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  1. Mimas

    Babylon Is Falling

    the 3 of 3 https://hooktube.com/watch?v=7tyD7xdwVe0
  2. Mimas

    Sunday with Alan Watts

    Nevertheless wise words
  3. Always a good listening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imi5zNHQnYc
  4. Mimas

    The Deep State's TROJAN HORSE ?

    Another good one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbwhENv0XK4&t=2s
  5. Sometimes my urge wanna post anonymous, thats just how it is.
  6. Mimas

    Everything is assbackwards

    In my native language (Icelandic) we say greetings as "Blessadur" or 'be blessed' and also as 'goodbye'. Other is "Komdu sæll" or 'come blessed'. When I think about it our greetings are all about blessings. Good tread.
  7. It's a plane without the lying T.
  8. From within shall you shine outward effortless.
  9. Mimas

    “Q is NOT real.”

    Hope like Trump and all the other to good to be true things, "they know very well how to play this reality" ofc Q is not real, everything that gets msm level of coverage is questionable.
  10. Mimas

    Do I have a name?

    Two live in a soul or one live lived by two souls. Named and soul connection somehow answered in this sentence?
  11. Mimas

    Do I have a name?

    And I would say no, no more than my glasses I try not to break it, I only where it for the purpose it requires.
  12. Mimas

    Say Hi to our New Moderator! Full Throttle!

  13. Mimas

    Europeans are waking up!

    This is not first time Europe is under attack, here in norway the heat is on, one minister was expelled from the government for her "racist" comments, norwegians keep eyes on sweeden. It is "everybody knows" moment and let it go until there is no way back.
  14. Hm, forget everything and return to baby state, nah do not think body fits the purpose ^^

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