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  1. Ahhh , a pair of eyes, ears and a brain...
  2. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
  3. I visited the JSA in Feb/Mar of this year, there is some serious tension there. 3 passport checks and I had to sign a wavier of all my rights to restitution if the shit got real while I was there...It is palpable
  4. Here it is again. This will get you banned at that outhouse GLP if you repost it there... http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Pedo_File.html
  5. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    Do it , I promise I`ll stick my nose in...
  6. I have to prepare myself to dig into this shit, I can`t just take it without some prep...
  7. Love at first site!

    Connection...Animals need more thoughtful understanding and less genocide...
  8. What's wrong with me?

    I used to hike around the mountains near my house and I found 2 turn of the century logging camps. they were chock full of stoneware and bottles that were discarded by the loggers. I have some really esoteric containers in the local archives collected during my hikes in the 70`s ...
  9. What's wrong with me?

    My wife is crazy about glass jars and containers, she saves all of them and yet she still buys more... I think they represent the womb in some subconscious way...nurturing and new life maybe???
  10. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    Good, I agree, I`ve had it with that shit hole/out house/swamp...forgive me for the graffics
  11. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    The fire hose of idiocy for a super pine
  12. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    I think too much time is wasted/spent prattling on about GLP
  13. GLP totally on board with the Zionist Agenda.

    Nuked from orbit if your view swayed...
  14. Yep, links with pics please...
  15. Try that shit in any other country and BOOM!!, your ass is outta there post haste