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  1. One question: Who would run, Michelle or Michael?
  2. So you’re saying it’s okay to leave the tomato plants outside?
  3. Broken Cord

    What cars do you own?

    2006 BMW 330ci convertible w/ZHP 2012 BMW X3
  4. And as he is permitted to lie to all non believers I will assume your bolded statement above is one of those lies.
  5. Broken Cord

    Is Gun Ownership a Right?

    For American's guns are a right, protected by the 2nd amendment. Try to take away that right and the term "ugly American" will never be more apparent. It'd get ugly.
  6. Broken Cord

    UK Proposes Prison Time For Offensive Online Posts

    They should be out arresting the real criminals that are perpetuating the heinous acts instead of those who are just writing about information that may be harsh or hurtful towards someone’s feelings. There is a dark cloud hanging over humanity.
  7. Her career is already dead.
  8. Hear hear to to Hope and Change!
  9. That was a Dick move...they've lost me as a customer.
  10. Broken Cord

    Holocaust Is Fading From Memory, Survey Finds

    Jewish lives matter.
  11. That is a novel concept...Have those in power do their jobs. At this point in time it is almost laughable, if officials weren't so damn far off the tracks one could imagine justice. However, now one doesn't know what to expect.

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