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  1. My thoughts too. There's going to be a more urgent need for his troops very soon. It's going to be in one or even all of 3 different locations, NK border / Europe / Iran. Each one is 'brewing' He's going to plan well because he's up against something unstable and unpredictable. OR and this is another theory, he's come to accept US meddling and involvement in Syria, decided its a waste of time, not worth the hassle and let them fight it all out amongst themselves.
  2. Talk about nanny state.... Pathetic
  3. I Have Felt Dark Bliss

    You need to see a priest pal!
  4. Just go outside and look at today's society. They're all social misfits. They're glued to their phones, they've lost social skills, the sense of adventure, the ability to meet others, form friendships, go dating etc etc. It's caused introverted, one minded, selfish, network zombies.
  5. Well, there's gonna be some very rich astronauts. (I think $10,000,0000 each hush money should suffice) I think that's the 'going rate' to go along with the 'we went on to the moon'! charade!
  6. It's a false story, just Google 'ugly guy' and a 'prison mug shot' of this guy comes up in image search - prior to photoshopping as the one used in this story.
  7. These 'great NASA announcements' are about as exciting or interesting as an anal thrombosis.
  8. I am so chilled right now!

  9. I am so chilled right now!

    Classic! From my neck of the woods too!
  10. I am so chilled right now!

    Get some 'Wurzels' on Shep, that'll 'chill' you big time!
  11. I recall science dismissing the 'fossilised tree stump theory' saying it's a volcanic plug, with the surrounding earth eroded away. We have Edinburgh Castle built on one in Scotland. Having said that, a 'close up' view it does look like bark.
  12. Eating meat promotes toxic masculinity

    No, no, what you need is a week of Lamb Phaal curry. Followed by a week of Mutton Vindaloo.... Forget the dark side... Welcome to REAL hell!!!!