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  1. yes!! just more govie BULL PUCKY!!!
  2. when the time is ripe there will be lots of us someones!!
  3. problem is, it does not really shut down!! all they do is shut down a very small part and the rest keeps on going, it is a fail safe built into it and is mostly designed to frighten the citizens into compliance, just another scam!!
  4. AGREED!! If we don't make major changes (i think it is too late) we are screwed!! state, city and federal, MAJOR removal and revisions are needed!!
  5. until enough people decide to become vigilantes and start to remove and prosecute these scum leading our states, cities , and feds then nothing will happen and it will get worse!!
  6. just more reason to remove the infected scum from this country!
  7. agreed that judge is just boxing them in to look guilty!!

    something has not been correct with him since that trip!

    like i said a few months ago when he was on his first trip overseas and all of a sudden he did NOT look OK and he has been different ever since!! I think something happened to him!! just not sure what they did but i would bet a million he has been altered!!
  10. finally some one who is NOT bowing to the traitor scum infecting our country!!
  11. time to put a stop to these ass-holes who are trying to destroy our heritage and start civil war!!
  12. that means we are just 6 votes away from the revolution!!
  13. The Alamo is slated for destruction

  14. Denver Mayor - Illegals are above the law

    IF these scumbags are not removed from office soon we don't stand a chance except by civil war and or HUGE event!!
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