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  1. But...I have that kind of mind...always thinking the worse. I think every Obama free telephone that is being given out in the millions to the poor and all immigrants is equipped with a tiny charge of Plastic Explosive. Someday every single Obama phone will ring...and when the phone is answered...the thing explodes and blows the head off of every poor person and immigrants of all ages. It is just awaiting the electronic signal and "BAMM" 45.000.000 EBT and Welfare people fall off the federal check book.
  2. Millions of users will sign up for the free antivirus only to find much later that a tiny infection was included that would lie dormant until the day someone flips the switch and millions of PCs and personal devices suddenly come under the control of some Russian think-group that knows just how to use such power. It could spend time traveling from device to device until we are tied up in electronic knots that could destroy our economy...take out power grids...disrupt communications...down phone systems...infiltrate our medical records and even medical care. But its Free!!! So was the Trojan Horse.
  3. ...and yet you wrote a block of text and misspelled the word by...you wrote buy. So I do not "buy" your attempt to dismiss this video.
  4. As long as the crooks own the police...the NSA...FBI...ETC...and the coroners are bought and paid for...these killings will go on forever. The police get away with murder and one hand wipes the blood off the other. A day will come when the people have had enough, but not while the majority of the nation is on EBT and handouts to keep them subdued. When it finally happens...we will see why Syria was allowed to kill, bomb and destroy its people as the world watched. Governments pretend to abhor such things...but in reality...they stick together against the useless eaters and milling sheeple.
  5. If Yellowstone blows...the number of US citizens heading south will explode too.
  6. well...that should keep the rest of "them" in line.
  7. I have seen this before...big "mysterious" build up to get watchers and ratings...but no meat in the soup. With the government willing to kill to keep its secrets, nothing out of the ordinary will be revealed on a TV show. But the hopeful will watch...and deal with the inevitable let down and feeling of being used...again. The only thing that is even slightly insightful...IMO...is the collection of "survival" type shows all over the schedule. All showing ways to deal with no power, no clean water, no grocery stores, on many levels. There is wilderness survival, Alaska-type survival, dessert and swampland survival and little lessons on how to deal with disaster. Hell, even shows where the survivor types are buck naked! These programs were not on television until the last few years. Then we have the daily repeats of "The Day After" , Armageddon", Deep Impact and others to program us as to possible scenarios and how things could happen. It is all there in living color...the threats, the preparing for bad times, the storage food commercials, the news reports on flooding, the terrorist infiltration of the nation, and how to start fires and clean your drinking water with moss. The puzzle is right there in front of us...the survivors will be the ones who figure out the pieces and how to put them together. IF they are in the right place at the right time.
  8. The dis-info-merchants are thinking hard on this one.
  9. Thank god for noodles!

    I served these just once...everyone got gas...very bad gas...it was not pretty! But they were very good.
  10. I invested in a solar generator with panels to get a little power when TSHTF. I tried it out last summer with an extra freezer I stocked with pop bottles of water to monitor. The compressor only kicked in once in awhile so it did not drain the three marine batteries I had hooked up to the system. They charged in the sun and were able to keep the freezer going and the water frozen hard for the two weeks that I ran the test. I have it all put away safely until I need it. I hope to use the power for charging batteries and running a washing machine among other things. I have used it to run my wheat grinder so I am glad about that. I can a lot. I am backed up with all kinds of foods I have grown and purchased cheaply in the summer. I just put up Cherry Jam and jelly and still had plenty of juice to start a five gallon batch of wine. In six months I will be ready to jug the wine...then about three months later...to bottle it. I use no chemicals like nitrates so it takes a lot longer...but it is clear, slightly sweet and NO headaches! I also got 10 sheets of rich, pure cherry leather finished, wrapped and vacuum packed. All from two nice cherry trees. Soon...the apricots will be ready...and I repeat the process...minus the apricot jelly. I only make a rich apricot jam which is a family favorite. Every few days I get enough snow peas and string beans to batch out two or three packages into the freezer. I kinda wish I could afford one of those freeze-dried food prep machines. I have seen them on the internet and they sure look interesting. I do dry a lot of things...but freeze drying is so much better for dry long term storage. I like the idea about digging a root cellar. Hmmmmmm
  11. Hell..it is only half a great idea...We need to put them in High Schools all over the nation. Put a machine in the restrooms right on the wall...and make um cheap!
  12. Total Eclipse Q

    I do not know about all that stuff. What I want to tell you is to try and get a bunch of pictures of the surrounding skies when it happens. Everyone shoots the actual eclipse but we may have some huge planetary visitors hanging in the heavens in shadowy forms. I am hoping the world looks up and sees the proof of the incoming system. It may be the day everyone in the path of the darkness learns the truth one way or another. If it happens that millions see the approaching planets...all hell will break loose. The government can't deny what millions see. They can't shut us all up. I bet all the chem trail pilots are going to be working overtime. I am very lucky to be in the path of totality!
  13. The Amazing Truth About Stonehenge

    What we know is this is just another interpretation of history by another inspired thinker...who was not there and cannot possibly know..."The Truth". Most of our history is speculation and supposition by men who want it to be a certain way. Spinning stories is perfectly ok...but please don't take it all as fact and truth. Fifty years from now...someone will come up with the "real truth"...as he sees it.
  14. Just because you have succumb to the propaganda and 24/7 brainwashing by your talking heads...does not mean we all have. I do my own thinking.
  15. I can see them now...like a bunch of oil tycoons. They are all sitting around discussing how to convince their flocks that all the religions are still right and we need to have faith...and keep supporting the preachers in their lavish life styles. They have to come up with some plausible story to keep us under control and under their spells. It should be pretty entertaining to see them welcoming all the new heathens and telling them "God was waiting for them to come into the fold." If they have too many fingers or scales...it is going to be hard convincing us they too were made in the image and likeness of god. Who knows...maybe they have gods who are smarter than our gods. They most certainly are smarter and more evolved than we are...so are we still the only ones allowed in that heaven they invented? Yup...it is still so true...You can fool some of the people all of the time...and all of the people some of the time...but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. No wonder the PTB still claim there are no ETs...they are buying time to figure out their press releases.
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