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  1. Freedom of Speech is a concept the law does not recognize. The law uses the concept of protected speech. Unless one understands these concepts it is hard to have a conversation about the first amendment with people. A good example is found in yelling fire in a crowded theater. If we have feedom of speech then anyone could say anything at anytime. This means a person who by their words contributes to a stampede by yelling fire that kills three people would suffer no liability. The courts have always seen that freedom of speech is not absolute. Since it is not an absolute how do we protect a free society censorship? The answer is we create protected classes of speech. A person yelling fire is not protected, while a person stating their opinion about politics is. Every professor I have had so far always uses the hate speech argument for what is protected. It is a mantra from my professors, almost word for word " What about those who teach white supremacy? While I do not agree with them, our laws protect, yes, even them." Then the class will get into a heated discourse about how while they do not agree with the W/S crowd our constitution etc protects everyone's free speech. We know not all speech is protected speech and based on the censorship found in F.C.C. regulation, I am of the mind that "hate speech" may not be legal much longer. This can be interpreted as the beginning of a slippery slope. Me I am on the wait and see side, when SCOTUS offers their opinion then I will analyze it and re-access.
  2. This is old news they said all the same stuff with Skylab. Hopi prophecy, red kachina, Ed Dames Etc.
  3. Why is the US allowed in South Korea??

    It is part of the post war agreement reached during the Potsdam conference. It may not be right, but it is legal. When two bullies want your lunch money......
  4. The Scary Aspect to Being a Christian

    I would think the scary aspect to being a christian is to conform ones will to 2200 year old + propaganda.There is no religion higher than truth.
  5. Not sorcha, it is in the msm. The link to vegas might be sorcha. The murder suicide is not.
  6. Another MSM local news this time http://www.whec.com/news/fbi-searched-fairport-home-before-murder-suicide/4626152/
  7. Is USA Today a legitimate enough news source?https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/10/06/john-beilman-nicole-murder-suicide-fbi-search-fairport-rett-syndrome/738874001/ Though they mention nothing of Las Vegas, they seem to indicate He killed his daughter and himself over her rare illness. This does not cover the search warrant though that is mentioned in the article. So there is some truth here, just not sure how much.
  8. Veg/vegan

    I do know about it. I enjoy the cooking. We do process the foods ourselves we are kinda in-between whole foods vegan and High Fat Raw. We are High Fat Raw until the evening then we go to town on our dinner. Raw til 4 I guess would be the term. Then wholefoods we process ourselves. tons of garbanzo beans, I make amazing nut cheeses. Especially my Alfredo. I eat a ton of fruit, we do not eat much sugar. Though we do eat salt. I used to have high blood pressure until I increased my salt intake.
  9. Veg/vegan

    My whole family has become vegan, my roommate and I went first. Eventually my mom's kidneys started to go so she went vegan. The rest if they do not like it do not eat. We all have our favorite recipes and share the cooking load.
  10. Veg/vegan

    While I am not a believer in Jesus, the rest you say is 100% true. Vegan Pride!!
  11. You are right OP, That is why I recommend everyone go to law-school. It is the only form of self defense we have. Color within the lines and learn the rules. It is the only path that makes sense in our modern society. Especially now that lawyers and judges are being replaced by robots.
  12. That is muzzle flash, sure as shit. Official narrative debunked.
  13. Ayup, I agree. Just a two sentence synopsis. I do not think I do so bad condensing a 561,996 word book into 35 words. I can now tweet Ayn Rand. lmao
  14. John Gault became a nobody. He was Altas who shrugged the weight of the world off his shoulders. Once the most brilliant of men, He denies the world use of the products of his intellect.
  15. "Taking a Knee" is a Masonic Gesture

    Omg. So every man ever who took a knee to propose marriage is a Mason?
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