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  1. What Happened in Eden?

    Genesis 2 10:14 tells you its location
  2. What Happened in Eden?

    'The Eden Project' Cornwall, UK. Why do we think it was given that particular name?.....
  3. Exactly! People think the evil within the US govt is actually the nations of Russia and China! Its actually EVIL ELEMENTS WITHIN THE US SYSTEM, the whole world can see it - except the US people themselves (no offence intended)
  4. Russia is just a convenient 'patsy'. You need to look deeper into US politics to see who's dividing. Its not Russia, its from within.
  5. IF it's flat they wouldn't DARE show it. Best to show it from above, best to be safe than sorry. But it's fake anyway, they 'change' earth pics every week!.
  6. That's because you're looking at it from 'on top'
  7. The more you see and make sense of, the more 'enlightened' you become Shep. What was once (in my opinion and the sheeple) 'the NORM', is not the norm. I now know exactly why world events happen, the outcome, and their next move. It plays out like a book and 'we' are a chapter in front of everybody else. This 'book' is analysed by us, but the world just glances at it. I know exactly what you're saying here! This conjunctivitis is more like total blindness in the masses, where as we are achieving 20/20 vision, and it feels bloody good!
  8. I think France are trying to 'appear' - and I say 'appear' loosely - to be the tough man in Europe. (they haven't got over 1940 yet) with an idle threat, with a very convenient .... get out clause. It's like saying 'if the moon is made of cheese, I'm gonna thump you'. But.... As Shep said, it could be another Indochina/Vietnam scenario, with the US join in to 'help' its'firestarter'
  9. Another favourite of the medical world is to destroy your immune system with chemo and then tell you you need a blood transfusion. The last bit of resistance your body has to offer is then used up fighting the 'foreign blood'!