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  1. Huge Orb Over West Coast

    It looked like a lens reflection since it mirrored the meteor exactly. Same appearance and exit times and parallel trajectory.
  2. Huge Orb Over West Coast

    Yep, that was a bolide most likely from the Leonid meteor showers which peak November 17th.
  3. Cannabis — The Ultimate in Neuroprotection

    Israel is surprisingly open minded when it comes to cannabis. They have pioneered a lot of the medical research of the cannabinoids as well as it not being as taboo of a subject as it is in western countries. It's about the only positive thing going for them.
  4. Given the long orbit of this to the outer edge of the sun's plasma sheath, this comet should be highly electrically charged and should be very bright as with pronounced coma and tails as it nears the sun. Hopefully it will be a nice visual treat.
  5. Nope. Still reflections from the camera's internal lens. Same time of the year means the sun on the left is in the same position to replicate the same reflection that appears on the right. Not only does the sun's reflection appear without the glare but it's reflection on the water is bright enough to appear as a reflection on the right as well. If the angle of the camera was moved, the lens reflections on the right would move as well.
  6. That means you are blessed! Psilocybe Cubensis (Golden Teachers, gold caps, etc.) grow wild in cow pastures. Psylocybe semilanceata (Liberty Caps) grow wild in sheep pastures and boundaries between fields and woodlands. I am no lawyer so take this with a grain of salt: If they are growing wild, there's really not much of an impetus for cops to mess with you. If you have them in your possession or are cultivating them in some organized way, then cops can and will fvck with you if they find out. Authority figures prefer to go after the people that have large operations, are newsworthy or have nice things and cash to confiscate. So someone that picks them wild from a nearby pasture for personal and private use is not high on their list. As with any kind of wild mushroom, be absolutely certain of the genus and species before you eat them. If there is any doubt, do not eat them as there are lookalikes that can be deadly. Psilocybe mushrooms bruise bluish and have purple or brownish purple spore prints. I'll say it again: be very meticulous and absolutely certain before eating wild mushrooms.
  7. They are Schedule I according to the DEA. The whole DEA illegal drugs schedule is completely arbitrary as far as the actual characteristics of substances, medical benefits and potential for abuse. The DEA should be completely dismantled as they are corrupt criminals who are only in it for themselves. They don't serve the people of the US. They destroy peoples lives and propagate lies and misinformation.
  8. Judging from the picture, that could be a wet weight therefore making the price another lie. Those were probably Psilocybe Cubensis and are very rarely sold wet. Shrooms are almost always sold dried out. If they were still wet, that would translate to a dry weight of about 70 pounds. That would be an estimated street price of about $63,000. The cops always lie about seizure and confiscation amounts to inflate their self worth and budgets. Assholes.
  9. Double Sunspots Emerging!

    Related: Sunspots and Earthquakes: http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2005/arch05/051221earthquake.htm
  10. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    Discourses is a new series. "Symbols of An Alien Sky" lays out the ground work and "Discourses..." takes it from there.
  11. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    The containers of individual electric environments has it's ending marked by plasma double layers. No glass needed! It is a small area of charge separation that insulates from outside electromagnetic interactions. http://www.everythingselectric.com/double-layers-plasma/
  12. Not here. We still are having summer weather and will have for the next week. It's the usual kind of weather we get this time of year. One factor that people forget when they jump to conclusions about the sun being in the wrong place is that the suns movement is complex. It's movement is called the Analemma. http://www.analemma.com/Pages/framesPage.html Orbital mechanics are complex and everything in the sky is moving. People think it's a simple matter and get all wound up because the complex movements don't math their simplified ideas. This is a huge problem in the conspiracy circles.
  13. It's not quite a lens flare but it is a lens reflection. I was seeing some of these when I was taking pics of the eclipse. They occurred right before and right after totality. I saw them moving around on the camera screen but it was not in the sky. The direct image of the sun is still too bright for the cameras digital components and they flare as the direct image on the right shows. Because of the flare, it still looks like the sun is normal. The reflection on an internal lens on the left, is much dimmer and shows the actual state of the moon and sun, which is still in eclipse. The digital components still pick up the reduced brightness lens reflection and it gets included in the picture. There is no actual object to the left of the eclipsed sun.
  14. Yet another reason for my love of Janine Turner to continue...