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  1. Hmmm weaponised typhoid perhaps? Especially as they're cosying up to China???
  2. Phantom

    Flat Earth Density

    But didn't Felix Baumgartner hit 847 mph in free fall? Or was his speed due to the thin air creating less drag? I don't know. This seems way higher than average terminal velocity.
  3. Phantom

    There was no explosion at Tunguska

    Apparently (according to some sources) the event was seconds apart. Its no wonder all his plans, drawings and patents were seized and locked away. He was the 'original crazy inventor', but in truth he was a genius, his mind operated on a different level to everyone else's, and because of that he was shunned and humiliated.
  4. It's all being done to counter act China's growing influence in Africa
  5. Phantom

    Scary Russian Tweet

    Looks like it's all 'coming out in the wash'!
  6. Phantom

    Verne Troyer / Mini Me dead at 49!

    BGO. com adverts will never be the same. Rip little guy
  7. Mark 13:13 Matthew 10:22 Luke 21:17 John 15:18 Its written, its happening. These things will and must happen. Remain strong, vigilant and focused.
  8. More syphoned money for 'black ops' then!
  9. You are correct Shep. There seems to be a lot of actions by nations lately which 'seem' to be using the Bible as a '' script', as if trying to tie in actions, decisions with what's in the Bible. I'm still trying to establish the true motive of this, its like a bending - a twisting of reality. One Bible verse I see being 'twisted' into reality is this :- Isiah 43:6 (NWT version) "I will say to the North, GIVE THEM Up! and to the South, do not hold them back. Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth" The start of this verse, though not directed at Korea, could be "twisted" to imply as such. This will be used in the final days as 'EVIDENCE' when Thessalobians 5:3 is formally declared.
  10. Phantom

    There was no explosion at Tunguska

    This has also been attributed to the Tesla 'death ray' apparently it was fired just prior to the Tunguska event.
  11. I started reading about fullerene (carbon 60) in olive oil. My first thought was 'High quality Graphene motor oil'! I don't like the sound of it to be honest, sounds too industrial and artificial. It might be good for creaking knees and ankles, that's about all, ha ha ha
  12. It was, my finger, hand and arm swelled like a Mellon. They planned to cut the skin the whole length to release the swelling because circulation was compromised. Staph A is truly horrific.
  13. Yes, I had staphylococcus A infection 15 years ago from a metal splinter. Every scar on my body turned into a pus filled blister. Raging temperature and had to have my finger de-bridled. 14 days in hospital on I. V. antibiotics and it was sorted. Truly thought I was going to die.