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  1. Protecting your home from thieves

    I ain't got time to grab my shoes, or nuthin Jesus. I gots bronchitis...
  2. Corruption is everywhere. It can be seen creeping into places thought to be impervious. The truth is getting harder to find.
  3. Ha! I’ve accused him of being a shill and that’s one of the reasons I was banned from GLoP.
  4. Our layers of atmosphere!

    Was that your spirit hitting the dome...
  5. Another tool of the government and foreign interest too. Pushing an agenda to rule and regulate the sheep.
  6. Snipers use 50cal, 308, 338 lapua. And there are others. However, a 223 is not preferable. The .22 is CIA at times, but not what an asset would choose.
  7. New Antibiotic Unearthed from Dirt

    You got that right! 100%
  8. Statistically speaking, I believe 90% of statistics to be fabricated.
  9. Didn't Royal Rife claim to sonically cure cancer?
  10. Da Plane! Da Plane! ... WTH?!?!?!

    Jet engines used to run through clean air, they seem to struggle with all the aluminum, and other metal particulates in the air.
  11. There is no cure for chemotherapy!
  12. Scientists warn we're entering a 'digital dark age'

    Music is what one makes of it.