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  1. I came into this thread to say the exact same thing. I was sure that Koko died at least 10 years ago. Maybe it was the elephant that painted pictures that died back then. Regardless it is very sad news though. Koko really was a beautiful animal.
  2. That was an amazing reply, Cinnamon. BRAVO!!!! But sadly, you are now on the no-fly list and terrorist watch list.
  3. I didn't read the whole article but from what I read....and when I say "read" I mean looked at the pictures. A straight girl wanted to turn into a guy so that she can be gay, so she hooked up with a straight dude that wanted to turn into a woman so he can be a lesbian. And in the process of all that they f**k up a child's life.
  4. I pray to God that the child never walks in on his parents having sex. He'll get instant brain damage trying to figure out what he is looking at.
  5. OP, please tell me your a teenaged girl. It's embarrassing to think that a grown man cares about likes and subscribers and followers and all that other gay shit.
  6. What records disappeared? He didn't do anything to keep records of
  7. This is a great day for mankind. Or as my gay friends like to say....peoplekind.
  8. Chilen

    Dennis Rodman on CNN wearing a MAGA hat

    I'm not ashamed to say that that interview brought a tear to my eye. You can make fun of Dennis Rodman all day, but I think he played a bigger role in this summit happening than he will ever get credit for.
  9. You can just read the faces of the girls after they lost. Everyone one of them has a look on their face like, "This is bullshit!!!"
  10. I hate twitter and would never even consider following anybody, so Melania following 6 people, is 6 people too many in my opinion.
  11. Chilen

    I was reported to Stop Forum Spam lol

    You want to file a lawsuit for taking away your freedom of speech but in your post you talk about you being for having Freedom of Speech taken away because you don't agree with it. You are called a Liberal Retard for a reason.
  12. Chilen

    The First Amendment is disappearing

    Don't come to Canada. There is no freedom of speech here what-so-ever. The worst part is that nobody seems to care.
  13. Chilen

    The Mayor of an Alaskan Town Is a Cat

    The cat must have been running against Hillary Clinton in the election.
  14. Chilen

    New Venon Trailer! Symbiotes again!

    I always thought Venom was Spider-man's alter ego or something.

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