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  1. Superkicker

    Heads up Price of Gold and Silver

    You obviously don't even know what bruce banner is. For that reason it's best you don't as it's way too classy for you.
  2. Superkicker

    STUDY: Pot users feel MORE pain...

    What they said ^.
  3. Superkicker

    Mid America Munitions Ripoffs

    Makes you wonder how scam companies (see reviews online) can stay in business at all ???
  4. These lying inferior reloaders promise a deal and deliver utter untested garbage. Lying customer service and every other 300AAC round jams in all my 300 blackouts regardless of rifle or magazine brand. My friend's 9mm ammo bought there also jams. Spend a little more elsewhere and don't get ripped off like I did.
  5. Superkicker

    Heads up Price of Gold and Silver

    I invested all my money with Bruce Banner-he has made me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams (and pain and worry free as well).
  6. Superkicker

    STUDY: Pot users feel MORE pain...

    47 years smoking and counting and one oxy still kills all my pain. Ask me again in 47 more years. Such BS spewed nowadays. I turn off the tube and canceled the daily paper. Ah, so peaceful.
  7. God only put up with Sodom & Gomorrah's crap a little while before Annihilation. Looks like CA is on the list and about to join them in hell.
  8. Superkicker

    Is this what God looks like?

    Scripture clearly states that Jesus is of the priestly order of Mechezedec (without beginning or end).
  9. Superkicker

    Just Switched to a Non-Soy Dog Food and now

    I live right by huge soybean acreage and the planes are spraying them for hours almost daily now.
  10. my best friend's hair is growing back. One dog here (all Black Labs) got hugely fat eating Alpo Prime Cuts and another lost over 1/2 his hair. Now she's losing weight and his hair is growing back. I had tried everything including expensive vet treatments but not until I switched to Pedigree (soy free) did they all start to heal. I should have known as my Sharpie (RIP) had the same problem with any soy based dog food. Learn from my mistakes and solution!
  11. Hopefully my sinus spray which I have to use to breathe this heavily polluted air (code orange again today) will kill this bacteria. I never get sick when using Mucinex full force spray daily, so maybe there is a good side effect? Sure hope so.
  12. Superkicker

    Is this what God looks like?

    Jesus the Son and angels. Not God the totality being. And Jesus didn't come to simply spread the word. He is the Salvation from death if we look up to Him as He died being lifted up; similarly to when Moses lifted up in the desert to save the dying Jews.
  13. Superkicker

    Is this what God looks like?

    Ezekiel had visions of God in Ezekiel 1 and it's no wonder "no man can look upon God and live". John in Revelations had almost the exact same experience. Look it up!
  14. https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/22/17144208/rocket-lab-humanity-star-satellite-new-zealand-astronomy I still think this is what caused the weird South Half of the US to illuminate on Goes satellite a week or so ago. Well, that won't happen again.
  15. Forcing elderly retirees to eat crap they don't like is just wrong. Why not close all the loopholes and continue as is?

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