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  1. I have sold about 1/4 of what I bought so far with one yard sale with a 200% markup. Not bad so far.
  2. In the last few weeks I spent $500 on them hoping to resell them for a profit so I can pay my bills this summer. I am a teacher and will not get another paycheck till September 30th. I do not feel supreme at all.
  3. We actually have three. The Van Allen belt which protects us from Solar radiation. When NASA had trouble trying to get probes through the belt they used two nuclear bombs to try and blow a hole in it. This failed and created two new radiation belts. These belts are the reason why a lot of people don't believe we went to the moon. The other day I was playing the game Prey. Their is a quote saying how the enormous space station Talos 1 creates its own magnetic field to protect its occupants from solar radiation. It is impossible for a lunar lander to produce a magnetic field strong enough to protect it occupants. The space suits can't either. However NASA says the suits contain a water barrier that keeps them cool. The only problem is the water has a boiling temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. 123 degrees Celsius.
  4. FBI Director Says FBI a Total Joke and Fraud!

    What did you get arrested for?
  5. They are talking about you Cinnamon...

    Just another reason why I like this site. I browse others just for juicy info to share here. This is the only one I have registered to.
  6. They are talking about you Cinnamon...

    After getting banned from various websites centered on conspiracies I have looked around the net for others. Conspiracy Outpost is my home but I come across other forums every now and then. Strange seeing people talk about Cinnamon and UKshep on another forum. http://www.thehoneypotforum.com/forum/message.php?message=8240&mpage=1&page=1
  7. I got banned from LOP today.

    Oh and since this thread started with me being banned over testing a filter here is a good one. Not conspiracy though. It is an index of racial slurs. I read quite a bit of them this morning and laughed my ass off. Even the white people ones were funny here and there. http://www.rsdb.org/
  8. I got banned from LOP today.

    http://www.voltairenet.org/en Since the events of the Arab Spring, the Voltaire Network has become an important source of alternative news on the Middle East. Hard to find information on plots, inside deals and assassinations can be found here. While the Voltaire Network has been criticized for being too accommodating towards Russia, Iran and its allies, it still remains one of the best English sources on the Middle East.
  9. I got banned from LOP today.

    No problem! I try to find a lot of sources. I only share here though. I quickly fell in love this site. Admins are awesome and actually chat with noobs! Here is another good source of material: https://vigilantcitizen.com/ Vigilant Citizen (not Vigilante citizen) is probably the most profound attempt to document and explain overt and hidden symbols in Western media, entertainment, architecture and events. The anonymous author of the website seems to have volumnous knowledge of what most occult symbols mean and their historical context. And unlike Etemenaki, Vigilant Citizen sees no enigma or mystery in the symbols. To Vigilant Citizen, the symbols represent pure evil, and the proliferation of such symbols only reflects the sad state of affairs in the West. A cursory look at Vigilant Citizen is guaranteed to change your perspective on the so-called mass media.
  10. I got banned from LOP today.

    http://www.globalresearch.ca/ is something worth looking at Condor. Not really a forum but has good content that could be shared here. This website may appear to be a forest of articles. But what makes GlobalResearch.ca different is its disciplined analysis of political developments with emphasis on the “New World Order.” The articles are scholarly, in-depth and research oriented. Quality that you can quote in a University thesis. Famous globalization critic Michel Chossudovsky can be found here.
  11. I got banned from LOP today.

    They sure are. I can't hardly believe what has happened to the internet. I still post on a miniature game forum called dakkadakka that is till pretty good. But right now all the other forums, especially the conspiracy forums are a total disaster. I mean, isn't censoring everything but white slang derogatory words valid as a conspiracy topic? I should be able to discuss that without being banned.
  12. I got banned from LOP today.

    So I never registered there because of all the censoring and the deleting of threads. I knew they were close to being like G LP but now I know for sure that they are. Earlier this morning I noticed that they would replace certain words with some other words if they moderators thought the original word was offensive. So earlier I tested the filter out and posted a bunch of offensive terms used for a lot of different people including whites, mexicans, and others. I noticed that the only words not censored were the derogatory words for white people. Strange huh? Other people started trying out different words as well. Basically you could not say anything offensive to anyone who was not white, but white hate was a-okay. By pointing this out I was banned. So I guess conspiracy outpost is my last home now. I have been banned from all the others. Anyone else feeling less welcome on the web lately?
  13. Exactly! The world isn't going anywhere but the people might just about be ready to end.
  14. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opini...story.html Here is the thing. I teach autistic children and these do help them to an extent. I let them use them if they are not writing and listening to me with their eyes and ears. If they are looking at the figet they are not paying attention to me. The thing is, it does help because autistic children do not get enough stimulation, that is why they self stim by flapping their arms or some other weird tick. They do this because they have poor social skills that help them pay attention to another human being and participate in various interactions. Now non autistic children are now using them and for pretty much them same reason but a different cause. Children today get a lot of stimulation from a hand held device. Most of their stimulation is also 2D, (sound from ipad, screen, etc.) A normal kid needs 3D stimulation textbooks, 3D sound from a noise in the environment or even something such as climbing a tree. Kids do not get this much anymore and it is causing them to have trouble paying attention to a teacher. Figet spinners are pretty much a band-aid on a broken leg. They need activity and exercise!
  15. I watch Jason A every week. This guy knows what is up and is very good at compiling the shit storm that is going on on earth at this very moment.
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