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  1. RockyMtnXpress

    Oldest living person says life is a 'punishment'

    Sounds to me she is giving herself a little condolences, before she kick off, and is just seeking a little sympathy.
  2. RockyMtnXpress

    What cars do you own?

    2017 Ruby Red Ford Edge Sport with a 2.7 EcoBoost (This ride will move ya for something so unsuspecting). 2008 Electric Blue Pearl Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 (Big Horn) with a mildly modified HEMI. 2007 Green Kawasaki Brute Force 650 4x4 (Yeah, I know! Not a car, but still legal to operate on city streets in "some" states). 1970 Sunburst Orange Pearl Dodge Challenger (show car) with a 440 six pack and the famed pistol grip four speed. and my baby... ...1968 Ferrari Red Ford Mustang coupe (show car) with a mildly modified 289 and a mildly modified automatic. BTW - My show cars are not trailer queens. They are driven - weather permitting.
  3. RockyMtnXpress

    Name An Unpopular Belief You Have

    A society without the elite.
  4. RockyMtnXpress

    sO WhAt dO yOu gUys dO fOr fUn

    Working on and showing classic cars hits the top of my list. 4 wheelin with my truck and (or) quad to soothe that adventurer in me. Fishing and (or) fly fishing is right in there with me as well. And coming soon to your neck of the woods...RVing in our newly aquired motorcoach.
  5. ^^^ I think I'll go try that in mama's (wifey) Ford, Edge Sport today! ^^^
  6. Very little snow in the Colorado Rockies this winter. Started out in Oct (2017) with a little snow and after that it was pfffft. Very dry. Add to this Wind! Lots of wind! Enough wind to push my grille left to right and right to left across my deck. I believe the forecasters will be right! Time will tell. Add to that list of woes severe water restrictions in the southwest (Arizona, Nevada, California). I believe it's coming.
  7. Can I say it? I really, really, really need to say it! Here it goes; "She's not my president! Here or the 15 different levels of existence!" Ooow! That felt so good! *I wish I could say the same about Trump and get me in there for president. Hmmmmm?*
  8. BTW - I would never travel across the Pat Tillman bridge on a dare. My understanding it was constructed with a number of foreign aluminum cylindrical objects during the concrete pour.
  9. Deja-vu of the stadium collapse in the state of Washington years ago. This is how it works...The structural engineers get the blame. Then the structural engineers will blame the general contractor(s). They in turn will blame the city planners and those involved with the review process (safety departments). They in turn will blame the structural engineers and the whole process is repeated again and again until it is unresolved.
  10. I trust neither side when it comes to issues of gun control and such. Neither side has given me reason to trust them. As far as tampering with the Second Amendment, then this issue will go far deeper than the issue of gun control. If they attempt this, I have the idea, we are finish as a country and the gloves will come off. The true intention of this government is to protect it's people - Not disarm them.
  11. RockyMtnXpress

    I should have taken the snow more seriously!

    That is exactly what I do for our mini schnauzers! After the first snowfall, I'll shovel a path out to a sandy patch we kept in the backyard after the construction of our home. They love it - Especially before it's time to bed down! Straight out and straight back. The things we do for our little buddies.
  12. They're proposing to do the opposite of what they should do? When did we start thinking in terms of running away from the problem (only to have an excuse for a day of goofing off) and showing unity at approaching a solution? And again, "No", it's not adding more laws!
  13. RockyMtnXpress

    How To Stop School Shootings

    The speaker in the video only articulated something that would be considered a temporary Band-Aid and not necessary in the long term, in my opinion. Adding laws to the books isn't "the solution" as well.
  14. Hmmmmm? Just in time as the Chinese put the finishing touches on their new stealth fighter.

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