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  1. rigged system with a for profit prison industry is inherently flawed from the get go... talk about a severe conflict of interest. justice for the highest bidders. Firstly, get to the ROOT of why so many in america are a mess and being thrown into prison and THEN you may have a reasonable answer to the entire problem. When Commerce dictates over Consciousness and not the other way around, you have the wrong priorities as a nation and world. priorities. we have them mixed up.
  2. As Mike Rowe and others have been pointing out, many people are leaving the corporate lie to take on trades and actual usable skill-sets for a living. All I do now on weekends is think of ways to escape the corporate slave grounds. fact. I see it now Walmart's latest deal confirms the death of the middle class
  3. there is more to the story of Charlie Manson than one would expect from looking at the surface and the subsequent events that followed. Here are just a few pieces. Did you know that for a short time after birth and early age, charlie had no name and went by 'no-name' Maddox? I believe he was at boys town for a stint (and we all know some conspiracy history on that place) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Manson He never killed anyone in the events that occurred but allegedly instructed the killings. In an interview when asked who you are. answered; "I'm nobody" When asked about leaving prison earlier on, he asked if he could stay. He was asked in 1988 by Geraldo Rivera about the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison. "What prison? You got a prison in your mind?" he responded. "You see what I'm saying, you're in prison, son. You're the one that's in jail because you think there is such a thing as prison." http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/charles-manson-cult-leader-and-killer-dead-at-83-1.3920341 Charles Manson > Quotes: too many to list but here's one “Look down at me and you see a fool, Look up at me and you see a god, Look straight at me and you see yourself.” ― Charles Manson Think about the timing of when Manson became the bogey man of the 60's hippie movement fighting against the war in Vietnam. A war, by the way, where we sent people off to kill other people that we didn't even know. So.... was Charlie Manson just another psycho con man, delusional, etc and that's it? How about the name- break down: Charlie - Germanic Meaning: Free man English Meaning: Man French Meaning: Free man Manson - Man Son
  4. [Infographic] Mega Doom Connections! 🚨 ???

    yeah just from what I have looked at, I don't think it ALL can be understood completely so what you have put together by intuition is a lot as it is. As for the 666 thing, you wouldn't believe where that number has popped up for me - one was so shocking i had to take a picture to double check what I was seeing. a local school bus in traffic with the number 666 ! I was like Really?! that's the number you're gonna throw on a bus that carries kids all day? lol. I thought school was bad before but sheesh... must be hellish now.
  5. [Infographic] Mega Doom Connections! 🚨 ???

    Well, maybe not as dark as we think...at least not only dark... Here are a few pieces of information that discuss more about that dreaded number... Is 666 An Angel Number? What Does 666 Mean? "Seeing 666 does carry a message, but it's not ominous or foreboding like you might initially think. 666 most often appears as a spiritual wake up call from the angels! Have you been solely focused on material matters, and ignoring your inner voice and spiritual path? If so , it's quite likely 666 may appear with a message for you. 666 brings the guidance to listen to your heart not your head." The Number 666 - God's Secret Place The Numerology of 666: Is It Really Such an Evil Number? What 666 Really Means in Numerology – Trust Your Sixth Sense! excellent graphic, very clear and breaks things down by their connections
  6. The Truth About Stranger Things

    watched it all recently. very interesting. likely many themes in it that can be relative both in the world and what may or may not be going on in the spiritual world. the idea of archons/annunaki comes to mind when I saw some scenes. course the guy in video has some great insights as well.
  7. exactly. it's not fear of the idea itself, it's concern over the intentions behind them. THAT and the likely direction things could go especially if there are some initial successes - everyone will want a splice (pun intended) and if unchecked in the least... well you can do the math on that one can't you... think cosmetic surgery. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should.
  8. Murica. so sad to watch. Got to be a way to get these people to snap out of it en masse... In a funny way, Seinfeld's finale was kind of a statement on the state of things here in the states.
  9. as for the transcendence aspect - unfortunate that some will be deceived into thinking they need this when they have it in them already for the actual 'ascendance' spoken about for centuries - even in the various religions. Mighty tempting to be sure especially with all the ongoing attempts of programming the people to crave it. curious how this will turn out with the genetic mods though... typically whenever man tries to play god the results aren't good but we shall see. hacking the matrix?
  10. Yes. I feel those of us who are beginning to see past the fear based illusion reality that keeps us captive for a time will do well to help as many others still struggling with the illusions to break out and see beyond the consciousness limiting structures holding back. As the more people still stuck will become more confrontational by nature and can also sink deeper into denial based fears... something this illusion is very good at doing. Even those of us aware must remain on guard for tricks and traps that can snap us back into the illusion based thinking - it still has power for the moment but more and more this power's abilities over many of us are going to fade away until they can no longer touch us. As AR mentions in post above, while still here, the duality nature can polarize and warp around us causing imbalance and then balance and vice versa which despite appearances, can both lead to the same results... positive, love, understanding. even the darkest of the lost can reverse completely as all are in flux depending upon which wolf gets fed most.
  11. Why?

