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  1. Fig Tree Generation...

    Eventually this math has to be right, Yes? First it was a generation is 40 years. Billy Graham Jesus will be back by 1988 1948- 1988=40 years. Every 10 years since I have heard this. I guess someday it will be right.
  2. That is pretty hardcore. I guess some people are already playing WW3
  3. The deliberate dumbing down of america

    The children of today have access to better education than at anytime I can find in history. Thank you Google. Civilization is awesome. To bad the Religotards cannot catch up to the rest of us. They keep trying to bring back the glory days of the Jacksonian Era.
  4. All Courts are Roman Cult Courts

    These institutions are not all powerful. Most of our courts are overburdened, underfunded, if people started learning real law and fighting their cases instead of just taking a plea agreement of out of court settlement, the whole thing would collapse.
  5. All Courts are Roman Cult Courts

    Rome is civilization, we forget this. Civilization is built upon laws. These laws have been developed over time. Are all Courts Roman courts? Yes, but not in an unbroken line of control as asserted. Instead it is the concepts, policies and procedures that work that are retained in our modern judicial system. The issue is one of Civilization vs barbarism. I love civilization, I love the benefits that are achieved by having economic and legal systems that enable economic specialization and commerce. I love that I do not have to be a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, I can choose one and trade. Superstition, Paranoia and misrepresenting facts is what destroyed Rome the last time. Rome fell when the games at the Colosseum were halted by Emperor Honorius for moralistic reasons. He ended the games because the Christians were offended by the activities. Without the Superbowl, America will fall in a similar fashion. The same thing is happening today, we are abandoning reason and logic, abandoning inclusive culture for one of moral majorities and fear of the civilized. If we continue to believe the propaganda of God is good, law and order are evil then just like the fall of Rome we will lose progress and enter a new dark age. I myself am studying to be a lawyer. It is hard, from balancing home life to work, to affording school in the first place, it has taken real effort. There are many things in law that come from Rome, Jury Trial for example. To assert that the whole of Law is a Roman Cult orchestrated by the Jesuits and elements within the Catholic Church is absurdity at best. One would have to overlook many Judaical realities and the added legal concepts that came from England, France, Pirate Code and even the Vikings. Law today a composite of many systems, used in different areas. Not to mention, Lawyers and Judges are not that smart. Look at Mathew Peterson, the nominee for the D.C. district Judgeship. He struggles with basic concepts of law that I learned in my first year of undergrad. My point, Judges are not as intelligent as would be needed to pull of such a conspiracy.
  6. All Courts are Roman Cult Courts

    Close, right idea, wrong explanation. I do not joke when I say "I fight for Rome!"
  7. That is ok, Cops are allowed to arrest on suspicion. If one does not like it fight the charge in court. File a couple civil lawsuits against the officer if you think he violated your rights. That is how our system works.
  8. Check out this world government graphic

    I would not worry about a world government. It is a pipe dream of both sides. The reality is we never stabilized the Nation State. The City State model still underlies all international dealings. LA is closer to China then it is to D.C., What how fast we the people of the United States of America balkanise. It has already begun. California has sanctions against several states that do not share cultural values. The sheering forces are too great for civilization to homogenize much further in the near future.
  9. When the LGBT Bullyboys Come Calling

    The conservative right is slowly dying. They may have the Supreme Court thanks to the Trump election but you are going to lose the appellate courts and district courts over the next 20 years. They no longer teach natural law theory as a viable legal theory. Once critical law theories become the mainstream you all will go poof. This is one of those generational/cultural battles that has already been won. We learned from when you shut down the Colosseum. We will not make that mistake again. there are only 35% of you left in this country. Thanks to Trump, the 65% of Republicans like myself who voted for him will not make that mistake again. You sneaky southern democrats, snuck into our party and have been hiding behind your family values and moral majority, we are on to you. You call the Human Rights Campaign Rich and forcing cultural change. It is the Right with the money, the Koch brothers own you all. The HRC, is just a natural institution that has arisen from a cultural shift that has long ago taken place. They are a trailing indicator not a leading.

    Now you have this knowledge what are you going to do with it. That was the big issue I had when I went to law school I used to see the system as monolithic and every powerful corrupt etc. Those things are true, but it is far more fragile then we realize and a world without the system of Courts is far more frightening.

    Hello Cinnamon, It is true what you say with one caveat, it is under congressional oversight. Congress gave all these powers to the Executive Branch in The Administrative Procedure Act (APA), Pub.L. 79–404, 60 Stat. 237, enacted June 11, 1946. This is why law school is a blessing. The Federal Register is a powerful tool, Lex Scripta.
  12. History is a hoax.

    i also think it is dangerous and only helps the masters stay in power to teach people such things. The Real History we have is fairly accurate. I mean it is all interpreted and there are debates and different angles of looking at history, but the dates and figures we pretty much all agree on. The problem is they, the elite, do not want us to know history. They do not teach it in schools, replacing it with national myths and propaganda. It is sanitized in the media. Real history is ugly, there are no good guys or bad guys, there is just cause and effect as far back as we look. Luckily we know about those missing years. The dark ages, we have great records of those years, there is no real mystery here. Just a better understanding of power and who, what, when, where and Why those in power today came to be, and what their weaknesses are. To teach this nonsense only plays into the elites hands. The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. Robespierre
  13. History is a hoax.

    This has been debunked many times. Besides it conflicts with Archeo-astrononomical dates. Which is it Gobelki Tepe or no King Aflred?