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  1. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    Discourses is a new series. "Symbols of An Alien Sky" lays out the ground work and "Discourses..." takes it from there.
  2. Electric Jupiter Shocks Astronomers

    The containers of individual electric environments has it's ending marked by plasma double layers. No glass needed! It is a small area of charge separation that insulates from outside electromagnetic interactions. http://www.everythingselectric.com/double-layers-plasma/
  3. Not here. We still are having summer weather and will have for the next week. It's the usual kind of weather we get this time of year. One factor that people forget when they jump to conclusions about the sun being in the wrong place is that the suns movement is complex. It's movement is called the Analemma. http://www.analemma.com/Pages/framesPage.html Orbital mechanics are complex and everything in the sky is moving. People think it's a simple matter and get all wound up because the complex movements don't math their simplified ideas. This is a huge problem in the conspiracy circles.
  4. It's not quite a lens flare but it is a lens reflection. I was seeing some of these when I was taking pics of the eclipse. They occurred right before and right after totality. I saw them moving around on the camera screen but it was not in the sky. The direct image of the sun is still too bright for the cameras digital components and they flare as the direct image on the right shows. Because of the flare, it still looks like the sun is normal. The reflection on an internal lens on the left, is much dimmer and shows the actual state of the moon and sun, which is still in eclipse. The digital components still pick up the reduced brightness lens reflection and it gets included in the picture. There is no actual object to the left of the eclipsed sun.
  5. Yet another reason for my love of Janine Turner to continue...
  6. I've never liked CCleaner. I've always used Spybot S&D and occasionally Malwarebytes. When I saw that articale yesterday, I was pleased with my preferences.
  7. The Walking Dead Free Game signals doom?

    That's the first season of "The Walking Dead" game. It was an excellent game with some very tough moral choices. Seems like something folks here would like as it's an interesting look into how you could survive under those circumstances of a zombie apocalypse. I came to have an emotional attachment to the main characters as they did such a good job with them. I'll admit it. I was in tears at the end. I would definitely recommend the game series. Season 3, which is ongoing now, is not quite up to the same bar as the previous two, I think.
  8. Earthquake lights are a piezo effect of the great pressures on tectonic plates. Just as electromagnetic pressure on quartz crystals produces electricity and RF waves, the tectonic changes in pressure produce electromagnetic effects that show up as lights in the sky.
  9. Nope. Not a black hole as they don't exist. They are seeing the effects of a Bennet Pinch or Z-Pinch on the Birkeland Current that feeds the Milky Way Galaxy. It is the electromagnetic axis of our galaxy not some imaginary placeholder that breaks all kinds of rules and physical laws they have declared inviolable. Supermassive Problems with Black Holes http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2009/arch09/090602supermassive.htm Black holes tear logic apart http://www.holoscience.com/wp/black-holes-tear-logic-apart/ Supermagnetic Field or ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Supermagnetic_Field_or_Supermassive_Black_Hole.php
  10. FDA Calls Ecstasy A ‘Breakthrough’ Drug For PTSD

    Since you didn't respond to my earlier question, I will take your response as no you have never tried MDMA. You are speaking out of ignorance and of things that you don't understand. That makes as much sense and has as much value as me attempting to critique the flying skills of an F-18 fighter pilot because I saw the movie "Top Gun". Your outrageous assumptions are truly pathetic and paranoid. Obviously you are scared of MDMA as fear of the unknown drives humans to do stupid shit and talk out of their asses. A paraphrased famous quote goes: "Psychedelics are substances that cause psychosis in those that haven't tried them". You are an excellent example of that quote in action.
  11. FDA Calls Ecstasy A ‘Breakthrough’ Drug For PTSD

    This is not entirely accurate. As I said before, back in the 80s and early 90s in Dallas, Ecstasy (E, Adam) was MDMA with non-psychoactive binders. The pills were white or off-white most often with a score to halve it. They had either light tan or light grey flecks which were the MDMA crystals crushed into the binders. There were no colored pills or imprint presses like there are these days. They smelled like anise or licorice, as you mentioned. MDMA in crystal form was not what circulated in those days. The most pure MDMA in it's crystal form can be is 84% due to it's structure. The pills were easily 400mg total mass with about 200-250mg MDMA. Since the recommended dose is 125-150mg, those were strong. Boy were they strong. LOL In the mid 90s, adulterations started showing up along with colored pills and custom prints. The pill size was down to about 200mg total mass and around 100-150mg MDMA. As authority figures made the precursors of saffrole and isafrole more difficult to get, things started going the wrong way.
  12. There are ad banners that pull this info from your browser in an attempt to scare you into clicking on the banner. Many times it's just an ad for some software they are trying to scare you into buying. It is possible that clicking on the ad could take you to a page that attempts to load malware on your computer. That info is sent by the browser to web pages as part of normal browsing methods. People use scripts to print that info to the ads, so most likely, there is no malware or virus related to that banner. You can test to see by going to the same web page using an "incognito" window of Chrome and by using TOR browser to see how that info changes. Results may vary with the incognito window but odds are the TOR browser will be show "Firefox Browser" and an IP address from the TOR exit node.
  13. FDA Calls Ecstasy A ‘Breakthrough’ Drug For PTSD

    Have you ever tried MDMA? I'm talking about not just a one-off night. I'm talking about a serious pre-determined and planned trip with an intent. Have you?
  14. FDA Calls Ecstasy A ‘Breakthrough’ Drug For PTSD

    Again your reading comprehension fails. Read some of my other posts in this thread and stop injecting your warped attitudes and assumptions onto everything else.
  15. FDA Calls Ecstasy A ‘Breakthrough’ Drug For PTSD

    Not with MDMA. There was no boundary for the group. MDMA dissolved boundaries and fear. We accepted anyone unconditionally. There was just no room for hate and anger. I don't know if you have experienced real MDMA but it is an almost indescribable mindset. It's something that has to be experienced firsthand to grok it. I can talk forever about it and still not be able to do it justice. That article seemed like they were trying to associate oxytocin with mob mentality by a huge stretch.
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