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  1. Ok, I gotcha. And I can see where that could be a possibility. I just don't think that's what happened in this situation, and there are other examples online of this happening. But, like I said in the video, I wasn't making claims, and I wanted people to look at it and come to their own conclusion. Not everyone has the same knowledge of FOX. Just as not everyone knows that FOX is actually owned by Al Jazeer. When you follow FOX back far enough you start finding links to the Saudis. I'm not going to get into all of it here right now. Maybe I'll try to get a video together showing about it. But, I have to say, as of right now, with some of the crap I've received on some other platforms over this story alone makes me almost NOT want to expose information about this stuff anymore because some people act like addicts having their drugs taken away. People have started defending FOX as if they represent FOX. You question someone's news source that they've been trusting and show something like this to them, it means they've possibly been duped or taken advantage of by someone they trusted. Nobody wants to get duped or taken advantage of. So they come at you like you're attacking and trying to "debunk" their religion when that's not the case at all.
  2. #1, video files are not organic, they do not leave "residual flash that they didn't catch". It's either in the file or it's not. But, as I said, each person is able to come to their own conclusion. #2, There are other examples. I was actually surprised at the amount of other examples I seen on youtube after I uploaded my video. So, yes, there are other examples.
  3. No problem. and thanks for watching. I appreciate it.
  4. You know, it may have run a little long, because I wanted it clear that I wasn't making any claims. Yet, on other platforms I'm being attacked right now for "Claiming Fox was trying to incite violence and claiming they were attempting to convert Fox viewers to Islam". So, as long as it all may have been, some people still didn't hear or get it. So maybe in the future there won't be anything like that to worry about, because I can see now it goes in one ear and out the other. Maybe ran long for both the disclaimer stuff and the dental pain/face numb/pain killers combo... But, I'll take it into consideration and see if I can shorten my intros more.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it. Actually, in the video, you can see at about 1:40, not sure if you would notice or not, but I wince in pain. I had to go back to the dentist this morning because there was a fragment of tooth left and the pain hit me at that moment, but I tried to stay composed and finish the video. I was lucky that it was still partially numb at that time. Anyways, I did what I could...
  6. Well, this guy is me, and I did this video after coming home from the dentist, so, for what it's worth, I tried to get the story out as soon as I could. Thanks for watching.
  7. Oh, that's why I never set out to try to "prove" anything. I just put it as, this is what's there, this is my opinion of what I believe I'm seeing happening right here in front of my eyes. Now, it's in front of the viewers eyes, and it's left up to the viewer to decide what it is they believe is happening in front of their eyes. But prove? Nah, not going to happen.
  8. Thanks! you're right. It does need the light on it.
  9. You're right! I have someone who apparently loves FOX news just giving me all kinds of fits on gab.ai right now. He refuses to accept it as a possibility and is really upset that I am showing it. He said I'm "Speculating without basis" hahahaha Got to love a junkie. Because that's what people who are stuck to a tv are like. I don't even have a tv in my home anymore. haven't had one for years. And when it was here it just collected dust.
  10. Good point. But I do understand what he meant because actually I think when I was researching it there were laws made in the 70's, 80's, and 90's all based on subliminal imaging/messaging due to the way corporations were using it. Thing is, the only laws that should have been made for that was "No, You can't do it!!". Then there would have only been 1 law, not loads of modifications to the law. But, I can easily see where the government would allow it to happen and manipulate the laws just to see how the corporate world advanced the technology of subliminal messaging for them. When I hear about stories of the government becoming involved in tv shows and movies, it makes me wonder just how much government propaganda is being fed to people on a daily basis Prime Time right in their face. And at the theaters with hundreds of thousands of people going to watch the newest movies. It's a perfect set up.
  11. I agree with you, but I would say, loophole or not, it would be being used for unscrupulous purposes, and that should be where it became illegal. There should be an easy argument of morals, but morals have long passed.
  12. FOX News seems to be using a method of subliminal mind control! Well, that's my opinion on what it looks like I'm seeing. I'll let you decide for yourself! I'm not making claims, I just made a video about something that was brought to me. I tried to get someone else that had a larger following to help me get this out. They were all interested until they realized it was about FOX. Once they knew who it was they all realized they had "Other Projects" to do, or suddenly didn't have time to make a 10 to 15 minute Skype call to do it. One person actually came straight out and told me he didn't have the time, money or desire to be fighting with FOX if they decided to come down on us. I on the other hand, am so broke that I don't care if they come after me for money. They can get in line. Smear my name? Well, they'd have to show this clip and say how outrageous it would be to believe what I'm saying. They wouldn't want to do that. If they slandered me, maybe I wouldn't be broke anymore! hahahaha No, I feel fine with putting it out there. I do have to wonder if Tucker knew this was being done during his show or not. I wonder if these guys are oblivious to what's going on and just read the script and go home.
  13. I knew there wasn't going to be any positive come out of it because I knew it was someone who was just going to play the opposites game while never adding a single shred of value to the post. Thanks for letting me know, though. I was disappointed to see that all Cinnamons posts were removed. I hope whatever that stuff was gets worked out. She seemed really nice. She's actually the person who kind of convinced me to put my videos here after the video format was dropped. Anyways, thanks again.
  14. You have shown why you should not assume anything about anyone. I do not "get my view of Islam" or my "understanding of Islam" from anything other than experience. You have not a clue what my experience is with Islam or Muslims. Making assumptions, well, I'll quote you, "that's not a brilliant way to go about it.". I have picked up bodies that the bastards stoned to death in Southern Thailand with my own hands while the Thai Military took them into custody for murdering 7 girls and 2 teachers because the teachers were teaching girls and the girls were receiving an education. The Muslims openly admitted themselves the did it because it is not permitted under Islam to teach females. That is just one example of my own experience. You had nothing from your first attack on me by calling me a coward, nor with any of your assumptions.
  15. You don't see anything. That's not nasty news, these are things that really happened. You're going to tell me the girl getting shot in the face on a bus for going to school is made up and not true? Just because it was reported by the news? Ahhhh, I get it now.. It's because it was reported against Islam! That's why it's nasty to you. You don't like anything negative about Islam! That's why you're very first statement was to call me a coward! Just as I thought. You didn't look at any of the stories reported, and you have still failed to give me any reasons why you think it's ok for Muslims to do the things they do. I know you don't plan on telling me why you think it's ok either. The news is nasty because it was showing what Muslims have done in the name of Islam. Tell me why it's ok to shoot a girl in the face for seeking an education. I know you won't. You have nothing.
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