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  1. When I was in we trained Saudi pilots in San Diego. Ronny Raygun was pres.,that zionist!
  2. WTH????? Where do they find these dingbats. I had my kids give me the full line of everything that happened that day in school,and corrected them on the spot when nonsense was taught. They got very adept at spotting BS from miles away.If it sounds questionable,most likely it is!
  3. Like the folks that stayed at their desks on 911.HELL NO! Im outta here,try and stop me! Whatever you do....MOVE! Dont stand there like a deer in the headlights,take ACTION. Trust YOUR gut when times get dicey,not someone else.
  4. Yup.Darn clever these ancients.
  5. yup,we have the vote and fail to use it.Because Im a Republican! Because Im a Democrat! Because Im a fool!! Amazing,have the power and too brainwashed to use it.
  6. Because they admit then that they dont always work. Or work at all like the flu scam.
  7. My sister.Visiting a sick relative at Kaiser.See's the shot clinic...."Wonder if I can get another flu shot,I already got one."
  8. My take....some vax are good going after very serious diseases.Some are total hogwash that strain and compromise your immune system,like the flu shot. I do the risk benefit model on them. I dont care if you take them or not,I have a BIG PROBLEM with the biggest,most untrustworthy,ignorant,mentally impaired,amoral aholes of the world ,whore politicians, DICTATING what I can or cannot put in MY body.
  9. Not being a mod and having to police the site...leaves me free to leave posters OUT. Gotta love it!
  10. You can actually HAVE a conversation here.
  11. Everyone wont.Most think they are great. You will get fired. Make you into a non person.