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  1. what makes me sick, is i was pulling about 40K a season and the would be about 4 times that NOW!!!
  2. you got it, what they consider no useable stray currents is actually where the REAL power lies!! no pun intended on "LIES" LOL sorry to hear about your strokes, I hope your alright!
  3. NO problem, I just wanted you to know that, i did not take offense!!
  4. I will go out on a limb here and say that you understand the difference between what electricity for today would have been if they had gone "TESLA" instead of "Franklin" the world would be a different place! or NOT at all LOL
  5. For the record, the "54" has nothing to do with my age or birth year type thing it has some inside meaning to something that happened in a area with that as part of the location!
  6. YUP!! LOL
  7. AGREED 100% SOME vaccines could be good, BUT they put ALLOT of bad stuff in them, and IF "THEY" want them mandatory you can bet that is BAD for us!
  8. When i was in grade school and junior high, we celebrated Mayday at school with big festivities, activities and school dance, was a nice time in school!! miss those simpler days and celebrations, you did not have some dick head trying to kill you!! LOL, now IF I go to a event, I have to carry! would be stupid NOT to! times have changed and NOT for the good!!
  9. I don't have any of my old links, but let me check and see what i can come up with, you might try some of the big companies websites as they try to advertise how good they are to the competition!, NorthRup Gruman , JPL, Boeing, Rockwell, Lockheed Martin, also check the military sites they have some stuff that is public.
  10. yup, unfortunately the scoundrels knew that brainwashing the kids helped their agenda along much faster!
  11. I don't trust NASA either as they have and do hide many things, BUT for some things i know to be real, BUT i know there are many things that COULD be true and it can be hard to separate the real from the disinfo. over the years I saw to many things from many different, people and places that say we have been deceived in many ways, electronics for one as taught is like comparing riding a horse to riding in a cadillac, they chose the wrong way for electricity and they are only now just going over to the way it should have been, also parrallel universes are much more realistic than we are taught. anyway you see where i am going with this.
  12. Thanks I had forgot why she was called that. !!
  13. OFF subject, but using the name "Pocahontas" did you now she is buried in Gravesend England behind the big church there? I went to see her grave while I was there one time! sorry for the off subject, thought it was funny you used that name! LOL
  14. Agreed! problem is the money trail goes deep and it would take a total reset to be able to bring this funding into control !! our government as a whole is OUT OF CONTROL and i think we won't be able to do much unless we have a total collapse and I really not sure I want that, but i don't see any other way to stop the greed!