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  1. Not sure. He said earlier today he had that he had a source inside the FBI.
  2. Stone says Bill Clinton introduced them to each other. Weinstein may have been on the plane with Slick when they went to pedo island.
  3. He says the Feds are 'investigating'. I'm sure that means they are doing their best to confiscate and bury all the evidence.
  4. Seriously I think I may be sensitive to this kind of shit.
  5. Those assholes wanted to give us JEB vs Clinton in '16. Unbelievable.
  6. Exactly. Domestically the Bush's, Clinton's, and O'Bama all agreed 100% on trade and open boarders. Working seamlessly to divide and distract on superficial social issues and supposed differences in foreign policy. Meanwhile they march us into oblivion.
  7. That satanic POS didn't utter a peep for 8 years. For the entire duration of the Obama administration that POS didn't say a cross word. For 8 years Obama steered his foreign policy seemingly astray in the Middle East....retreating from Iraq, pulling out and backing the CIA funded arab spring. Bush didn't say a god damn word during any of it. Didn't protest at all. His moral compass must have been placated by the fact that Bubba and all of his buddies were cashing in over at the Clinton Foundation.
  8. McCain is a devil. He's into trafficking overseas is the rumor.
  9. Look at those dudes. That's crazy. For a lone video poker player?
  10. So that go fund me page wasn't for a noble cause? that's shocking.
  11. I also suspect that f**ker is the one that had me permabanned.
  12. Pretty sure NODOOM passed away after a healthy spat with cancer
  13. This is the read of reads

    I've seen some weird shit. I dunno if it was aliens. But it was strange. I try to stay inside on weird days.
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