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  1. I read all of this as I have done so many times. It has always been "about to happen" and "any day now." Having been a prepper from 1985 I have read, listened, prepped and been ready in response to all the hype and false promises...false dates...and good story tellers. I have finally come to see the latest "breaking news" and "latest pictures" for the bunk and bullship they really are. There may well be something on the way...but it is far more likely it will arrive in the someday rather than the now-day. I do not even follow the breaking news reports of trumpets in the sky or two suns in the sky or the ever-changing excuses for nothing really happening at all any more. If something happens...the poor will die and the rich will survive because they kept the secret and took care of themselves. Nothing new in that. So I do not care anymore. I will more than likely lay on my deathbed dreading the ridicule of my friends on the other side as they watched me put life aside in preparation for surviving in this existence. I am so over the adventure of endless waiting.
  2. Timeline To TeoTwawki 2022

    Goody...a new set of "sure thing" dates for TEOTWAWKI. I noticed they are out far enough to allow for a nice space of time for fear and speculation. Thing is...a lot of us no longer fear the end or even care about it anymore. Years of fake dates and profit taking has rendered most of us...numb and disinterested. Even the u tubers are becoming boring with their "breaking news" reports of years-old "proofs" and desperate attempts to show the end is mere moments away. Yawn...
  3. It is a question probably already in this 135 pages...but I do not want to look for it. Is PayPal the only way to make donations?