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  1. the other picture show a BIG tail, not a bear, but it has crossed with a dog, happens and is happening on the east coast, lots of articles on them. also coyotes can cross breed as well. friends of mine used to have some.
  2. apache54

    DEA raids wrong Tennessee house...

    YUP!, want to know how close (location) I was to those places?? enough said, now you know I know!!
  3. there are some texts from ancients that cover this stuff and even the bible has some confirmation of parts of this, the info is there, just have to dig a little as they keep trying to hide and down play it, LOL
  4. planet #9 was destroyed, but the debris trail is still extremely dangerous and is what has caused major destruction on earth, so the tapestries show the planet before the great war among the gods. our history has been so hidden, there can ONLY be ONE reason they are starting to talk about it now, and you KNOW what that is!! LOL
  5. apache54

    DEA raids wrong Tennessee house...

    watch them scream when they hit the wrong house and wrong prepared person and several of THEM go down!!
  6. apache54

    DEA raids wrong Tennessee house...

    so much for all there high tech. equipment!! LMAOF
  7. apache54

    F-35 Will Start Carrying Nukes

    stocks might not matter if nukes are used!! LOL (sarc)
  8. YES, AS that IS my hobby!! that is one reason I know so much about history, lots of leg work in T-hunting
  9. GREAT POST, I like this kind of stuff!! Yes it is, they removed it before posting the find, and smartly so, as there are many lawsuits pending wanting the find, these BIG finds cause lots of lawsuits and years of legal issues.
  10. so many kids just don't want to work, they want to play and have someone else pay for it. we have allowed the scum to brainwash-em and we are paying the price for it.
  11. ==========lots of clean to be done in the states, probably not going to happen but it sure needs to!!

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