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  1. I reckon he 'tripped on his shoelaces', rolled 200ft down the sidewalk then under an 18 wheeler.
  2. Concave Earth is frying my brain

    Who was it - a few years ago, tried saying earth was 'some sort of spinning cylinder' or 'hollow sphere' and that we on the inside surface? He said gravity was a lie and that centrifugal forces kept us 'pinned' to the inside surface?
  3. I bet if he put some dogs mess in there they'd be flying over to it!
  4. Yes! Exactly! Cause of death will totally fabricated. Oops... Did I just say that????
  5. He probably 'accidentally cut his head off whilst shaving' or committed suicide by 'shooting himself in the back, a dozen times'.
  6. Yes Shep NO MORE! I watched it earlier and the biggest question is 'is this guy brain dead'?. He's either being fed the biggest lies by his advisors OR he's an out of control psycho. Evidence is there and backed by the UNITED NATIONS Anu clear inspection guys that Iran are complying on ALL fronts!!!!!!
  7. Female on Mars?

    Ha ha, well... They've certainly been pulling the wool' the past 50 or so years, fooling the gullible.
  8. I'm not really sure what else is left to reveal. We know the Warren report was a farce, Police statements were a farce, witness testimonies distorted, rediculous 'magic bullet' and 'lone gunman BS' Does anyone honestly believe the 'release' would provide anything new or reveal those involved etc?
  9. Measuring Body pH

    Thank you. This explains it well.
  10. Measuring Body pH

    Can someone here help me with this subject? To my knowledge bicarbonate of soda becomes immediately neutralised when it comes into contact with stomach acid, rendering it useless? . You would surely have to injest tons of it... to firstly neutralise stomach acid and then create the alkaline state which is health beneficial. I've read that 'alkali foods' are the likes of vegetables, fruit (especially citrus fruit) - but wouldn't this increase the body's acid PH with all that excess acid?
  11. I should be saying 'OMG, this is unbelievable' but like everyone else here nothing surprises me anymore. Pharmaceutical mafia are loving this, the govt is loving this too. ALL THOSE IMMUNE SUPPRESSANT DRUGS, ANTI REJECTION DRUGS. NHS can't afford them, goes bust. NHS in total chaos, disintegrates. 'No more' freeloaders' everyone has to get health insurance (those who can afford it) Govt saves money. We end up f#cked... Yet AGAIN
  12. And don't forget about the huge cheese reserves!
  13. That's not including Platinum, of which it's estimated they have the largest resources of.
  14. They've got Rhodium, tungsten, molybdenum, and others. It's a catalytic converter manufacturers utopia lol.
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