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  1. BLACK FRIDAY RIOTS 2017 !!!

    I didn't even leave the house Friday.
  2. Look up David Icke and Saturn. That man connects all the dots!
  3. What I hate about is the US would be paying a lot to other countries and forced to lower carbon emissions. However China has the option to do it or not. They have a stranglehold on world economics and some of the worst pollution. We have to follow the rules but China doesn't? Bullshit!
  4. rumor going around

    Please be true! Anyone have updates?
  5. Most Of you Guys Are NOT Prepared For SHTF

    I haven't seen any dates with Jason A. All I see with him is current events paired with biblical scriptures every now and then. Most of his stuff is about mass fish die off and Agenda 2030. I might have missed something though. I just watch the Sunday videos.
  6. Just wanted to say I am still here!

    That's true! I guess I meant too much and I can't type!
  7. Just wanted to say I am still here!

    I meant that they are not work blocked which is very odd. A real truth site like COP is blocked but crap like glp isn't.
  8. Just wanted to say I am still here!

    Must have. Crap sites like glp are still good. It is all about censorship. I still love this place though. My main problem is that I have too much whiskey in the evenings to have a proper conversation. Regardless, this is my number one site.
  9. Just wanted to say I am still here!

    I got an email saying I have been on the forums much. I check this site everyday but I have been forgetting to log on. This site is now blocked at my workplace where I had access to a computer. At home I have to use my tablet which kind of sucks to type on. Anyways I am still here enjoying this last bastion of truth. You guys and gals are awesome!