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  1. The It's Getting Cold Thread

    Thread unreadable,takes far too long to load a page,sorry sky cat
  2. The It's Getting Cold Thread

    What it looks like at my place today
  3. The It's Getting Cold Thread

    It was a tomato plant emergency in the Socal mountains....snow!!! Moved my plants into hoophouse,going to light my propane BBQ in there tonight if it hits 33F,supposed to be colder tonight and dipped below 32F for an hour.
  4. Recovery

    Well done 2.0 Hopefully the day will come when you no longer have the desire to do a drug that wants to kill you.
  5. Recovery

    My action was to get pissed off,REALLY pissed off at the MF,ing drug that wanted TO KILL ME!!!! Used pot to withdraw and fight the heebie jeebies that went on for months at least....then got REALLY pissed off at pot that wanted wanted all my time and money.Pot is very easy to dump. I have nothing against occasional recreational drug use,I drink a little on occasion,not much......i have a big problem with drug abuse that controls your life. BTW,thats just how i did it,YOU need to choose your method that works for you,that it worked for me is NOT telling others thats the answer,may very well be detrimental to you,IDK.
  6. Recovery

    Great insight and advice.
  7. Recovery

    Excellent.Thats one of my life philosophies I live by. ZERO room in my life for jerks,anywhere.
  8. Recovery

    Congrats OP. It will only get better. After your body resets to its new normal you just keep feeling better and better. You arent alone in being there. I dont mind a little mind bending but sobriety is where its at for me now. It will get easier if my experiences in my youth hold true for you too.
  9. No you cant.they cant think for themselves.They are hopeless.MSM rules and propaganda is taken as truth,cant get that type to wake up.
  10. Im out of likes,agree.
  11. the sheep will never awaken.Why they are sheep.
  12. Yup! Graymen and women are aware.The time will come when they get their rewards,just not yet.Billions will die when that time finally gets here and they cany hide any longer.
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    And on to ignore you go.....
  14. Off-Topic Repository

    Because a lot of us are seeing BS? Could that be it perhaps? I do this thing,I put trolls on ignore so I dont have them messing up threads.just saying,its what I do.