    Those trying to keep and control all are either fulfilling a role to push others to evolve spiritually or are the ones that will remain stuck in this reality as others, including those under control attempts, move beyond it to higher realms of existence. understanding all the traps of the duality matrix and being able to see through them 24/7 allows for consciousness to elevate. either way this current world will pass away as described in many different religious philosophies in different ways. transitional period. expanding and growing our consciousness and understanding past what we have known is key to helping ourselves and each other. all else are mere distractions and traps from a dying matrix. those are my thoughts and ideas on it. they are evolving and expanding too. Time and our current understanding of it, is one of the biggest concepts to let go of.
  12. I'm glad you commented on it couldn't have said it better. My comments below are not directed at you (clearly you understand of course) A pattern is emerging alright... do you want to know what IT is? Notice how the FEAR is ramping up all over? astonishing, shocking and bizarre things taking place? Why would that be exactly? Is it perhaps because something ELSE is going on entirely than what 'appears' to be? If this is an illusion reality - could it be finally passing away to something else and what does that really mean for US? If FEAR, as I've said in other posts, is simply another part of this illusion to maintain the locks, why then would there need to be such a desperate and drastic increase in it? Could it be that whoever or whatever controls this particular reality/dimension/illusion is trying to hold onto those of us who are now seeing beyond the lies with more ease every day - a pathetic attempt to keep us trapped here? All lies, all illusions including fear 😊 there is no-thing to fear FEAR = False * Evidence * Appearing * Real much like the duality nature of this old world passing away for many of us. Sound too incredible to believe? Once you let go of the often misguided and even blatantly wrong notions of the Science BS (belief system), and even many of the dogmatic fallacies of many man-made religious institutions, you will realize that the possibilities surrounding existence will explode into entirely new realms of the infinite never thought possible. Such a simple notion, as example, of the possibilities of life after death, but what do most of us do for a good portion of our lives anyway? Cling to this life/body and reality like it is all there is - even those proclaiming to have 'faith' still attempt to 'live' while in constant fear of death. if the body is all that dies, than why so much fear? not a natural state of thinking but heavily induced and programmed into us from birth and now it is time to break free of the programming - something the 'controllers' don't want. survival, scarcity, dog eat dog... not necessary or required components that can be set down if one decides to let go of them.
  13. It is a rather doomy looking weekend after all.... Guess who's back, back again... earthquakes, nukes, asteroids, and black holes... oh my. Nibiru Apocalypse Upon Us Again—Here's How Yellowstone, Nuclear War and Asteroids Could Actually End the World Will the world end on Sunday? Conspiracy theorists claim mysterious planet Nibiru will trigger apocalyptic earthquakes Will the world end on November 19? Nibiru expert predicts Black Star earthquake cataclysm interestingly, the end of the world is again predicted for this Sunday. a flood of news clips went out today involving primarily Nibiru or the 'black star' upon us. Mostly the articles once again, discuss the theory in detail and are dismissive 'officially' of anything. This does or should raise questions though as to why the constant barrage of dates and subsequent media floods on it... So here are just a handful of them from last few days. Of note, check out the recent earthquake swarm thread 'The world is 'going to end on SUNDAY' 'NIBIRU?' Nasa urged to declare 'Planet X TRUTH' amid claims 'ISS has been evacuated' NIBIRU believers have made an emotional plea to Nasa and world governments to "finally tell the truth about Planet X" as "it nears Earth." Rogue planet could bring end of days this weekend, numerologists say Conspiracy theorists claim mysterious planet Nibiru will trigger apocalyptic earthquakes - NZ Herald Is the Sun Getting Brighter? Thousands witness the Sun Blinking, turning Black and Red, Holographic Moon and Sun Oct. 2017 – Thousands witness the Sun Blinking, turning Black and Red, Holographic Moon and Sun Two Supermassive Black Holes Are Set for a Catastrophic Collision That Will Send Shockwaves Throughout the Universe weirdness in this 3rd phase clip:
  14. I just feel awful

    it may not seem like it right now in this ever crazier 'world' but once you understand that fear serves nothing and ultimately is pointless... you can start accepting the fact that all is what it will be and that illusion runs the show here.. thats it. and what does THAT tell you😉 fear is just a part of that illusion. if anything, the sheer level of insanity going on out there should be revealing all of this to you already. so is there any point to the fear? no. are there forces that want you to think there is? sure. so to those "forces" i say this🖕 gtfo !
  15. If it gets bad enough... perhaps some of us should band together more and develop some contingency plans? don't know I'm just tossing around ideas in my head. Where to go. how to adapt and overcome whatever censorship clampdowns emerge... what the internet was always supposed to be capable of. alternative modes of communications, video sites etc. information flows like water around obstacles.