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  1. I am just wondering if the Denver Airport...gateway to the elite survival bunkers...is getting much traffic. It would be interesting to know if the 23 rd is being important enough for the government to start the on loading of guests. I realize the elite can arrive on the elaborate underground trains as well.
  2. Well...she had better stay the hell out of Idaho! They even arrest the ill and dying for having that "deadly" drug. Even small children having seizures are not allowed to have the help that MJ offers. Their parents are threatened with jail and having their kids taken away. People are forced to move out of the state.
  3. You walked out without paying????!!!!! When my friend died, the doctor who killed him in three days charged him $10,000.00 plus his professional charges. This doctor has been billing, and threatening, and calling since 2007 to get his money from the man's widow. They want her to sell her mobile home to give them money. Greed and lust for money cannot describe the true nature of the medical profession.
  4. Revelations September 23 Glitch?

    Hopefully...it happens just as the interpretation relates. WE prep and wait for whatever happens. "We keep our oil lamps full" as it were. Sooner or later something has got to give. I really do not want to leave my Velveeta and Spam to my non-believer kids in my will. This event on Sept 23rd is intriguing...but if it is a bum steer...there will be a new date and event invented by some new expert and of course it will be the absolute truth...again... It won't affect the Velveeta.
  5. I had a dear friend. He got liver cancer...he waited till it was stage four to see the doctor. He did not have insurance. The doctor said quite plainly that no chemo could possible save his life at this point and sent him home to die. He was given three weeks to a month to live. I started him on the cancer concoction spelled something like casic or maybe iscaric...I cannot remember as it was 2007. I got Vitamin B17 from Mexico and hit him hard with all I could do. No sugar...and followed several suggestions I got off the web. He got a lot better. He collected acities in his abdominal cavity and they put in a drain to keep it from collecting too much. The color of the drainage was green...it looked just like the green casic cure I was pouring into him. He was still alive and doing better in two months. Then he went to see the doctor as the doctor wondered about the green fluid that kept draining out of his "stopper". After the visit...the doctor told him he had improved so much that he could now endure the chemotherapy drug...$10,000.00 per dose. My friend listened to the doctor...took the infusion of chemo...and was dead in three days. I believe if he had not taken that drug concoction he would have beaten that cancer.
  6. like...we would have been told...
  7. Yes...so very wrong...I had to double check who you were...I did not know you held views such as you showed. I see the fear of the entire nation of Japan as that rocket went over their heads...their homes...their families. No one should have to live in such fear on a daily basis while the perpetrator of that fear is allowed free reign and no punishment for such aggression. If we ignore the bullies they only get bolder and more vicious. War is never a good thing...but "walk away from trouble if you can...sometimes you have to fight when you're a man..." China owns the US...and they are calling the shots. They are most likely telling Lil Kimmie to launch these missles...as they hate Japan and us. Trump will be criticized no matter what path he takes...that is the basic agenda for your democratic party and its paid for media. So going to war to stop a nut-job who no one will bring to heel may be Trump's path...but that decision is not his alone...although only his name will be dragged into the mud. NK has ruined the peace of mind of millions of people all over the area. He is waging a war of fear and sleepless nights. Many people have so little...they should not be subjected to such uneasiness and dread on a daily basis. Yet you say...leave him alone and let him be. The ultimate war is between China, Russia and the USA...lil kimmie may just be the fuse that is used to start it. All of this is just MHO. You may not like it...but then again...your personal opinion saddened me.
  8. little goat children are dancing in my brain...I have to agree with limited population. Too many rats in the cage and far too many sub-human creatures sprouting up in the deserts and being spread world wide.
  9. Here in Emmett, ID we just had the eclipse and it is now over. I was looking forward to it just for the chance to see other bodies out there. The skies were pristine and clear...not a cloud...not even a chemtrail. There was nothing at all. Nothing but the sun and moon. I saw one star pop out...but nothing noteworthy at all. I am a bit letdown that I did not see any hint of the Planet X system. I think if any u tube video shows up touting images of the incoming planets...I will very much doubt them. I do not know what to think right now. I seem to have that feeling that I just caught my dog with another person...or my wife with another man... I need to be alone now...
  10. these American liberal gimmie-gimmies are no better than the Taliban who bomb and desecrate all the ancient places of history. They try to destroy the past creations and artworks that they disagree with. This nation needs to wake up and stop agreeing with any ideas the " self-proclaimed Oppressed" come up with to make themselves feel better...and bring down the "White man." Mount Rushmore is just as worthy to be destroyed and desecrated as the statues in the deep south. They are all white men tied to wars and oppression of black people because the black people need to feel oppressed to explain why they do not strive to achieve success in their daily lives. Only Trump drew a line in the sand to stop this stupidity...and of course he is crucified for it. Somebody needs to stop this purge before all of our historical artifacts and monuments are desecrated by the Taliban mindset growing in the USA.
  11. As monstrous as it sounds...we do indeed need a good delousing. As the old saying goes; Kill um all...god will sort them out. Nature is providing...again...a natural solution to the stupidity of mankind and its leaders. If the Nibiru system is arriving and the Pole Shift happens as it has before, this world will be turned inside out. The governments have used their insights to prepare for themselves and dug bunkers for themselves and the elite. The rest of the world's population is on their own. As the rich and powerful sip wine and nibble their cheeses billions of us will perish from the natural forces of a planet under siege from an incoming magnetic force that will bombard us all with fire and stony debris from the tail of its passage. Our civilization needs to be reset...only a great killing event can do it. To me it is not any gods doing or the result of "sinning". It is a natural, cyclical, process that allows a good cleaning of the parasites that eventually sicken the host...the earth...and allow it time to heal and renew itself. We. IMHO, are all immortal beings and we all do death as easily as falling off a log. We will suffer and die just have we always have. No big deal. It is just a series of adventures we get to enjoy or suffer...depending on how you see it. The plan for me is to enjoy the ride and do my best to survive and see what happens next. It is exciting for me! If I get killed or die of starvation or whatever it is just my fate for this particular adventure I am living now. It is " crazy" I suppose to see a mass killing off of our civilization as a good thing...but this particular "boil" has come to a bloody and oozing head and needs to be lanced. I hope it is a good and efficient job of destruction that is able to find the vermin and despots hiding below in their huge fully stocked larders...and let them suffer the same gruesome endings they have planned for the rest of us.
  12. Energy Spike...

    Just the baked prune crumble.
  13. One thing is puzzling me...why have there been no chemtrails over the greater Boise area for a full week? I am a nut on the daily attack of the government on us...I look every day...and for a full week there have been only clear blue skies with the old-timey billowing clouds aloft. I has me wondering if they are saving money to invade Korea or they just gave up? Do you folks still get the chemical injection on a daily basis? Please tell us if things are different for your hometown.
  14. Just another opinion. No offense meant...but anyone who has certain beliefs can have certain opinions that they hold to. Yours are not mine. That being said...any reasonable human who pays any kind of attention and is not glued to a cellphone or under someone's control...can see that we are on the brink of a very big stink. Something is out there...something is coming...we are being lied to...and it will not be long now. Good sense says put some groceries under the bed...just in case.
  15. But...I have that kind of mind...always thinking the worse. I think every Obama free telephone that is being given out in the millions to the poor and all immigrants is equipped with a tiny charge of Plastic Explosive. Someday every single Obama phone will ring...and when the phone is answered...the thing explodes and blows the head off of every poor person and immigrants of all ages. It is just awaiting the electronic signal and "BAMM" 45.000.000 EBT and Welfare people fall off the federal check book.
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