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  1. Another loser in oh so many ways.
  2. And created 2000 more people who want to murder us.We need to get the hell out of others' Countries.Weve decimated the mid east.
  3. RD,that was a bounce!!
  4. I dont want that pollution anywhere....so the gov can spy on me.Its already been used in a murder case involving a water meter and when the water was used.....to clean crime scene in the middle of the night. So yes,its a spy tool.Not just a convenience for the utilities.
  5. Sure is,and it isnt getting mucked up with debris anymore,and Hyatt Power plant is also running without debris backing up.About 45,000 CFS a minute,and levels still falling in dam.Inflows 22,000 to 32,000 or so.
  6. So heard this....what about wifi and radio signals? Well,the smart meters can pulse transmit at 250,000 pulses per day and more.I would just as soon pass on that.I did opt out,but all the neighbors are in.
  7. What did you think of that.See anything good?
  8. Blood glucose went from 121 to 111, 2 hours post juice with pulp
  9. Blood glucose went from 121 to 111, 2 hours post juice with pulp
  10. Wife and I both rate it 9 of 10.She wants the sequel. Only not a ten because it isnt Cleopatra or Gone with the Wind.
  11. Yup,suddenly felt uneasy
  12. OK,Im doing my daily juice,but having to add pulp back it isnt as good.The kale flakes espicially are bitter,raw juice so much tastier.I also like adding beets,but thats too much sigar,darn it,love their flavor.
  13. What is surprising is how much even traditional western medicine disagrees on diabetes.And that juice,with pulp,is working fantastic.I'd like to total juice this,but wife flat out isnt going to let me,no way.So Im doing like I did building my hoophouse.Did TONS of research and incorporated everyones BEST ideas....been testing em,there is so much you can do that WORKS regarding blood sugars. All Im doing now is fine tuning it to ME. Dr's know ZILCH about nutrition.From what I hear it isnt even taught in med school,at least it wasnt years back.Take that to the bank!