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  1. I'm jewish - my family line is Jewish and my Surname is Levine which has many jewish links, Lol find me a Levine who isn't jewish - When people deny Jewish links it makes me laugh, I can spot a Jew so easily , from their looks and the way they speak to their mannerisms. I cant tell you what it is but a jew can spot a jew - Jewdar we call it - If Jews were just a group of people who decided to one day call themselves Jews then they wouldnt have similar traits...
  2. There should be no difference between a zionist and a jew - What you are talking about is a nationality vs a religion and I am not sure why? The Jewish homeland is Israel - If there is a jew who classed themselves as non zionist then how the hell can they call themselves jews if they do not believe jews should have their own homeland.
  3. Do you think crime would be better or worse with guns? I feel like it would be even worse if there were more access to guns , more people would be dead
  4. levinyl

    Ladies and Gentlemen War is imminent

    I reckon so too! I reckon a Russian plane will shoot down a US plane and the US will say this is an act of war
  5. levinyl

    Ladies and Gentlemen War is imminent

    Its all over the media - A lot we are not told as well!
  6. this would be a huge step in the right direction!
  7. I think this hits the "nail on the head" - Trump wants war with NK so that he can bring China into it and stop this from happening -
  8. levinyl

    Sleep Paralysis

    No its different, its called astral projection, it allows ones soul to come out of your "capsule" body and enter the astral plane, until it happens to you its hard to explain but you enter an almost parallel world where you feel like you are you but that you are connected to your body via a shiny cord. Its pretty mad and I believe proves of another dimension to our world.
  9. Im calling BS on this ! There are many types of bullet wounds - depends on so many factors - Yes there are some things that dont add up about the shooting but this many crowd actors? How can so many actors be used in these events and not one person comes out to tell the truth?!
  10. "should" not "must" big difference - Only things it is saying they MUST do is "be on the field" It even says they "may" result in discipline - instead of having a go at them - Why doesn't Donald sit down and find out what the actual issue is and try to find to a solution
  11. Well they still have to book the slot for their plane - some dont actually own their planes so still have to book it with their providers.
  12. Gods trumpet? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_trumpets

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