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  1. ELDs? Are these the same devices that emit microwaves to record? If so they are playing havoc on my detector and I would imagine not too safe for driver and public.
  2. So what is the big deal about "The President Is Missing"? Look around! We been experiencing the real-deal since 1989! BTW - some will say longer...much longer!
  3. The longer I dwell on her "Paul Revere Comment", the more I find myself lmao as I picture her attempting to straddle a horse.
  4. Yikes!!! I bet the other sun fish gave that sucker plenty of room!!!
  5. Pacific Rim is lit up like a Christmas Tree with quakes

    About those kilts? This American wants to know if they're really going European or do they bind the boys up?
  6. What? LOL! I am sure she meant to say Benedict Arnold. I believe she had an "Super Self Inflicted Senior Moment" by saying "Paul Revere". After-all, he was a patriot and Ms. Opportunistic Hillary Clinton is no patriot!
  7. She gets away with this crap Ola and no one really investigates her? What's wrong with this picture?
  8. No! Only because they believe they can walk on water.
  9. You can't help those that have lately contributed nothing in life, except to see who has the biggest mouth and the tiniest brain!
  10. We are way past that...Unfortunately!
  11. I would give it all up (DACA and the border wall) if the feds would do four simple things. 1.) Recognize the border for what it is. 2.) Understand the primary base of this country's immigration laws. 3.) Repeal the naturalized citizen law. Just because you drop paco on or over American dirt doesn't mean he is American if both parents are foreign born. 98% of the problems would disappear within a generation. 4.) Any so call dreamer breaking our laws will be exported (depends on the severity of the law.). Any leaving this country (USA) will not be allowed back in.
  12. “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” ― Robert A. Heinlein
  13. GOOD! I hope her "Emotional Scar" will bury her and her career for good. One less fantasy reporter...
  14. I am still trying to get it through my head that she considers herself a "Genius" and now this? The witch is on a roll!!!
  15. "They Can't Kill Us All"...?...???!!!...LOL! Well, since the world has decided to go bat ship crazy, I can see a bit of a vendetta, anti-copism and racism in the title. Next up, "They Were The Ones To Fire The First Shot In This Civil War."
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