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  1. I am sure the chemtrails have nothing to do with bee killing. They are after bigger "game".
  2. I am a prepped and ready sort. I agree with your summation of the younger folks. They are a pampered lot to be sure...but it is the fault of the era we live in. They have never known deprivation of any kind. There is always ice somewhere, fast food on every block, soft drinks and energy drinks abound and most have parents that hand them a few bucks...everyday. The biggest loss for them will be the initial shock of total loss of their social networking and gaming. When a big thing happens in their lives they turn to Facebook or some site where they share their feeling and troubles. Those sites will be gone and the kids will be alone...really alone. There will be no more electronic toys and phones to fill their lives. It will be like a zillion young people all losing their girl friend or boyfriend all at the same time! It will create a bottomless pit of despair and depression that kids feel like none others. Add to that no pizza joints...Burger Kings...Taco Bells...Starbucks or shopping malls. No monster drinks, and no French fries are one thing...but add to that the loss of a future. School is now no longer a place to go to be with friends or plan for a future. All those plans...gone...all that studying...pointless. Those thoughts of loss are hitting them about the same time as the need for something to eat or drink. No more cold fridge to turn to. No more Ice cold water or cup of hot coffee. If they had parents who planned for something like this at least there are some crackers and peanut butter to turn to. There may be some Raman soup or canned chili to take the edge of the yearning for pizza or burgers. If there was no emergency planning...then the true horror of their situation will soon become apparent to them as their siblings begin to cry in hunger and thirst becomes the all-consuming suffering. It is too bad the schools did not offer classes in self-sufficiency and survival instead of weight-lifting and media arts. I saw a u tube thing on young adults watching one of their own conquer the use of a can opener. The group was intently watching as the youngster struggled with it and a can of beans. When the deed was finally done...all applauded the success. It showed a group of young folks very unprepared for any kind of disaster...any kind. No matter how young or strong the person...they are dead in just days without water. Days of sheer hell. Such a tragedy in the making. If only the government could have warned the populace about the impending dooms in all their assorted flavors. Maybe we could have cut back our births, or better prepared our kids for the possible disasters they are going to face. We could have trained them, and given them good skills to carry into an unknown future. Instead...we taught them how to make videos and put on make-up in good taste. We taught them how to use power tools in shop class and how to use a sewing machine in home skills class. We should have known, we should have been told, we coulda done better by these kids.
  3. You do not have to be racist to abhor evil. Maybe you will understand when they lose their freebies and free stuff and come to take yours.
  4. Well...there goes my favorite day dream. I will have to start wishing them a virulent clap or mental disorder like zombistic crazies that eat human dicks instead of brains. That will keep me occupied for a spell.
  5. I WONDER...do the chem trails react to the radiation from the sun and form more deadly combinations or enhance the deadly effects of both the chemicals and the radiation?? I have always fed about thirty hummingbird and keep my other bird feeders full all year. This year, I have two hummies only! One male and one tiny female. The sparrows and finches are not at the feeders everyday. The feeders are still full. The hummies arrived three weeks later than usual as well. I am wearing long sleeves and long pants, a T shirt over my head with a wide brimmed sombrero as I work outside. The sun is drying out the soil far faster than usual. We are avoiding any outside activity in the eleven to six PM area. There is a real difference in the daily happenings outside and I feel sorry for all the animals left out in the sun all day. Something is going to happen down the road...it is going to get worse before it gets better.
  6. I like to imagine the dumb dwellers with their air intakes blocked. They slowly die as they drown in their own juices and kill each other in hopes to steal a bit more air. The idea is good that our "abandoned" children will grow stronger and self-sufficient as they endure and evolve in a very hard world left to them by the selected elite. Undoubtedly they will pass down stories of the inner-earth dwellers who need to be killed when they crawl out of their holes.
  7. Sometimes I think about the caliber of the elite kids who will be protected by the DUMBs. It will be sad to have a new civilization started with the likes of these spoiled and gender confused marshmallow middles. It would have been a wiser thing to save the type of kid you have. I hope you have some provisions for his survival.
  8. Relax...no way in hell will we invade or bomb lil Kim. China and Russia said NO. It really is that simple. The ships are going to remain out at sea not to invade...but to protect them as best can be done when the Passover of the Planet X system happens. It is all the smoke and mirrors to keep us entertained and distracted. Even lil Kim is doing his part by firing off a missile or two when he is told to. Sit back and enjoy the show. It is going to be a hell of an intermission.
  9. Yes...I learned that in 1986 and have been prepping every freaking April since then. I prep all the time but refresh and replace a lot in April. How many people can say they have been screwed by Nostradamus?
  10. Well it is the 23rd and all is quiet on our western front. I am sad to say May is turning out to be a bust so far. I guess "the great EQ will not be in this month of May" Maybe next year. All these promises and no success at any of them. Seems to me the only thing worse than Doom...is no doom.
  11. Well you do not live in Idaho. Any part of the Cannabis will get you prison time. Our governor keeps us under his thumb and forbids its use even for convulsing children. We elect these backward religious types who believe it is their duty to keep us on "their" straight and narrow for the good of our souls and the good of their wallets.
  12. I watched an old movie yesterday on AMC. It was called "Them". It occurred to me early on that the government was going to keep the invasion of these big ants a secret from the people. I think it goes way back and is ingrained in the government's mindset that "we the people" are unable to handle disaster and basically...the truth in any form. The "better" the liar...the better the politician. I think something is on the way that will end the people...but the lying, crooked government evil...will be safe in the bunkers we bought for them. The ultimate betrayal. May they perish slowly and painfully.
  13. Well they have not called Steven Segal yet. I would even accept Arnold Swartinwhatever. Something tells me anyone one BUT a professional and trained political liar would be able to get the job done. I was just told to add Sylvester Stallone to the list.
  14. I smell double-talk and words to the effect that I should..."go back to sleep...nothing to see here...everything is normal." Now my spidy senses say I should pay some attention to the "man behind the curtain." It is a lot like the white washing of chemtrails and the denial of planet X... There must be some truth to the waves and their location and source that is real and important if such double-talk is used to discredit it. If it happens "all the time" why is it not showing up "all the time?" It must be worth watching...