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  1. They were pretty sloppy with Seth and I'm still shaking my head about the DOJ guy shot on DWS beach. Seems like they could get away almost anything.
  2. Unfortunately, this depends on Awan and DWS living long enough to testify
  3. And Then HRC queen of the swamp
  4. I have candles, but they are all scented. If I lit them all, my house would smell like a massage parlor.
  5. Following the news today is depressing for sure. I hardly watch any MSM, pop in here to catch up. Time to rent some comedies, because there is dam little we can do, except to encourage one another.
  6. Time to stock up on zippo lighter fluid and flints. Some candles be good too.
  7. I didn't find it, it's just logical deduction,!
  8. If you are an FEer, "Don't worry, it's outside the dome".
  9. Would be a "sign in the heavens" for sure.
  10. From a coronal hole, a strong solar wind has been blowing for the last 24 hours. As of about 6 hours ago we had a geomagnetic storm average a G1 and peaking into G2 level. This storm is forecasted to continue for the next 32 hours. Watch for some increase in geological activity. http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/notifications-timeline Sunspot AR2671 has developed an unstable 'delta-class' magnetic field that harbors energy for strong M-class or even X-class solar flares. The sunspot is turning toward Earth, so any flares in the days ahead would likely be geoeffective, producing radio blackouts and other effects. http://www.spaceweather.com/ AR2671 will be almost directly facing earth for the eclipse.
  11. South Carolina Says, "Ain't Happenin' "

    I would have done that day 1 or as soon as Sessions was confirmed.
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