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  1. That cars going to need a ton of work to run again nevermind all the body work
  2. According to that map I'm fine as long as I'm not visiting Vancouver at the time
  3. These people are completely facked in the head
  4. Sagd

    Uncle Thanky at Dailymotion

    That your place Thanky very peaceful I love it
  5. Sagd

    I have no idea??

    Sure looks like him
  6. Sagd

    If you vote, you're a Sheeple

    I think I think so too I just hope I'm alive to see it
  7. Sagd

    Is Bernie Sanders a Russian Stooge?

    Didn't take him log to spend his money after he lost
  8. No footy fans in coplandia oh my what a bunch
  9. Proof that meth blows holed in the brain ever see a xray of meth users brain?
  10. The Lavoy story isn't even close to Tommys . He was not trying to protect young girls from foreign predators .

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