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  1. This clearly show the Taurus of everything in existence,in the middle is inertia of the plane-t of compacted small tree of life in form of atoms that make up solid ground.
  2. We are Cows.

    My own private tread, so be it. Well my thought on reality is among in our reality we are like car in a motion on the freeway where we hear all this sounds of passing cars passing though make a sound of coming or going. The pitch will vary, you know. So a world with different vibrations might be the same. Lets not stop there, like Taurus movement from blue to red the flow is from beneath and in that flow everything would sound higher pitch but from above where stream is going to every thing would sound more dim. Well folkens..
  3. For the few..not for the many!

    For the records, I do not like to be here in this world of horrendous violence, My wishes are blanks. I hope mind move mountains, but not in this live, guess live has to be drained before new vibration sets in.
  4. For the few..not for the many!

    The first sentence of the image is, the prime obstruction is facing me! So is me to get out, I feel I am locked in this western world, you meet only masks, tough I have not been trying lately.
  5. We are Cows.

    I have had description of how it works and it make sense to me, the plane of inertia witch is our plane-t of existence shift in frequency about lower of upper. Lower is red just like in the spectrum and upper is blue. The core in the Taurus is described as Tree of Life with all the world in it.
  6. We are Cows.

    In my book the electromagnetic bubble with its core in the middle witch you might describe as solid ground is that what is in aliment of your frequency to exist on this created plane within the Taurus. Evidence #1 All things have electromagnetic Taurus around it, even our body's, right? Evidence #2, discussion!
  7. We are Cows.

    We are cows In that of the holy ones, you see torus is a bull that is often reffed to as Cow. But we have another Taurus that is donut shaped electron magnetic swirl around everything living. Even our atoms have fraction size version of what we have and we have fraction size comparing to Earth. If we are individual spheres then there is a phenomenon describing just that, that is torus of electron magnetism where everything in our world at least is enclosed in this torus from the smallest to the biggest, including our atoms. That might describe barriers out of this electromagnetic bubble we live in.
  8. I have been gone since 2012.

    The strange thing happened out of combined wake up plus situation that made me rearrange everything and then I choice to make all things gray.
  9. Am I an Anomaly!

    This the inside of who we are we have to master to able to even consider a environment you can create, I have seen that. On other notes I see that intuition is source of action placed by anything, intuition must come before action. English is my third language though I am somewhat advanced in it, but I feel language is our millstone around our necks in relation to our self. I wish I knew myself and my thoughts before I learned to speak.
  10. I have been gone since 2012.

    Almost no record of me in state. Phone, internet, bank, all gray. I vanished, disparaged from view. I could survive, but no I rather struggle with little or no records. And here I am, invisible and alone fearing the wizard rather than bang him head on! I am still figuring that part out..
  11. Hello. I am new.

    It is beautifully as riding
  12. Hello. I am new.

    Um, hell-o
  13. I am goning sane.

    that everything I need to know is the same that what is not been told and that's why I am here. Sane or insane? Not to be spooked but roundness is something we all evolve into. heheh heh eh heh
  14. The essence of all things.

    Change is on.