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  1. https://apnews.com/7b8aacd0d929493bb4fea9ca57ea90d3/Edward-Snowden-unveils-phone-app,-Haven,-to-spy-on-spies this sounds like a bad idea.
  2. So did I miss the name of the shooter? I skimmed I am at work.
  3. Familyman

    Check-in if nothing happened :D

    I work at a power plant, nothing was stated about this eclipse causing a problem.
  4. to be accurate he didn't write shit.
  5. Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am familyman, from south Mississippi. Just found the site, seems like a good bunch of people. I have been looking into Jade Helm and getting real worried about the future of our once great nation. Anyway glad to be here.

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