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  1. I noticed the thread about him being banned was plugged. Typical censorship over at GLP, nothing to see here folks.
  2. I think he/she/it is a robot or some Jabba like creature... How else can you post like 5000 posts a day or something. But it's cute how the drama is on GLP. I think they need to force AC's to either make a handle or just ban them. Most AC posts are utterly retarded and just people race baiting, religion baiting, etc.
  3. Make sure you're eating enough fiber if you're drinking that much protein mix. Trust me on this, it can bind you up for awhile and cause some major issues if you don't get enough fiber.
  4. I had the norovirus a few weeks ago, it was about a week or after I had the flu. Talk about it being rough. I woke up around 2am, thirsty... drank some Sunkist... about 10 minutes later, orange crap spewing out of me. I couldn't hold water down all day and ended up getting pretty dehydrated by the time I could finally sip water and keep it down. It's very contagious, and I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone. Thankfully I felt better within a 24 hour period, but for awhile it was rough.
  5. Ron Swanson

    OMFG! No words for this

    I imagine this boy had a long history of secretly tormenting and beating animals. This kind of behavior is a learned one from years of freakish behavior. I feel sorry for the children who won't have a mom anymore. This guy needs to be sent to the phantom zone. Light the stick and send in the mirror thing that travels through space and gives the permanent desolation of being alone for all eternity. Sorry for the Krypton reference. Just kinda pissed this creature was allowed to kill.
  6. Dang, I love that show. Watched it so many times. Will watch it on a binge anytime I travel. He was a good actor. Born in England, and managed to do a perfect American accent. Yeah, he played a much older character with Martin Crane, but he did it very well. Such a well written show. I think my favorite episodes are the ones in which Diane shows up, or Lilith.
  7. What's really gross is that they reuse human refuse for compost for crops. No matter how much they compost and "cleanse" the compost for human crops... there resides lots of drugs, etc in human refuse. Not sure how anything survives this process, but it could be the same.
  8. Ron Swanson

    From Facebook to Policebook

    I have a FB page, I check it maybe twice a year. Basically all my friends are family members I don't give a crap about, but they had to "friend" me. I have a few old high school friends, but everyone on there is so weird. I mean, posting pics about your meal... posting pics when you go anywhere... Whatever happened to family photo albums? This is just making me wish more and more that I never created a FB page. I never did the twitter thing, and don't give a rats butt to try that program. I've been boycotting youtube awhile now, I just wish there was a good alternative.
  9. Ron Swanson

    Super-Bowl Strangeness..

    I remember one day looking up Mel Brooks on wiki and it said he had died. I was freaked, looked around and nope. If I edit wiki, it's usually on historical subjects, or to fix some severely bad grammar issues
  10. Ron Swanson

    Sophia now has legs

    I always think of the AI units from Alien, Aliens, etc. Plus the 2005 Battlestar Galactica. Machines that think they are human. It's a scary thought, considering AI will not have empathy or sympathy.
  11. The fear in that poor girls eyes when she saw that beluga coming to pinch her... So sad. I don't think Oprah will run. She has way too many skeletons that will come out of her closet if she does. Trump would go all out on her, and Oprah would probably retire in Switzerland or somewhere far away.
  12. I had a terrible case of the flu on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Was absolutely horrible. Couldn't get warm enough, I had my heat set on 90 plus those days and took several hot baths in an attempt to warm up. I had a 103 degree temp for 3 days solid, couldn't eat. My Christmas day was spent in bed with layers of clothing and blankets on me. This years flu is a bad one, I hope no one has to experience what I did. The very worse Christmas in my 42 years of existence.
  13. Obama: Did you know Natasha spelled backward is Ah Satan. Hillary: Did you know that Hillary spelled backward is Yrallih.
  14. Ron Swanson

    New Trend: “Raw Water ? “

    I remember getting a microscope for Christmas when I was 11 or 12. I wanted a telescope, but my parents got me a microscope. So, we lived near a beautiful lake and I was curious if you could drink the water straight up. So I took some samples, looked under my microscope and was amazed at the amount of life in just a drop of water. Needless to say, after seeing little things darting about in the water, I decided not to drink "raw" water.
  15. Ron Swanson

    Clintons New York home is ON FIRE.

    More than likely it was a sacrifice gone wrong... You never know with that cabal

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