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  1. Trump then declares martial law and sends the troops in, which would be quite useful to him at the moment.
  2. Well they are on the FISA court, so it might just be that they were the one who signed the warrant that unmasked Gen Flynn. But I'm sure that can't be the case as they'd have recused themselves already. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/12/08/the-big-ugly-why-u-s-district-court-judge-rudolph-contreras-recusal-from-mike-flynn-case-is-a-big-deal/
  3. This would be the religion of peace making their usual understated attempts at discourse.
  4. I have a feeling that this inquiry will be shut down today, or certainly by early next week.
  5. I predict that Al Frankin will announce his resignation today. If this happens I will have a 100% accuracy rating and will quit the prophesy game as infallible.
  6. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/930672036820783104 This breaks down the facts; admittedly with a certain spin, as in the guy who wrote it is not a Moore supporter.
  7. It's a pig sty of a place. I usually only went there to lurk about and post some comments to watch them all scurry around to run their pathetic games. Out of interest I just tried to visit and have been banned from even viewing. This is on all devices and even using a VPN. Their demise, I suspect, will be swift and brutal.

    An extremely interesting read.
  9. He has succeeded. I only go on there occasionally to have some fun and marvel at the bickering.
  10. All of he faceless wonders have now got a thread showing their “cleavage”. it’s amazing that all of these “women” are not the bearded rotundohogs that I imagined. Fancy that. They are all very complimentary about their assorted assets. All of them sycophantically lapping up the hoardes of admirers they have amassed. i wonder what the purpose of such a vacuous thread could possibly be? It really is a joke of a site. 3 mods 33 mod accountswith a heap of others thrown in. And whatever you do, don’t mention any of the secret words.
  11. Why would an alien be delivering rolls of carpet? And who stole them?