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  1. If they are actual spiders, try mint plants. Spiders as well as mice hate them. Plant them around the house and keep a few inside. As to the article, can the guy climb walls yet?
  2. Every now and then, there is a spark pf sanity in the halls of government.
  3. Why Does Illuminati Symbolism refer to Saturn ?

    More related info: Red Ice Radio: The Saturn Death Cult: The Polar Configuration - Troy McLachlan
  4. They "reject capitalism" from their vanity cased iPhones. Ignorance knows no boundaries these days.
  5. Saturn Worshippers And Aliens in The News

    Forget that demon silliness. Find out the real reasons for Saturn worship.
  6. I think they should completely outlaw creation of AI not just "regulate it". A single viewing of "Terminator" is enough to tell me the risk of AI is far too great to be messing with. Then there's "The Matrix" and all of the William Gibson novels that say it could be the worst and last invention ever.
  7. "The Bikini Atoll" the new DLC for Fallout 4. Now featuring Nuka Punch! the tropical breeze taste that glows in the dark.
  8. The Space Shuttle Joke

    It is either the Crookes Dark Space or Faraday Dark Space depending on where the observer is. Since stars are anodes in galactic Birkeland currents, anode glows make up their coronas. The space between that anode and the cathode or virtual cathodes behaves in the same way as a Crookes Tube by having particular glow patterns. Just as the low pressure in the vacuum tube brings out the darkness, so does the vacuum of outer space work with the anode stars. The visibility is also dependent on the relative voltage potentials. Here's a little background: http://thesciencedictionary.org/crookes-dark-space/ http://thesciencedictionary.org/faraday-dark-space/ Alternate light and dark regions in cathode ray tube: https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/266010/alternate-light-and-dark-regions-in-cathode-ray-tube
  9. Is there a time frame? "The Walking Dead" announcer died in a parachuting accident on the 8th.
  10. I'll give that shitlizard, Haslam, my two cents about this.
  11. 'Walking Dead' stuntman dies after fall on set

    It's definitely sad. Stunt men sure have cojones to do what they do and sometimes they pay the price. His death also follows the death of Randy Schell, the promo and voice over actor, in a skydiving accident in Houston last week.
  12. The first part of your statement is a generalization and is a logical fallacy and is provable false. The second part of your statement shows drug abuse in an irresponsible behavior. From what you've said, all of your experience s have been negative and flat out drug abuse. To have a negative opinion about the substances themselves is a mistake. The problems arise not with the tools themselves but with the people that misused the tools.
  13. That's your problem (or at least the most relevant one here). It's not for kids and you had a poor parent. Cannabis and psychedelic consumption should be an informed decision for adults and only with the proper education about them. You have had a number of bad experiences and those should not be projected onto others that have been able to use them responsibly. I'm sorry you were not allowed to make the decision for yourself. I didn't start until I was 24. I've got the full gamut of experiences of psychedelics and "hard" drugs and I've never had issues except for the cops. Aside from the occasional difficult trip, I've had great experiences and personal growth.
  14. When I had to deal with a commute of 1.5-2 hours in D/FW traffic, I'd smoke a joint on the way home and it made it all good. You gotta know your limits and be used to what you are smoking, though. Not a good place to get too high. That is such a tired stereotype. I would smoke and learn about negative energy and do Tesla experiments. It was also an interesting addition to writing music. Your argument is invalid.
  15. Sessions Cartoon – Has He Lost It?

    @Cinnamon Yes, it was the hemp side, too. It was also a tool for Anslinger and other racist law enforcement dicks to control Mexicans, Blacks and jazz musicians. Back in '37 it was a large portion of the non-white population that smoked pot and the conservative Christian assholes that were afraid of just about everything used the prohibition tool to try to take control. Oddly enough, Sessions is cut from the same cloth as Anslinger.
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