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  1. CNN Says Anderson Cooper’s Twitter Hacked: ‘We’re Working With Twitter To Secure The Account’ CNN says Anderson Cooper’s personal account was hacked after the account I ssued a crass response to Donald Trump on Twitter Wednesday morning. “This morning someone gained access to the handle @andersoncooper and replied to POTUS. We’re working with Twitter to secure the account,” the network said in a terse statement on Twitter. The Cooper account — which hasn’t tweeted in days — surprised quite a few fans this morning after replying to Trump’s most recent tweet equivocating on his past support for defeated Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. “Oh Really? You endorsed him too! Pathetic loser,” said Cooper. The message was swiftly deleted, but not before racking up more than 2,000 retweets. https://www.thewrap.com/cnn-says-anderson-coopers-twitter-hacked-were-working-with-twitter-to-secure-the-account/ Not that I would, but can you imagine the fun you could have with his account........... I'm gonna be dreaming tonight about it.
  2. Just what we need, more obstruction.
  3. Mag 6.0 quake - 64km NNE of Kerman, Iran

    We must of been totally raging furious at Japan in 2011.
  4. U.N. Official Shocked at Poverty In Rural Alabama!

    Could be. Why now?
  5. Don’t miss the Geminids in 2017!

    Homer Simpson's says to his boss, "I'm taking off Friday". His boss says, "if you take off Friday, don't bother coming in Monday". Homer says," Woo Hoo, four day weekend".
  6. Don’t miss the Geminids in 2017!

    Saw this about 15 years ago. It was reported to be a particularly good show, so I set my alarm, went out the Ocean City, NJ beach at 4:00 am. Nothing short of spectacular. Almost non stop shooting stars and 20-30 shadow casters.
  7. U.N. Official Shocked at Poverty In Rural Alabama!

    Yep, if they don't faint they'll puke from the smell. They better were hazmat suits.
  8. U.N. Official Shocked at Poverty In Rural Alabama!

    If they think that's bad, they'll faint when they investigate Cali's tent cities.
  9. Mag 6.0 quake - 64km NNE of Kerman, Iran

    Wouldn't surprise me.
  10. Mag 6.0 quake - 64km NNE of Kerman, Iran

    The USGS website has pretty good search capabilities. Click settings (the gear icon upper right.) Click "Search Earthquake Catalogue". https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/#{"autoUpdate"%3A["autoUpdate"]%2C"basemap"%3A"grayscale"%2C"feed"%3A"1day_m25"%2C"listFormat"%3A"default"%2C"mapposition"%3A[[15.961329081596646%2C-137.197265625]%2C[55.52863052257191%2C-52.82226562499999]]%2C"overlays"%3A["plates"]%2C"restrictListToMap"%3A["restrictListToMap"]%2C"search"%3Anull%2C"sort"%3A"newest"%2C"timezone"%3A"utc"%2C"viewModes"%3A["list"%2C"map"]%2C"event"%3Anull}
  11. M 6.0 - 64km NNE of Kerman, Iran 2017-12-12 21:41:31 UTC 30.839°N 57.276°E 10.0 km depth https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/us2000c3mi#executive Interesting that there was no 6+ since 12/08. Today with an uptick in solar wind, here it is. http://umtof.umd.edu/pm/pm_2week.imagemap?415,92
  12. Then the tics got out of that goop, bit humans and injected the dinosaur DNA. This explains the reptilians we have in DC. That's my theory anyhow.
  13. Proof that how great the economy is. Even more spectacular, is the inflated derivative markets.
  14. I just bet you have the same love of ARUs (automated response units). I just relish the thought of wasting my time navigating thru ARU menus to get to human being. Who about half the time are biological ARUs too.