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  1. GuLP unbanned

    If I could pinpoint Trinity's house, I'd leave a bottle of A-1 by the door.
  2. Banned from GLP for typing "outpost"

    They must be shaking in their (military?) boots. Losing everybody worthwhile. Serves 'em right.
  3. TN Bill To Become 2'nd Amendment Sanctuary State

    If MS and AL don't follow suit quickly after this passes, I'm selling out and moving up..........there.
  4. GuLP unbanned

    I just got banned for sending another GLP deserter here after only typing "outpost". They must be shaking in their (military) boots seeing what they've allowed GLP to become, and how many are jumping ship.
  5. Banned from GLP for typing "outpost"

    "New Doritos Flavor review" now qualifies as a pinned thread over there. Kids have taken over. Glad C.O. hasn't sold out.
  6. TN Bill To Become 2'nd Amendment Sanctuary State

    This should be a top post story today. Gotta admire the TN Spirit.
  7. Just trying to send another GLP burnout over here and ONLY TYPED "outpost" and was immediately banned. Screw 'em....now they're "dead to me".
  8. https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/28036-tennessee-bill-would-create-second-amendment-sanctuary Getting the ball rolling on citizen's permanent rights to keep and bear. Go Tennessee.
  9. Sexual Deviant and Communist MLKing Day

    A sick, twisted pervert with a good speech writer and really, Obozo's brother.
  10. https://www.martinlutherking.org/thebeast.html He would be sued and humiliated in today's atmosphere. This is who they honor?
  11. Forced Evacuations in a Once Upscale CA Town

    It does seem that a lot of these disasters have been created by technology which makes them appear to be Biblical judgments.............. Agenda 21 ? So tired of these developed technologies being turned against humanity by the wicked evil PTB.
  12. https://apnews.com/fd72b0c2feeb4097889d57d6962be718/Frustrations,-tragedy-mount-for-California-mudslide-town With utilities/services being shut down, mandatory evacuations boarder on martial law. That's another reason why we say get out of the cities ASAP. Coming soon to more & more US cities as God's judgments continue. "Come out of her".....JC........applies on so many levels. Be smart, move to the SE US, and relax while it continues to crumble all around the rest of the US.
  13. KY to Require Work for Medicaid

    Sure glad I don't and would never live in KY........MS rules!!!!! Getting better here all the time.
  14. KY to Require Work for Medicaid

    They just keep pushing toward open rebellion, don't they?
  15. KY to Require Work for Medicaid

    Glad I'm 65 and not affected!