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  1. The fear in that poor girls eyes when she saw that beluga coming to pinch her... So sad. I don't think Oprah will run. She has way too many skeletons that will come out of her closet if she does. Trump would go all out on her, and Oprah would probably retire in Switzerland or somewhere far away.
  2. I had a terrible case of the flu on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Was absolutely horrible. Couldn't get warm enough, I had my heat set on 90 plus those days and took several hot baths in an attempt to warm up. I had a 103 degree temp for 3 days solid, couldn't eat. My Christmas day was spent in bed with layers of clothing and blankets on me. This years flu is a bad one, I hope no one has to experience what I did. The very worse Christmas in my 42 years of existence.
  3. Obama: Did you know Natasha spelled backward is Ah Satan. Hillary: Did you know that Hillary spelled backward is Yrallih.
  4. New Trend: “Raw Water 💧 “

    I remember getting a microscope for Christmas when I was 11 or 12. I wanted a telescope, but my parents got me a microscope. So, we lived near a beautiful lake and I was curious if you could drink the water straight up. So I took some samples, looked under my microscope and was amazed at the amount of life in just a drop of water. Needless to say, after seeing little things darting about in the water, I decided not to drink "raw" water.
  5. Clintons New York home is ON FIRE.

    More than likely it was a sacrifice gone wrong... You never know with that cabal
  6. Eating meat promotes toxic masculinity

    Milk, whole milk, is another big testosterone booster. When I was doing my major lifting, deadlifts, squats 3 times a week, I would go through half a gallon a day. I was getting pretty agitated by a lot of things too. Now, I have a buddy that's lactose intolerant that drinks soy milk, and he's gotten to be kinda what you would call a little too metrosexual. I think he grooms longer than 14 year old girls. So yeah, animal fat in large quantities will affect your hormones. As will plant based in large quantities. I did the vegetarian thing for about a year. I didn't have any problems with it, but one day, I just wanted a porterhouse steak, and lentil patties with hummus wasn't cutting it for me. As for the original posting, it's all part of a master plan to totally emasculate men. I think they've gotten in their little heads that men are the bane of all existence and the scourge of femmekind.
  7. The guy that lived in my house before me OD'd. When I bought the house, I found several needles in the tub. I feel really sorry for people who get addicted to opium based products. I love them, but stay way way way from anything opiate based,
  8. Altered Carbon

    Who the frack wants to live forever. I'm sorry, but at the end of this ride, I'm ready to rest...
  9. Aries, totally. April 7th here, born in 75, so I've got two lucky signs, Aries and the year of the rabbit under the Chinese zodiac.
  10. Gomer Pyle died ..again.?

    This is so so weird. I was playing Everquest last night and someone mentioned in general chat that Gomer Pyle died. I texted my best friend and was like, didn't he die like in the 90's? My friend was like, yeah I thought he did too. This is just kinda crazy.
  11. I wonder if this is what people used to call being double jointed. I never really knew what that meant, all I remember was a cheerleader telling me she was, then did the splits the real way. It was pretty crazy. If I tried that, well, it would hurt I think
  12. I remember seeing her shortly after her "fall" from grace. She had wet hair, and that hair, when wet, looks pretty nasty. Like some kind of moldy sponge. She had no make up on. She was utterly hideous. I thought to myself, "who would want to hit that?". Now, I know... and he's just as creepy and freakishly looking as she, first thing I thought when I saw that pic of the two is, he's a pedo. It's like they met up on pedosandfugsonly.com.
  13. Huffington Post, ugh. I remember seeing interviews with the shebeast that runs that paper. Just a nasty person, inside and out. I can't wait till these papers go bankrupt. There's nothing wrong with the decor... they were just upset there weren't crescent moons all over the tree, and sickles and hammers.
  14. This is in line with the thread about how Millennials and communism seem to be mutually attracted to one another. Why do I say that? Let's take a look at how this whole mess started. Picture it, the United States, in the 90's... under one Billy Clin-ton. He signed a deal that enabled NAFTA, but this bill was actually started by Daddy Bush. Anyway, under Clin-ton's presidency, we also added China to Worlds most favorable trade status. What did both of those do? They literally sucked the money and lifeblood of millions of Americans. You see, back in the day, you didn't have to go to an expensive college to make a decent living. You could work at a factory, have good health insurance, maybe profit sharing or a 401k, some kind of retirement, plus you had steady work. Vacations were usually factory shut downs or such, and most still got paid for part of that shut down. What this did for millions of people was give them some kind of savings in the form of the retirement plans most factories had. Fast forward now to 2017. Very few factories in America. People have to pay for their own healthcare instead of having a job provide it as a perk. Very few teenagers work today as most of the fast food, supermarket, crap jobs are being serviced by middle aged or older folks. When I was a young man, I worked at Mc'D's from when I was 14(just a month that age) to 22. I moved up from being lobby cleaner to assistant manager by the time I was 20. You could never get anyone older than 30 to work past 5 pm in this days. No one wanted to work crappy fast food at night, only teenagers basically. You go into most fast food now, it's older people working. Lots of people have lost their homes in the past decade due to the combination of not having a good job, or even a job for that matter. So as more grandparents, parents, kids lose their home, the younger generation gets used to the idea of not owning a home, land, etc. This is so Machiavellian it's not even funny. Teach the populace that you don't need to work, or need a house, or need possessions, then let them vote in a communist, and then they'll see how much of a "Utopian" paradise is, where everyone has nothing, and the elite own it all.
  15. Bitcoin passes $9000. [Merged]

    The thing I don't get about these false currencies is... there's no intrinsic value to them. Gold, silver, copper... they have historic and value to them... the dollar has the almighty U.S. gubment to supposedly back it... but these online currencies.... It's like spending money on a can of air... remember Spaceballs?