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  1. The cost of storing foods and beverages in the great government bunkers is exorbitant. Entire warehouses of wines were purchased and hauled away...somewhere... Cheesemakers have been making cheese for years...exclusively for the same buyer...loaded onto trucks and hauled away...somewhere... Not only huge supplies of hard liquors...but distilleries and ingredients were loaded onto trucks and hauled away...somewhere... Remember the egg shortage scare...where the eggs were hard to get...but the chickens were not killed...and the price of the chicken meat itself actually went down? But still trucks left the egg farms on a regular basis...going somewhere...in the nighttime. Tons of supplies gathered up and carried into the great underground tunnels. All for the care and feeding of the special people. Do not forget the cost of the medical supplies and equipment hidden away for their safety and protection! My PC has decided to not start a new paragraph...but I wanted to ask one question...Where did all of the thousands of little Mexican children go that flooded our borders a couple of years ago? Mothers were apparently told to bring them and they would be allowed into the USA and taken care of... but where are they now? Underground being groomed as obedient workers? Perhaps conditioned to living on farms after the Passover of the Destroyer in the near future? Young ones are cheaper to feed and house...they train well...and do as they are told. They grow slowly so are going to be young and strong for quite a while...as we wait for it...(pointing up into the sky.) It all takes money...when it comes to the care and feeding of elites...and their assorted entertainments...
  2. Far more likely the cop will be transferred to another area and given a raise and commendation. The public read and watch...they seethe, powerless to stop the aggression and brutality of the enforcement branch of all governments. But they do not forget and they do not accept that they can do nothing. They wait until the opportunity opens up...and there are millions of us waiting...
  3. I read about the local honey thing several years ago. We have a local honey guy and I got a jar to try the cure as my spring and summer allergies are very strong with the runny eyes and congestions both day and night. My doctor told me to take benedryl...so I was always listless and lazy. The honey took hold in about two weeks and suddenly I noticed I could sleep through the night breathing thru my nose instead of my mouth. I wake up now without a split tongue or encrusted eyes. I can work in the garden without sneezing attacks or watery eyes. I take about a tablespoon a day just raw and out of the jar. Nicest cure out there. I buy the honey by the fruit jar right at the honey farm. Maybe I should call it a Bee farm. It is full of the pollens and allergens I breathe on a daily basis. I apparently develop a resistance to the effects over time with this delicious inoculation. As for vitamin C...I use it every day. I also have mixed the buffered Vitamin C with a few drops of water and a touch of DMSO and painted assorted skin cancers on my face and arms. I had 15 of these basal and squamous cell lesions in all. Daily painting of the areas killed the growths and over time they disappeared. I did have two that were resistant to the treatment and the doctor insisted they be removed. Instead...I went to a mixture well described on the internet...Eggplant ground up in Apple Cider Vinegar. I used the natural vinegar with the mother still in it. I also added red raspberry extract, Frankincense, and Vitamin A serum. I have completely eliminated the oozing sores from my face. I used the paste I made twice a day, and under a good band aide ( careband adhesive) that sealed in the moisture and kept the medication moist on the wound. I alternated the treatment when the sores seemed to get sore and perhaps infected with several days of no treatment but I applied Neosporin-type antibiotic ointment with pain relief for a couple of days. When a scab develops it is black. Do not pick at it or try to remove it! Let it be. After the scab has been in place for a bit it starts to itch...do not scratch the scab off! I dabbed it with Coconut oil to soften and relieve the itching. Sometimes the scab comes off after the softening. The sore will perhaps ooze and weep...but this is normal and a good sign of healing. If the sore has a covering and it is not too painful you can restart the cancer treatment...repeating the entire process. It takes weeks...but no surgeries and disfiguring scars. My cancers are all gone now...but I suffered for years before I took control and fixed the problem myself. I had had surgery on some of them but they came back.
