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  1. Key word here being "If". Many things are never reported (or released). Why do you think we are in the shape we're in today.
  2. Nothing is going to happen to the dems darling redheaded step-child. In fact, this will be swept under the rug so fast, with main stream media's help, it won't even put the tarn in tarnish on his fading legacy.
  3. Shades of the last epi of "X Files" (Yeah, I still watch it. It doesn't mean I support their worthless protest over something that makes little sense). Some how or another, I would think there be would be conflict within the consciousness. Kinda of like running a windows based software in a mac.
  4. Where's Shep!

    My condolences on your loss (x 2) Shep.
  5. Let's Eat!

    Fine example of brain development. You know the one where the frontal area of the brain is last to develop in teenagers/young adults. This is where the brain exercises good reasoning.
  6. Man trying to kill spider sets apartment on fire

    Way back when, I remembered a commercial on tv where a animated bug would yell, "RAID!" Admittedly, it wouldn't be as much fun using bug spray, but he wouldn't burn the place down. LOL! Sheeeesh!
  7. Yeaaaah. How badly is this one going to "butch"er after "Oh, say, can you see,...".
  8. Give me your best one-liner on this picture please.

    Do I get a free phone with this?
  9. I tapped the second link (the twitter one). Yeah? All I have to say if those "crazies" think, when they secure world dominance, that I gonna learn their "crazy-ass" alphabet this late in life...They got another thing coming! Freakin' world!!!
  10. The Merry Christmas Thread

    From my Colorado Rocky Mountains outpost To everyone at their specified outposts everywhere A very Merry Christmas and a very Healthy and Happy 2018!!!
  11. See now, it's things like this that get me out of lurking only to say, "He surely had a friend there with him, to hold his beer, while he pulled off that 'crazy ass' maneuver." Only in VA!
  12. there is a time and a place for everything.
  13. Gabby Giffords is playing too much of the "I'm a victim" role to stop something that might have saved her from being shot that fateful day. Just another card-carrying 101 snowflake.