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  1. skidmark - who runs the world

    The op video has been out there for a long while, but the man knows the score.
  2. DC needs a serious makeover. And it needs it now...
  3. End of the world pron is always best when the date is less than a week away.
  4. You are thinking like a democrat. In reality, Trump is gunning for them. And, Trump is bipartisan in this matter.
  5. He also makes money telling his opinion to educated folks as well. Funny how that works.
  6. Musicians, poets, and scholars often lament that war is not the answer. However, when it comes to politicians it seems war is always an answer worth strongly considering.
  7. FFS...Male & Female. The gender confused need not project their confusion on other and expect them to understand the abomination of their mental affliction. I guess it is a good thing I am not a colleague of the teacher who is now accused of this heinous charge.
  8. The majority of tax paying citizens demand that she and her cabal face the same justice the common man would be subject to facing. She is a criminal of the highest order. That judge needs to be disbarred.
  9. Absolutely...I'd rather die on my feet a free man, than serve on my knees a slave to the machine.
  10. They'd be wasting their money chipping my brain. It's been a run away train traveling off the rail for a long time.
  11. This should be compulsory for all to view. We, our generation, is in the end game battle for humanity.
  12. I remember back in 2007 that a home cold fusion reactor was near ready to come to market, then the market crashed and nothing more was mentioned about this new technology.
  13. Well, if this is all true, and I hope it is, this is outstanding news.
  14. Departing Soul Captured on News Crew Camera

    Not long ago a deer was hit by the car directly in front of my own, and I swear I saw and drove through the spirit of that deer. It was an eary feeling.