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  1. It may have some but this is condenate story' a little misleading though you can heat condenate its done all the time they heat and jam it down wells that waxed up to get them flowing again using a hot oiler. Condey is not to be played with lightly though it is nasty stuff basicly used as a oil solvent Im around it all the time .
  2. It' all just a show the grand distraction makes me wonder what were not seeing .Till somebody goes to jail I'm not believing any of it .I get the feeling were being played bad here while behind the scenes were being kicked into the final cage
  3. Yea something is not right with this virus
  4. I got nasty could felt it coming couple of days ago at least in at home now
  5. No this ia my first time im pissed i was sitting in the truck only vmcaught the flashes in the mirrors .I didnt clue in just thought it was a bright strobe on piece of equipment till my buddy came over and told me .He got a perfect view was hoisting piece of gear and looking up flew right across is line of site.That fort Mac vid in first post would be roughly 60 miles from our site .It was much brighter in my truck than that video .Buddy said it got super bright then looked Luke a giant sparkler before it went out .left nice smoke trail in the sky
  6. We had a good one fly over our site 5:20pm last night lit up the mirrors on my truck I was to late to see it but one of our crane operators got see the whole thing and a electrician out on pads told me there was huge boom when it went out everyone was jacked up
  7. The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    Tax you must be excited for the new Hellraiser I loved those shows
  8. Live leak people will move away from jrwtube watch there cutting there own throats makes me laugh
  9. I think it' being hyped myself who benefits big pharma
  10. Just a FYI were all not brain dead libs up here in Canada theres a lot of people sickened by whats happening to our Country
  11. Good God man

    She shits you not