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  1. http://images.rapgenius.com/3eg3pfl9er8bu69lv3aanxn5c.320x240x71.gif
  2. Pelosimania

    I'm not an expert but my Insane-O-Meter goes off the charts every time I see Pelosi
  3. Wait for it.......!

    Did the crowd actually boo when he painted on Stripes of the flag?!?!?!
  4. at 0:45, when that security guard slapped the camera, I was laughing my ass off!
  5. Newbie Here and Hard Core Trump Fan

    I agree with everything you said here, RR. I feel the same way. I've been saying politicians are the biggest criminals my entire life so to hear Trump come along and say it as well is music to my ears. Can I tell a little story of why I really love Trump? It's not because I'm Canadian and I have Justin Turdeau as my PM. This might ramble a bit so only read it if your bored. I live right on the border of Detroit. I practically grew up there. Back in high school when rap was just coming out in the early 80's it was literally impossible to buy Rap albums in my city. So...I would skip out of school, take the "tunnel bus" over to Detroit and walk to a little record store on Woodward Avenue called Records4U and they had all the Rap albums I could ever dream of. Well taking these walks down Woodword, I would meet the most incredible people and I started to love, not only the city of Detroit, but the United States, more and more with every visit. Every time I would be in the Windsor/Detroit tunnel, there is a sign right on the border and every time I crossed into the states I would just get this feeling of being incredibly free. Believe it or not, I really did. I started spending more and more time over in the states and would go there some days just to drive around in my jeep with the music blaring. I absolutely loved Detroit and the United States!!!! I was a construction worker and my co-workers used to laugh at me because I used to constantly tell them that when I retired I was going to move, not only over to the states, but directly inside the city limits of Detroit because it saddened me seeing this great city's population get smaller and smaller every year. But then George W. Bush Jr. got elected which I thought was a complete joke right from the start. It was when 9/11 happened that I started seeing a change in America. A change for the worse. I started seeing Americans having their freedoms taking away all in the name of national security and they weren't even fighting back about it in the least little bit. It was sad. Snowden comes out and exposes that the government in spying on it's own people and after being on the news for 2 or 3 days, nobody even cared about it. I literally sat directly across the border of the greatest country in the world and watched it turn into a pile of shit. I stopped going over to Detroit entirely and havn't even been there in close to 7 or 8 years now. The dream of living in the states one day dissapeared as well. And then Donald J. Trump came along!!!!! The second I heard him say the words: "Make America Great Again" I turned into his biggest fan because I had been saying the exact same thing for the past 15 years!!!! My Dream of becoming an American one day has been fully restored (at least for the time being), and I wish that I was a citizen of your great country more than ever before. (Turdeau has a lot to do with that too.)
  6. A hardcore conspiracy forum that does not allow the use of vpns tells me that there is something sinister going on there. In my last post there I stated that I liked my VPN more than I liked GLP and was quickly banned, so I never returned.
  7. if you scroll up on the map there is also a "C" between Africa and Antarctica. It's a different shaped C
  8. Who in their right mind could sit there and listen to this senile old hag talk for 7 straight hours. I have a hard time listening to her for 7 straight minutes.
  9. FACEBOOK worker: I don't use that SHIT

    Not only is Facebook programing people what to think, it's the main cause for the dumbing down of society. I go on fagbook for literally 5-10 minutes a MONTH. That's all I can stand. When I'm absolutely incredibly bored I'll go on and look at some of the videos that get posted to my page and they are so incredibly stupid that I get pissed off and get out of there after only 5-10 minutes. It's incredibly sad that my friends are actually liking these mentally retarded videos. I saw one video a couple weeks ago about how all these retail store closings like Sears, and Macy's and Kmart, etc....are being blamed on Trump. I lasted about 30 seconds before the stupidity was so overwhelming I logged out and I have not been back since.
  10. The real question is, Did Best Buy stop selling CD's or did music become so horrible that CD's stopped selling.
  11. This FISA memo is another "Snowden moment" in my opinion. When Snowden came out with his revelations about the mass surveillance by the NSA, people should have been up in arms and protesting in the streets to put a stop to this bullshit. Instead they just watched it on the news for a couple days and forgot about it. This is the same thing. The FISA memo concludes without much doubt at all that the American Government spied on an AMERICAN CITIZEN under false pretenses. The fact that it is Trump has nothing to do with hit. This is an American Citizen being spied on by his own government. But I'm not really seeing mass outrage over this. All i'm seeing is CNN and other Fake News outlets DEFENDING it and brainwashing the American idiots into defending it as well. It actually sickens me at the stupidity of the idiots who aren't outraged by this.
  12. Looks like a Bukkake video. List of nicknames is growing... Lyin Ted Crooked Hillary and now Bukkake Joe
  13. Pit Bull Sh**hole Dog! GRAPHIC! WARNING!

    Pit Bulls are beautiful dogs and they are incredibly smart and powerful, but they have to be treated as wild animals at some point. You're not allowed to walk around with a tiger on a leash so maybe the same should be applied to pit bulls. Or make it mandatory that pit bulls have to wear muzzles and start giving out fines to people who walk their pit bull without a muzzle.
  14. The must have thought the goat was his KID.
  15. At the 1:30 mark when he talks about his approval raitings... he says Donald (Sounds like Donna though) "Q" Trump. Could that be a refference to Q-Anon?!?!