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  1. Save your Nazi loving for somebody else .
  2. Right you are Jostler,right you are. The Death camps are a joke.Like the 2 old women my grandfather brought to our house when i was a tiny kid....so we could see their Nazi tattoo’s .Never happened,Hitler was so misunderstood. Its motherf**king obvious to ME what would have happened if Hitler had succeeded.And THANK YOU Dad for defeating them!!!!!!!!
  3. schon

    I bought a treadmill

  4. schon

    So,can you recommend a movie to watch?

    Watched 'The Grey' . Its watchable ,another slow film interspersed with pockets of action.================== The Grey is a 2011 American survival thriller film co-written, produced and directed by Joe Carnahan and starring Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo and Dermot Mulroney. It is based on the short story "Ghost Walker" by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Carnahan. The story follows a number of oil-men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, who are forced to survive using little more than their wits, as a pack of grey wolves stalk them amidst mercilessly cold weather. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grey_(film)
  5. trump bowed to the king (in Saudi Arabia)=============I dont think so,and I cant find a link....but OBAMA did trump kissed the ring (at the Vatican)==============Cant find that either. Im calling BS on that story.
  6. schon

    Red sky at night, shepherd's delight

    Yep! And very pretty sky.
  7. schon

    People Search Website knows wwaaayyy too much!

    Sheee it! deleted mine,I dont like that at all!
  8. schon

    I bought a treadmill

  9. So,waiting in Jeep outside Post office,guy comes up.likes jeep.Then says he has an Avanti,do I know what that is?YES! My Godfather had a NEW 1963 Avanti.So we talk about it,introduces himself,Im Rick,shakes my hand and goes off.Next stop store,waiting in Jeep.Guy comes up,likes Jeep.Tells me he has a 1979 convertible VW Bug,last year made.I have TWO classic VW's.So we talk V-dubs.Introduces himself,Im Steven,shakes my hand and goes on his way. Man that was a strange trip to town. Anybody else have experiences like that today or recently?
  10. I use coconut oil on my cast iron when I cook.My chole is OK.Use TONS of olive oil,Kirkland at Costco is among the best rated for testing pure,a LOT doesnt.Huge money in adulterating olive oil.

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