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  1. Rushing to war with Syria under these circumstances is a move that even Trump called "Foolish" and said that if we did, "many very bad things will happen and from that fight, the US get's nothing. He also said that fight could lead us to WW3. We created ISIS, and they have the ability to launch chemical attacks and we know that! This is all a big set up!
  2. I'm not sure why this story isn't more well known, but it should be. Beyond coincidence to me.... just outright strange.
  3. This is a strange, but true story of two brothers and the Lincoln family in the years 1864 and 1865.
  4. The parents didn't have to be "open" to it, they're raising their own child in the way they believe is in the best interest of their own child. Removing the child to put it with a family that's willing to go forward with destroying the entire future of the child is not only wrong on so many levels, it's scary as hell! It's just more proof that the country has way too much power over the citizens.
  5. The Adenovirus, not the Flu may be the culprit of the illnesses and deaths of some of this seasons "Bad Flu". I made this video at the end of January, but I have seen talk of the "flu" still going strong, so I thought I would post this here also. I had honestly never heard of the virus in this video. I also never knew there were certain vaccines available to military only, as with this virus.
  6. I have no problem illegalizing the nefarious use of false/generated information (especially through intelligence agency leaks) in an attempt to destroy political opponents or private citizens. I would like it to very much be illegal to use such tactics against me as a citizen. You're right, we don't need more laws that don't make sense, and we need to remove the nonsensical laws already in place. Hell, the entire system needs to be overhauled! As far as "fvck both parties" goes, I agree. I don't much like what either side offers. Being in a 2 party system is a huge part of our problem.
  7. Yes, but the media being protected by the 1st amendment and the media being purposely fed false information through intelligence agencies for the sole purpose of disparaging a candidate running against their party should be illegal.
  8. The need for beer was so necessary at the time Pilgrims arrived that it actually shaped the way our country was established!
  9. "No Americans had any knowledge of Russian Election Influence", but what about Americans in the media working with government leakers for the purpose of influencing the elections? It's known that Obama signed off for allowing the information gained by his illegal spying on Trump to be passed through to intelligence agencies with known leakers.

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