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  1. Herd immunity is a lie

    I take it you are referring to the U.S rather than EU - lets face it the U.S is under coorporate control and is pretty FUBAR at the moment, Corps can run around from the corrupt politicians because they all have vested interests in something or are getting huge sums of cash to do whatever is asked of them... but a la house of cards 'that's the way it all works' this is a different matter altogether from whether or not to vaccinate, I do agree that making it voluntary like it has been for so long here in the UK (possibly not for much longer) is the way to go, but back to the topic of Herd Immunity i would say that a vaccinated child is better off than without it, don't get me wrong we have a new daughter and although not a fully fledged member of the tinfoil hat brigade, i did a considerable amount of reading with the help of my wife who is a scientific doctor and i realize that the alternative media is just as hyped and crazed as the everyday media (largely ignored by myself). there is a great deal in your post i agree with like alternative remedies and old knowledge, i for one dislike anything compulsory things like Fluoridated water winds me up no end. but we need our kids vaccinated
  2. Herd immunity is a lie

    http://www.vaccinestoday.eu/vaccines/what-is-herd-immunity/ http://www.who.int/vaccine_research/documents/WHE_Smith_pres… Comprehensive scientific view on the topic from a TED talk http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3171704/ I would put my faith in science rather than God 7 days a week - just saying, prayer doesn't cure my hangover but like with all things Religion, politics, vaccinations etc etc we come across disagreements
  3. A Shilling Mistake! Busted!!

    This is great, actually really happy that you go into this much trouble to find this on a forum like this. well played matey
  4. thanks for this post OP missed this in the news
  5. Protest Streams and Scanners

    ​ How is your other account created only 15 minutes ago to boost your reputation working out for you? say hello to North for up voting your stuff - reminds me i must go and Like all my own stuff on FB so i can feel good about myself if you neg people for their point of view and get neg'd back i guess the answer is create another account to bring you back up, thought these style of forums was for the thinking individual SHAME ON YOU
  6. Protest Streams and Scanners

    ​is it your country? or of it happens up the road it is not your problem i see
  7. you are quoting dubious articles here the graphs on your sheeple link in figure 4, despite them having some good articles they are mistaken the graphs show two different types and it is articles like this that show nothing apart from a few voices who fail to take responsibility for a ridiculous amount of external factors the graphs are cases and mortality and the graphs clearly show the difference in modern medicine for the better and look closely at the dates lets take the recent Autism scare - this is the most ludicrous thing, i am a parent and if something was wrong with my child i would want someone to blame, they fail to take into account children watching hours of TV, older parents, the amount of sugar diet exercise the list is endless how parenting and pollutants are in daily life now onto your article you pasted in here - this also fails to say that measles mutates like all Virus again cases of outbreaks, does the whole world have measles now? no they don't, in parts of countries mutated versions, despite this guy being very interesting this again is a tiny study in isolated parts (it is a big world out there and there is more to the world than America) you are welcome to your view, and i guess at the end of the day that is why we equally like these forums but my view is with the numbers and data, Vaccinate your kids, they are too valuable and bring too much joy in our lives to have them get laid out by a virus and others we can do a load more about
  8. "Only women understand women, and they all hate each other"
  9. http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/files/2014/12/the-anti-vaccine-epidemic.jpg oh come on people! small pox is making a come back, i take most of you guys don't have kids? I am all for a good conspiracy and open minded discussion but NoooOOOOOoooo noooOOOOO
  10. it is all well and good but realistically the days of trenches and world wars are really not a thing the loss of life would put the world back to the dark ages and every country would have starving millions production down to 0 martial law and generally it would be a whole pile of piss it is no longer the case that countries can remain neutral as we are all so interdependent the Ukraine is a skirmish and a war of words and muscle but they know the MAD result if it all went south, if any country did start it it would effectively mean the end of that country as fanaticism from every opposing country would reach such a level that barbaric revenge killings would basically be the future for anyone of that nation (people get a pissy when you wipe out their entire family friends etc) the elite would find their heads on spikes as the people see the ruling class as something to be eliminated and restructured it would effectively bring about a new world however many of us would be back to farming and hunting the scale of the catastrophe of a war of this scale is totally unimaginable and even the corrupt filth that seem to run most countries see this
  11. Wow you would have to write whole essays and books on this but i see the main points as - the only way to ensure no bias to religion, money and keep decisions made for the good of the many is AI leadership i don't mean terminator style they would be a box and it would say "this" this would be aired to the public as the way to act or allocate fund etc (if it does say, hey shoot 5% of the population then hey the public can say no etc) i love people (most) but the majority of people are bleedin media crazed half wits (present company excluded) we cannot be trusted to act in the best interest of everyone, including myself, if someone said do this to put 10 kids through school or do this to make sure your daughter has the very best opportunity in life and a wonderful job i would have to sit down and think very long and hard what i was going to do - and to tell the truth i would probably lean towards helping my daughter rather than 10 strangers if i was being totally honest roll on our metallic overlords! however the only way to change society is to change the people, there is not point putting more rules or regulations in place when it is simply the populations and attitudes of people that need to change things very wrong with the world Religion OUT - leaders making decisions made with any sort of religious bias to be moved celebrity culture OUT - doctors, scientists, sportsmen, world class players of games computers, charitable people, honesty IN power and trust, transparency for anyone who is in a position of power, bank accounts and affiliations, voting and decision making clearly shown to public Education and internet access for all - no country is allowed to censor from its population government should be run by the people - by a voting method say a randomly selected group of 10k for example out of the realms of bribery to be changed for every vote cast £1 paid to voter as incentive etc (example only) common sense laws to be moved in and nanny state laws taken out
  12. the star trek system really is the only way to move forward like the Venus project where you can pretty much get everything you need the current system only get by because of the different types of people from too lazy all the way up to criminal intent, corruption and greed essentially the system cannot possible change any other way because and there maybe other smart answers who disagree but the people actually working for the species rather than themselves is probably about 0.5% of the population using the current system and sort far out altruistic thinking i reckon maybe if all the salaries were equalized so a waiter on 10k and ceo on 100k would mean they get 55k each put an unemployed person into that mix then they 36.6K each make that over a country wide scale (worldwide would take serious effort and modernisation in some areas) then we all earn the same average salary so the average salary here in the UK is 26K per year and this does not include the unemployed who would need to get some sort of income from this pool possibly some sort of scaling for age this would take some sort of Hive mentality which we suxor at as a species
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