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  1. A rethink would be in order if these silent, legal thug stoppers became common...can you imagine open carry??? "DNA core sampler" LOL
  2. Both eyes open, eyes in the back of your head - all the time - we live in shitty times. and yes practice please people!!! It`s life and death these days...
  3. Hazmat

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    This is sooo relevant today, the rich cause the wars when the bank statements show the balances are dipping. they never send their fortunate DNA off to defend the country. They do insist we send ours though...Excellent thought provoking music, TY @who knows
  4. Hazmat

    The Music Topic | Post What You Like!

    Love that tune...Backing vocals are amazing!! Makes me hopeful/peaceful that some COP members may have our day together. How ever brief..
  5. The UK gave up their right to self defense for freedom from previously random "gun violence", now they have violence perpetrated on law abiding citizens with Illegal smuggled guns knives and acid etc.. It`s a shit hole IMHO Oh and BTW, creeps and thugs be forewarned - You will be ventilated and allowed to die before help is summoned, if you think to enter my castle...
  6. He wants to have Africa`s excess, 70 IQ protein shipped to the UK/EU while he and his exist comfortably behind their stone walls.
  7. Center of mass, she followed her training, Agreed though a dangerous thug bleeding out would be so sweet!
  8. Just turned to stone, arms and legs stiff, "U" shaped as he fell. Close range like that? I think he ded...
  9. I don`t think a civil engineer in his right mind would ever order a road built on "old vegetation" Brimstone...
  10. I think it`s sulphur burning that`s producing those flames
  11. In Kanada, LEO cruises the range parking lot, then pays you a "friendly" little visit at your home later that evening...
  12. Hazmat

    Brain candy -we live in a simulation?

    You are a wise poster on COP, I `ve been on all of the trains in greater Seoul and I have to say from stem to stern, every rider had his or her nose glued to their phones. If a rider had died beside them they would not have noticed...Too busy tapping the key pad in order to render assistance. Kimchi on my beard...Chin maybe, on my breath.. definitely, Sooo liking miso based soups right now...Cinn?

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