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  1. If body language could speak verbally, it would speak volumes in that video! Not one female in that whole video was comfortable with him touching. Including that old has-been clinton.
  2. I think somewhere in here there is a "Conspiracy"!!! I mean Fords simply aren't meant to go fast - j/k'g (This coming from someone whom recently bought his wife a 2.7 with Eco Boost that might - just might - kick the livin' tar out of my HEMI truck). Great video! Impressive! Wanna see another? Check this out > http://www.thedrive.com/watch-this/15947/watch-this-1900-hp-ford-f-150-svt-lightning-lay-down-a-7-second-quarter-mile In the end, it's a matter of who has the most money to create the most horsepower. Add the above to my "Bucket List".
  3. Ho Hum, more deranged stammering from Pelosi

    Pelosi: "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It" She has been deranged ever since those words passed her lips. BTW - For the year 2018, I can give you 36,000 reasons why she is deranged.
  4. Anyone have a couple of D-cell batteries? That should fix it!
  5. World's First 1,000 MPH Car

    Well if the engine is in back, do the groceries go in front?
  6. Doctors clash over euthanasia for mentally ill

    So! We raise our next gen in a screwed-up, socially engineer enviroment, label them insane and do away with them? That's just nuts!
  7. Uh-Oh! Must of hit a nerve! You can always tell when she begins to defend herself and her evil actions by speaking/lying/crying/whimpering/distracting/falling down/nervous eye twitch/nervous cheek twitch/wrinkle forehead/writing a book/or even smiling that crooked little smile she does (<same-same as lying by way of body language). I love the Clintons! They're as easy to read as a book!!!
  8. I can envision the new advertising for this bar... "Cronies!!! Come for the ghosts! Leave with a belly full of spirits!"
  9. I haven't looked at one in years! I never found the articles all that interesting! *ahem* j/k'g (Old joke in fact when that rag printed some articles and all the young dudes bought it for the articles...Yeah!...Right!) BTW - Not likely I will ever buy a Playboy, since I prefer the Real Deal!
  10. Lemons into lemonade! I love lemonade!
  11. Interesting conversation with my Mailman.

    I did not know that! Thanks for that! 😊
  12. Interesting conversation with my Mailman.

    Personally, I like it when the postal carrier delivers our small Amazon packages. This way it is secure in a lock box and not out for every porch pirate to take. Fed and UPS is notorious for placing our larger packages out in plain sight from the road...Except the "New Guy", that delivered our package the other day. He did make an effort to half hide it from plain view, but he had a lot of nerve. He left a note on our security door and he suggested - right there in writing - on the official UPS sticky note - there in black, bold writing - he wrote, "By pot". True story!
  13. Cinnamon Raises Testosterone and makes Testes Swell

    That explains so much!!! I take cinnamon everyday. My coffee and as a supplement (Pure). No wonder I am a pervy old man!!! LOL!
  14. The FBI and Las Vegas Police are LYING!

    And of course without money...Yup! I have been stressing the point, to the wife, to pull some investment money and hide it in the crawl space!