrors again and NOTHING happens!!
  2. interesting wording sounds like president is moving authority to others in charge of the military movements
  3. Leftists should not be allowed to have organizations!!!
  4. YUP!! and the NWO continues to take down those whom oppose them!!
  5. Trump to Visit North Korean DMZ??

    he is either pushing the limit on Kim or trying to smooth the fears of our troops stationed there!! your choice!! LOL
  6. IT is NONE of there business on any sites, IF you follow free speech!! there should be be no bans of free speech, maybe just warnings for vulgar, pics and language, but not to censor!!
  7. in the past the over-site only spanks-em, we need to see some hanging of them!! this playing footies under the table has got to stop and the hanging needs to start!!
  8. YUP!! Roger knew smart bullets were around before we did!! LOL
  9. does this mean he is a COLD BLOODED person? (sarc)
  10. smart bullets DO shoot around corners!! now a days !! LOL
  11. There appears to ALWAYS be a CALM before the storm, but guessing the correct calm is the key!! LOL maybe this is it? I don't think so, I think we will see much more, and several more calms before the HUGE STORM hits us.
  12. the real question is how and why did "they" decide to make good old Harvey who ALL have known for YEARS of his crimes is now being shunned and opened to the public for his crimes?? is he their patsy BOY? or did he do something so bad that they are offering him up to take the heat off of the others??? he is NOT a lone man in the pedo scum world!
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