  4. On the original Star Trek with Spock and Kirk...there was an episode that had Capt. Kirk living amongst a tribe of people that very much resembled the American Indians of about a century ago. He had lost his memory. The Enterprise had come to the planet to see about saving it. A huge force or object was about to return as it always did to devastate the planet. They found that an ancient people had come to the planet and constructed a protection device to dissipate the incoming threat and render it harmless...thus saving the planet. When the ship returned to rescue Kirk and fix the device all ended well and the people of the planet were saved. I wonder if some ETs from some other planet studied the damage to the planet Earth as the Planet X system came near and orbited the sun on its regular journey through space on its great elliptical orbit. They would see that the incoming disaster could not be avoided. They might have used their sophisticated and special equipment...with the man power of the humans available...to dig and create great places of protection for mankind and animals under ground. Only special equipment could cut, carry and stack those great stones that make up a lot of these "bunkers". I understand they are built all over the earth and whereas some have been discovered...many more are likely there as well. Our collective governments find these and close them off from the public for their own inspection as they never cease to look for new weapons with which to kill each other. It would be nice if a coordinated world wide effort to open these places up, clean them up, stock them up, and start planning mass evacuations of the people into these ancient shelters were to begin. There are millions of unemployed peoples who could help out and prepare for survival. Foods could be stockpiled, beds constructed, lanterns prepared, solar equipment devised, and educational supplies stored. The world could be brought together in the coordinated efforts to save people and animals. The job would be daunting and unending. There would be hope in the work. It would dispel much of the despair that is to come. It goes without saying that there would be groups of greedy and selfish men who would steal, kill and try to take over these efforts. Starting out with guards and protection would be vital. Shooting to kill would be the standing orders for any trespass. No arrests, no trials, no quarter...shoot to kill any armed group of any religion or sect or gang. Trump is now aware of these threats from the incoming system. He has probably had some difficult nights thinking about the lies that have been told the people and the orders he has had to perpetrate these lies. He is also aware of the thousands of miles of underground roads and cities that are ready for the "winners" of society. One answer to the problem is to retrofit these miles of underground tunnels with bathrooms every 50 feet and water pipes with fountains and sinks every 50 feet. When the event looms in the heavens...people could be trucked to the areas and allowed to stay in there. Everyone who enters would be required to pack a "bug out bag" with food bars, jerky, peanut butter, hard candy, etc. to last at least a week or more. The government has had the technology to prepare for themselves...this could be extended to providing protection to many thousands of us. It is not necessary to stay underground forever...the danger and upheaval will be bad for awhile then head out of our area. For that amount of time the government could store away some cup o' noodles for us. They will be having steak, cheddar, and wine...so a few Power Bars and Peanut butter crackers would not break them. Maybe the ETs that are showing up all over are here to point out these great underground hide outs and our ability to stay alive if we climb into them. I am sure they built many of them to begin with and have legends as we do of their use during ELEs. We may be hearing more from them soon...so do not shoot any of them!
  5. In the far past...if as some of us contend...Nibiru was held in legend and prepared for, they may have constructed these great underground structures to survive the next arrival. They might not have known when it would come back...but the destruction was bad enough to warrant the building of safe areas. In the light of the great underground cities of today...built by taxpayer dollars for only the elite and members of government...it is highly possible ancient man also saw the signs in the heavens...and had their bibles of sorts to read of past identical signs and what happened when the signs appeared. I have contended that the bible of today is only a prophetic device in so much as it recorded the events of the last Passover of the Planet X system and those very signs and events are happening today as the great destroyer returns like clockwork to end an age and begin a new one. The earthquakes, floods, discoloration in the heavens prophesied in the bible actually happened to the extent that it was written down and recorded all over the world in different cultures. The Mayan recordings were made in stone and carved into monuments. The early people wrote in books and passed down these stories generation to generation of the great tribulation and upheaval when the signs again appear in the skies. Well, here we are, again. I wish the governments would admit to the truth of this natural and normal heavenly occurrence and give the people time to come to terms with it in their own way. Nothing can change it or stop it. They have their bunkers now, they are well stocked and waiting...so let the people know what is about to arrive and give them some kind of chance to dig in and stock up. How silly of me...that information might cut into the money supply and income of the rich and famous. They need us to keep working, paying off the bills and investing in their survival. Who would get pregnant? Who would go to school tomorrow? Who would buy a car? Who would go to work? What bank would keep allowing credit cards or even debit cards...when repayment would never be possible? I daresay even the armed forces would want to return home to be with their families at the end. Even the prisons all over the world would be facing riots and upheaval as the inmates demanded freedom to get out of lockup. So the sheep are left to graze in ignorance. The profits keep coming in. And the great new Passover of an ancient incoming heavenly giant is hidden, lied about and covered up. The national debt is ignored as it needs never to be repaid. We have our Bread and Circuses to keep us entertained and distracted from the truths. In the end...a lot of useless eaters will be eliminated...which fits right into the plans of the rich and powerful anyway.
  6. ...later they announced the purchase of a traditional, yet stocky, mansion on the outskirts of Denver, CO. Word has it they are stocking it pretty darn heavy to last the long cold winters in the area. The luxurious "compound" sports high security fences to keep the bears out. The ladies are hoping to really grow old there. (fiction...just in case...)
  7. Ditto for me. I went to the grocers today for salad and vegetable back up. I was pleased to see the country of origin posted on every fruit and veg. I was able to go through and select USA product and pass over the produce from Mexico. No cucumbers from the USA were there...so I did not buy any. My own private boycotts do not amount to much in the long run but I get a sense of satisfaction knowing I did something for "the cause" I have chosen. I do buy produce from Canada...they have the best tomatoes. I also gave up anything Nabisco!
  8. I can see a future...not one of super humans...but one of super zombies who have lost everything after an EMP or solar event robs them all electronic communication. I see us going backward...not forward . .in a world where the humans cannot add two plus two anymore. I see madness and suicide as a result of the great loss of these toys in our hands.
  9. Please...someone fire at least one bullet to call this guy out.
  10. ....and the guys in the ship laughed a little and said..."Don't worry...they will all just claim it to be a hoax." "Let's get this crystal into the cargo bay and get the hell out of here. Those fishermen are always drunk anyway..."
  11. Thanks for the answer.
  12. It is a question probably already in this 135 pages...but I do not want to look for it. Is PayPal the only way to make donations?
  13. He got up that morning and decided it was a good day to rob a bank. He shoulda "stood" in bed.